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Maxwell Render Suite V3.2
2 GUI Floating License (+ 10 rendernodes and 1‑yr maintenance)
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Next Limit TechnologiesNext Limit TechnologiesMaxwell Render Suite V3.2 - 2 GUI Floating License (+ 10 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 - 2 GUI Floating License (+ 10 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)Unrivaled Realism. Includes 10 rendernodes and 1-year maintenance.BID-74-90561,116.50Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Maxwell Render Suite V3.2
2 GUI Floating License (+ 10 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)

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Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 -- 2 GUI Floating License (+ 10 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)

Unrivaled Realism. Includes 10 rendernodes and 1-year maintenance.

Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 2 GUI Floating License (+ 10 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance) standalone render engine for making perfect images, films and animations from 3D models. It is the complete solution for anyone who demands immaculate results on a deadline.
Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 offers maximum quality, speed, and compatibility for architects, designers and visual effects artists.
Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 is perfectly adapted for 3D visualizations in design and architecture, as well as for film, animation and VFX. It plugs into numerous 3D and CAD platforms, which means you can work with Maxwell Render directly from your usual application.

New in This Version

Virtual Reality stereo lenses
Gear up for a camera traveling in virtual reality (VR) systems such as Oculus. Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 comes with two new lens types: Lat/Long and Stereo Fish Lens which make this possible.
More speed – Subsurface Scattering
Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 comes with super speed improvements when using subsurface scattering. Remarkable quality, now remarkably faster!
Nested Dielectrics
A major improvement, especially for anyone rendering fluids. Interacting dielectrics render much better now in Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 with its new Nested Priority method. It is now possible to render complex water/glass/ice surface without numerical issues - just simply add a small overlap between geometries.
PSD Output support
Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 can now save the render in PSD format in 8, 16 and 32 bits. It supports multi-layered PSD's so channels and light buffers (when Multilight is enabled) can be embedded as separated passes.
Extensions API
Third party developers can develop their own procedural geometries, geometry modifiers, procedural textures, camera lens, etc. The possibilities are endless! This API extension is included with the main package and is free for both personal and commercial use.
Procedural Emitters
With this release it's now possible to apply emitter materials to entities that are not triangle meshes – such as hair/fur, particles and grass.
Separated Reflection & Refraction channels
In Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 there are more channel combinations – such as "Diffuse", "Reflections", "Diffuse + Reflections", "Refractions", "Reflections+Refractions". Rendering the diffuse and reflective components separately allows for greater flexibility when compositing.
New 'Reflectance' channel
This new channel shows plain colors without the influence of global illumination. It's very useful for achieving "self-illuminated textures" when used in combination with custom alpha channels.
Improvements in Multilight editor
In this release you can now select and edit multiple emitters at the same time, and there is a new "Sort by name/type/intensity" function.
New 'Asset Reference' extension
You can now reference many different file formats as the geometries are no longer pre-converted to MXS. Instead, Maxwell now works with them directly and they are loaded at render time. A great workflow improvement - especially for 3D platforms with no supported plugin. Some of the supported formats include OBJ, FBX, Blender, Alembic, DAE, STL, LXO, 3DS, LWO, 3D, etc.
World-Y Grass
This new percentage allows you to define the overall growth direction of your grass blades towards the world-Y axis (sky direction) - giving you more realism in one simple click!

