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MacDraft PE 6.1
DVD Edition
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MacDraft PE 6.1
DVD Edition

MacDraft PE 6.1 -- DVD Edition

Easy-to-Use CAD, Graphic Design, and Illustration for the Mac.

MacDraft PE 6.1 DVD Edition is an easy to use app for vector illustrations, brochures, floor plans, postcards and more on your mac. Whether you're planning some upcoming improvements in your home and need to layout furniture on a plan; wanting to create a vibrant brochure, collage or illustration; or landscaping your garden and need to layout your plants, furniture... etc. MacDraft PE 6.1 DVD Edition can help you to get professional results quickly, and without having to spend hours and hours learning how to use more complicated software.

Key Features and Benefits

The Right Tools for the Job
The Tool palette offers a full complement of drawing tools including lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, polygons, curves, and parallel line and freehand tools. Parallel line and polygon tools make it easy to create exterior walls. Add interior walls with a mouse click using the parallel extrude tool. Some tools can be configured from the Tool Palette to provide several drawing options. For example, arcs can be drawn by their radius, any 3 points, or as an elliptical arc. There are also special tools to create lines tangent, perpendicular, and parallel to edges. Alternatively, lines can automatically be drawn from the center of an object, as well as from the middle or end points of a line or edge of an object.
Fully Scaled Environment
MacDraft PE 6.1 DVD Edition offers its users maximum control over their drawing setup. You can select from English or Metric units and work at your desired scale.
Dimension Tools for Every Occasion
Whether you need horizontal, vertical, diagonal, angular, perpendicular, radial or diameter dimensions, MacDraft PE 6.1 DVD Edition's dimension palette is always on hand to provide them.
Pinpoint Accurate Object Control
The Resize palette displays the size of an object, text, or picture. When you select an item, its unique measurement parameters are displayed. Using the keyboard, you can quickly and precisely edit any of the item's measurements to a new absolute value, or a new value relative to its current size; the item is resized instantly. The Resize palette can also be used to move objects or vertices to new absolute or relative positions.
Image Imports and Exports
MacDraft PE 6.1 DVD Edition allows you to import images in the form of PICT, TIFF, GIF, JPEG and BMP. You can also export drawings as PDF, BMP, JPEG, PSD, PICT, PNG and TIFF, or any other Quicktime supported format for that matter.
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