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Apr 15, 14 — NOVEDGE Blog
5 Powerful Communication Techniques for Design Professionals
Jason Dries-Daffner, Senior Director of Architecture at EDG Interior Architecture and Design, shares what he has learned over the years about communicating effectively with his clients and team.             Related Stories The Edge: Jorge Abich and Landscape Information Modeling The Edge: Carlo Maura, Italian 3D Design Novedge Webinar #108: Creating & Editing Site Models in Vectorworks - Q&A with Geoff McBeath [more...]
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Yesterday — Tech-Clarity
Siemens NX CAD Vision 2014+
NX is one of the top 3D modelers in the world. It is a fully featured CAD system that offers deep capabilities for integrated CAD, CAE, and CAM as well as conceptual design. Its success in the automotive industry has even been recognized by General Motors as Supplier of the Year on multiple occasions. In an [… [more...]
Yesterday — Budweiser Blog
Most products of the Autodesk-2015 family already released
Since the FCS date of the new AutoCAD 2015 (March, 18th), most other products of the "2015" product family have been already released - at least in the original English versions and in main localizations. All new products are available for download on the Subscription Center (ELD, electronic license delivery) and as 30-day Trials on The latest releases as of today are the Produc [more...]
Yesterday — 3D-coat blog
3D-Coat 4.1.02- Update
Updated to 4.1.02 Fix: Different problems related to primitives density in surface and voxel modes solved. Previously merging primitive in dence volumes took too much memory and was not stable. Fix: UV & Retopo unwrapping tool will not crash on non manifold meshes and will even try to unwrap them correctly. Improvement: Importing mesh for Ptex will trigger warning dialog if there are triangles/ngons. Improvement:  RMB->Extrude will work in rea [more...]
POV Dispatch: Pier 9: The San Francisco Workshop Where Autodesk Explores What's Next
The POV Dispatch is our Autodesk internal newsletter, published monthly, where we discuss the big ideas that are important to us and our customers. It is published by our Corporate Strategy & Engagement team of which Autodesk Labs is a [more...]
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Design is in the Details: 10 Cantilevered Stair Designs
10 Innovative Modern Stair Designs: Cantilevered Stairs… When I was growing up I thought about being either an architect or a structural engineer…I love the calculating and innovating behind how a building stands up as well as the creativity and detail that goes into the design of the building. On a smaller scale, it's easy… The post Design is in the Details: 10 Cantilevered Stair Designs appeared first on Studio MM Architect [more...]
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CAD/CAM Seminar in Mumbai
Invitation to CAD/CAM Seminar in Mumbai. The Authorized RhinoGold Reseller, Intriguity, organizes CAD/CAM seminar periodically to allow jewellery manufacturers understand how latest CAD/CAM technology can benefit their production processes. CAD/CAM is becoming increasingly important for a jewelry manufacturer to reduce costs, enhance quality and innovate new designs. 3D modeling software's are becoming more and more advanced [more...]
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Today — BIM & BEAM Blog
Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015 Offline Help is available
Just download the Offline Help from here and install it on your computer. Next time when you are offline, the software will find the help file automatically [more...]
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Is That a Drone? Run for Cover
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (SPAR Int'l 2014) - Autodesk invited the press to the Garden of the Gods to watch them make 3D models of using some of the Reality Capture applications being shown at SPAR. The plan was to have [more...]
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EA027: Investigating the Missing 32% with Architect Rosa Sheng [Podcast]
Architecture school graduating classes consist of approximately 50% men and 50% women, but somewhere along the way to licensure, 32% of the women drop out of the profession to pursue other paths. Why does this gender gap exist? What are those women doing, if they're not pursuing architecture? Where did they go? My guest this [… [more...]
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Yesterday — Chris Kelley Blog
Three way on tax day
  (Note: I had every intention of getting this post out on "Tax Day", which of course is not today…life got in the way, but I think it's interesting enough to still post today…the "Day After") I was admittedly a little grumpy today. For a second year in a year in a row I owed […] The post Three way on tax day appeared first on [more...]
