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Tutorial: Selective Color Correction in Premiere Pro - reTooled
"With the upcoming Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 update, we'll have a really powerful Free Draw Bezier, or pen tool built into all of our effects. This includes Lumetri Looks, and looks presets like Color reTooled. With this tool, we can mask, track, and even control the opacity of various effects. In this video, we look at the workflow of doing simple color correction using this new tool in combination with Color reTooled. We demonstrate how even a color correct [more...]
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HOT NEWS! This is the first 4.5 beta update with PBR support. Not all is done and something is still missing, but now it is at least workable. Important for this first 4.5beta release: GL version is NOT working! Andrew will do GL shaders after all. Use DirectX version first only! -> 3d-coat(DX) Keep backups of your scenes, presets and materials. Better - create a backup of the folder MyDocs/3D-CoatV4 Changes for20.12.2014 - 4.5.BETA1 PBR [more...]
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Architectural Delineation Competition - KRob 2014 Winners
Delineation is a fancy word for drawings, and if you like architectural drawings, you've come to the right place! Recently, the winners of the 40th annual AIA Dallas Chapter Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition or KRob as it is commonly referenced were announced. As is to be expected from the longest running architectural delineation competition in the [ [more...]
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Education and Inspiring Design Innovation at AU2014
John takes a look back at some wonderful presentations at Autodesk University 2014, and how some people are empowering the new thinkers in the world [more...]
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