What's included

  • Perpetual license that can be installed on both your workstation and your laptop
  • Updates within same major version
  • Plugins for 3D/CAD and post production applications
  • Dedicated technical support by email
  • A free community-based library with hundreds of MXM materials, Maxwell Skies and HDRIs
  • Online manual and support center
  • Available in versions for Windows, OSX and Linux
  • Maxwell Studio - Sophisticated standalone scene editor with full 3D environment to compose, edit and render (offering an alternative workflow to the plugins)

New in this Version

Custom Sun Radius
The sun in Maxwell's physical sky system is now customizable in size and color allowing for dramatic sun effects, as well as introducing a physically correct approach to controlling shadow softness (via sun radius) or distant emitters with parallel shadows.
Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 now includes a collection of procedural textures that can be used alone or in combination with other textures to produce a range of effects. Being mathematical fractals, they are 100% seamless, customizable and cross-platform.
Fast ML Preview
See your Multilight changes instantly in the main render view. Even Scattering and Dispersion update instantly - thanks to the new GPU accelerated Fast Multilight display!
Improved Fire Voxelization
Our scene preview engine Maxwell FIRE is much smarter in V3 - re-voxelizing only the objects which have changed, saving a tremendous amount of time when setting up your scenes.
Render Booleans
An object bounding box, sphere or plane can now be used as a 'cutting' object, which works in a similar way to the cameras Z-clip feature, except now you are no longer limited to the cameras near/far planes.
Custom Alphas
A long awaited feature, now you can create unlimited 'layers' of alphas and add any object(s) to those layers, allowing you to isolate the exact objects you need.
New Lenses
Five new lens types have been added to the Maxwell Camera: Spherical - great for making HDR environments or virtual walk-throughs, Fish Eye, Pinhole (creates no depth of field effect), Cylindrical and Orthographic
Material Assistants
Maxwell materials assistant is a new, easy to use material editor which builds the basic material characteristics for you - greatly simplifying the material creation process and saving you lots of time. Choose first a category such as glass, metal, translucent, opaque and the material assistant will help you create perfectly optimized materials for your scene in just seconds!
Pixar OpenSubdiv
The new Subdivision feature allows you to subdivide low-polygon objects into smooth surfaces, by implementing Pixar OpenSubdiv. Because it's subdividing the geometry only at render time - your scene files take up far less space and can be transferred much faster around your network.
Blockable Emitters
Now you can isolate the contribution of each emitter to each individual object in the scene, allowing you to have objects not affected by certain emitters in the scene. This way, you have custom control over the lighting of each object in your scene.
Image Projectors
Emitters in Maxwell can now project light using any bitmap (or even a procedural texture!), much the same as a slide projector projects an image onto a canvas.
Maxwell Sea
Maxwell Sea creates realistic ocean surfaces and waves based on the Ocean Statistical Spectrum from RealFlow. Various parameters such as water depth and surface dimensions allow you to produce a convincing water surface, from swimming pools to open ocean. The meshing is only done at render time, meaning it takes up almost no extra space in the .MXS file.
Maxwell Scatter
The new Maxwell Scatter modifier distributes instances of an object (or even referenced MXS files) across the surface of another object, with similar parameters to the Maxwell grass modifier - including the ability to add density maps, or randomize the size and rotation.
Improved Motionblur
Maxwell offers massive speed improvements when motion blur is used in scenes with many objects, especially where hair and particles are used. In a scene using millions of hairs for example, the increase in speed can be upwards of 100X!
The Alembic file format allows for very efficient storage of geometry and other scene data, which can now be referenced directly in Maxwell V3. Support for Alembic includes static and animated geometry as well as particles. It also works with the Exocortex CRATE suite of Alembic plugins.
Double-sided Materials
Separate materials can now be applied to the back-face of a polygon surface - making it much easier to create bottle labels, translucent paper, or add more variation to leaves etc. And as a bonus, it also works with the Maxwell grass modifier!
Deep Compositing
Maxwell Render can now render in 'deep image' format, which stores color as well as depth information per pixel, making it much easier to composite rendered objects together as well as eliminating troublesome edge artifacts. You can save the deep info in either .EXR or .DTEX formats, in rgba or alpha.
The new volumetric feature in Maxwell can work in several ways: as a constant density volumetric object - useful for large atmospheric haze effects or thick fog, it can work with particles files in several formats, including RealFlow .bin, and also with density fields/voxels directly from Maya or Houdini.

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