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Yesterday — Planet Vectorworks
Vectorworks Architect Software Wins a 2014 Architizer A+ Award
Our architectural design software, Vectorworks Architect, recently took home the Popular Choice Award in the 2014 Architizer A+ Awards' Products +Apps category - and we have you to thank for it because your votes made it all possible! Now in its second year, The Architizer A+ Awards are the definitive global architectural award program with [more...]
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Yesterday — Lynn Allen's Blog
Save Your Valuable AutoCAD Settings to the Cloud!
If you're like me - you've customized your AutoCAD environment to work the way you want to work. You set up your profiles in Options, you've personalized a workspace and maybe event customized your menu. Or how about your tool [more...]
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Yesterday — Inventor Tales
It's That Time of the Year Again! What's New in Autoedesk Inventor 2015
"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge." Anonymous  It's an exciting time of year for Autodesk Inventor geeks!  Surfing around the internet, I found my first "What's New" video for Autodesk Inventor 2015! I'm really looking forward to getting into the free form technology that was just added!  It looks powerful, very powerful indeed! But, why not talk a look at the video from Autodesk below!  Take it straight from the source and see what you think [more...]
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SEU14: No More Excuses
I know, you're busy. You live under a rock. Your dog ate your email. You're worried that they haven't shoveled all the snow in Atlanta yet. I've heard a lot of excuses why people haven't signed up for Solid Edge University yet. More news keeps breaking loose, and I think you've got to be about out of excuses [more...]
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Yesterday — SolidSmack Blog
Gi looks to bring about the compact smart-bicycle with Jetsons-like style
Most everyone has watched The Jetsons at one point or another. One of the most iconic moments of the show was the opening where George's space vehicle folds into a briefcase when he gets to work (those 9-hour work weeks were murder). While we don't yet have flying cars that can fold into luggage, we […] The post Gi looks to bring about the compact smart-bicycle with Jetsons-like style appeared first on [more...]
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Yesterday — CATI Tech Notes
CATI's Product Development Forum Agenda Now Available
The start of our annual Product Development Forum is just a few weeks away. The complete agenda is now available. It is going to be a great event. Visit the CATI website to view the agenda and register. Presentations Include [more...]
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More SEU14 News
Start planning your attack at SEU. Get in to see all the sessions you need most. Here are a couple that are on my list of must-see [more...]
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Just say no (politely) to drawings.
Some shops spend hundreds of hours each year redrawing parts that have been submitted to them as PDF or paper drawings. Where did these PDFs come from?  Most of these drawings were generated based on models resident in their customers' CAD systems. When shops make a point of consistently and politely asking the customer for the CAD file, the savings resulting from elimination of hours spent duplicating the model can be tens of thousands of dollars [more...]
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Yesterday — Archoncad Blog
Vectorworks Tip #068 - Basic Tools - Connect/Combine tool to Extend Multiple lines
The Connect/Combine tool is can be used to extend multiple lines to another object. This makes it ideal when you have several lines that you want to extend to the edge of an object. In this situation you can't use the Selection tool to drag all the lines at the same time. For Vectorworks manuals, visit: [more...]
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Yesterday — GrabCAD Blog
DesignNews: Product Design as a Team Sport
DesignNews: Product Design as a Team Sport DesignNews spoke to GrabCAD founder and CEO Hardi Meybaum about his new book and how he thinks product design is evolving with open engineering. Originally posted on by Rob Spiegel: Product development is a team sport, but most companies practice it solo. Companies could draw on the creativity of engaged customers. Instead they go [… [more...]
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Finland Honors Homoerotic Artist Tom of Finland with a Series of Postage Stamps
This is so great - I've admired Tom of Finland's work for a very long time. Out in Perth Last week the United States unveiled a stamp to commemorate Harvey Milk, now Finland has announced it's honoring homoerotic artist Tom of Finland with a series of stamps showcasing his provocative work. Finland's postal agency Itella [… [more...]
