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DOSCH 3D: Driving Cars USA 2010 for CINEMA4D
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Dosch DesignDosch DesignDOSCH 3D: Driving Cars USA 2010 for CINEMA4DDOSCH 3D: Driving Cars USA 2010 for CINEMA4D3D models of US Cars!D3D-DC10UC4D219.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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DOSCH 3D: Driving Cars USA 2010 for CINEMA4D


3D models of US Cars!

DOSCH 3D: Driving Cars USA 2010 for CINEMA4D contains the 20 very detailed and completely textured 3D-models of highly realistic cars from the product Dosch 3D: Cars 2010 - USA. In addition, a realistic physics engine is added to each vehicle.
The completely textured 3D-models are directly useable in Cinema4D version 10.5 and above. No additional Plugins are needed.

Features of Physics Engine

  • automatically turning wheels
  • automatic computation of wheel/ground contact point (collision)
  • automatic steering
  • physically correct pitch, roll and lifting-mechanism of the car body
  • driving route easily realized through spline-feature
  • configuration of a simple scene in seconds through drag & drop
  • manual height-adjustment of car body is possible
  • manual adjustment of steering angle is possible
  • starting, stopping, reverse driving and different speeds can be adjusted
  • physics feature can be turned on and off
  • vehicles include the driver as 3D-model

Library Models File Formats

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C4D - Maxon Cinema 4D.c4d.c4d Models
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