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PlantFactory Studio 2015
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PlantFactory Studio 2015

PlantFactory Studio 2015

The Best 3D Plant Technology on Earth

Designed for CG professionals and small studios, PlantFactory Studio 2015 creates richly detailed custom plants. Hand-draw your plants, assemble pre-made components or build plants from scratch using the node graph.
Produce high-quality 3D plants with un­precedented ease-of-use and export them as fully animated meshes to any other 3D application - including Vue EcoSystems.

New in This Version

The new EULA now allows selling or distributing static plant models created with PlantFactory Studio 2015
Users can now easily send TPF models to a friend using the new integrated private sharing mechanism
Sharing plants with the community on the Cornucopia3D Exchange Area is made easier thanks to the new dedicated menu command
Improved exports to all 3D apps
New export presets (custom tailored for many apps)
New export options: embedded alpha, texture relative path, axis system
Improved export of material lighting
Drastically improved export speed
New FREE PlantFactory Exporter – unlimited resolution, full parametric control
Two-level publication lets the artist decide what parameters are accessible outside of PlantFactory Studio 2015
New Input selector node
Updated Content
The plant graphs of all samples have been redone for improved readability and easier understanding