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Educational FAQ

FAQ for educational products

Educational Versions FAQProof of Educational Status
Accurender 4.0 ‐ Educational Version
Proof of academic status is required for educational orders. The type of proof required varies depending on the product, so please see the information on the product page for the item you are interested in to make sure you qualify before ordering.
Q: What type of educational proof is required for Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version)?
A: Please check the product page for Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version) to see what educational proof is required before placing your order.
Q: What if I do not have a Student ID card but I have a course schedule (or vice-versa)?
Q: How do I submit my educational proof?
A: Place your order through our website to get your order number.
You will receive an email requesting the educational proof product page for the software you ordered. You can:
  • Our Favorite: Reply to our request email including your order number and attaching your proof in digital form.
  • Or Fax your proof to us at +1 (650) 521-5841.
  • Or Mail photocopies of your proof to our San Francisco office:
    Novedge LLC
    Attn: Educational Sales Order #________
    260 Kearny Street, Ste 300
    San Francisco, CA 94108
Please make sure your order number is referenced on the proof you send to us.
Q: Can I use Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version) for commercial purposes if I am a student or teacher?
A: Educational software is intended for educational purposes only.
Q: Are there any watermarks, time limits, or limitations in Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version)?
A: Since it varies by product, please see the for Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version) to find out if it has any limitations, watermarks, or time limits.
A: You order will not be processed until all proof that is required is received. Many products will ship the same day once we've received the proof, or soon after due to manufacturer's differing processing times.
Q: Can I purchase Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version) for my friend or relative?
Q: How many licenses of Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version) can I purchase?
A: If you are a student or a teacher you are allowed to purcase only ONE educational license of Accurender 4.0 (Educational Version).
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