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Yesterday — Fisher/Unitech blog
Stratasys 3D Printer Helps Brightwake Upgrade Blood Recycling Machine
Blood supply is an important part of medical care, but sometimes there just isn't enough donor blood, and some patients can't receive transfusions. That's where blood recycling machines come in; they... Do you want to know how to create sections in 3D? How about forgotten sketch techniques? Visit my Blog and learn these and more valuable SolidWorks Tech Tips [more...]
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Yesterday — SolidNotes Blog
Emerging Engineering Seminar: Predicting Real-World Product Performance
You're invited to this informative seminar to learn how successful companies evaluate and test their designs during the product development process to more accurately predict real-world product performance. Today's virtual testing tools are not only for FEA Specialists. An emerging [more...]
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Yesterday — PTC Creo Blog
Free Webinar Series: Learn the benefits of PTC simulation solutions
Problems found earlier in the design process reduce development costs and save time. See how simulating the performance of your design early and often can reduce physical prototyping and enable you to make better design decisions. In just 25 minutes, see how PTC's simulation solutions can help you accurately: Predict product performance while you design [… [more...]
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IMAGINiT Virtual Free Event: Your Problem. Solved. - April 24th
Come join us for our next virtual event and learn about the technologies that are important to you and your company as well as emerging trends in collaboration. We have 5 manufacturing sessions led by some of the best and brightest here at IMAGINiT. Oh and its FREE! Manufacturing Sessions and FREE Registration Poor communication and lack of collaboration on design projects are common problems for companies in the architectural, civil and manufacturing spac [more...]
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Yesterday — The Revit Clini blog
eTransmit for Autodesk Revit 2015
Quick update on eTransmit 2015; we were able to incorporate some requested features into this release! First, you can find the official Help documentation here: eTransmit for Autodesk Revit 2015 New features for 2015 are: Add additional files (any file [more...]
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Yesterday — Architosh News
Limitless Computing announces new SightSpace View plugin for SketchUp
SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2014 is launch time for third-party application developer Limitless Computing with its new SightSpace View plugin and mobile ap [more...]
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Project Miller extended on Autodesk Labs
Project Miller is a technology preview that lets you optimize and validate your design before you build it. The Autodesk Simulation team extended its mission to the growing community of 3D printers. Project Miller was developed to improve results with [more...]
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Yesterday — Tinkercad Blog
Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesda [more...]
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Migrating RoomEditorApp to Revit 2015
Yesterday I discussed the typical steps you would need to go through to set up a Revit 2015 add-in development environment. My top priority right now is getting my Tech Summit talk prepared, which involves adding some functionality to the [more...]
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Fun in the UK
It's been a great week of holidays, so far. There's been a lot of driving: we booked our flights in and out of Stansted - as our main purpose was to attend a good friend's wedding in Suffolk - but [more...]
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Apr 15, 14 — Siemens/UGS News
Siemens Makes Nearly $660M Investment in Software Grants for Massachusetts Schools to Educate and Train Workers for Manufacturing Industry
In-Kind Software Grants will Help Massachusetts Prepare a Highly-Skilled Workforce Necessary to Take Advantage of Manufacturing Resurgence in America [more...]
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Apr 15, 14 — SGI News
SGI Partners to Power Accurate, Real-time Geospatial Rendering Aimed at Saving Soldiers Lives
GIS Federal, NVIDIA and SGI provide record-breaking in-memory solution to power geospatial database that can scale several orders of magnitude higher than other compute database [more...]
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Yesterday — InfiniteSkills blog
An Overview of Color Correction Effects in Premiere Pro
A little while ago, we teased our readers with an exciting sneak preview of our Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade course that had yet to be released. Now that it's been released, we're going to outline the most useful color correction effects available in Premiere Pro. There are about 40 color correction-related video effects inside Premiere [… [more...]
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