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Premiere Elements 11 Training
DVD Edition with Andy Anderson
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O`ReillyO`ReillyPremiere Elements 11 Training - DVD Edition with Andy AndersonPremiere Elements 11 Training - DVD Edition with Andy AndersonCreate high quality videos using Premiere Elements 11.01760-DVD45.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Premiere Elements 11 Training
DVD Edition with Andy Anderson

Premiere Elements 11 Training -- DVD Edition with Andy Anderson

Create high quality videos using Premiere Elements 11.

In this Premiere Elements 11 Training DVD Edition with Andy Anderson training course expert author Andy Anderson teaches you how to create high quality videos from footage you record and import, using Adobe Premiere Elements 11.
This tutorial is designed for the absolute beginner, no previous experience with video editing is required, and the author has provided all the working files you will need to follow along with him throughout the lessons.
Your Premiere Elements 11 training with start the absolute basics - opening and setting up the software. You will explore the organizer, setup your preferences, and get comfortable with the Premiere Elements interface. Next, you jump right in, importing and editing your first project. Throughout this course, Andy Anderson uses actual video and projects to re-enforce the subject and tools being taught. This will help you learn faster and retain more of what is being taught. Some of those subjects include color correction, working with effects, creating and using transitions, working with your projects audio, and adding titles and credits. You will finish up with post-production tasks such as adding DVD markers, creating a DVD menu, and exporting your final project.
Once you have completed this video based tutorial for Adobe Premiere Elements 11, you will be fully capable of importing your own video footage, editing it, sprucing it up, and sharing it with your family, or even the whole world!

Table of Contents

Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • About Andy
  • What You Will Learn
  • Video Production Workflow
  • Organizing A Video Project
  • Using The Working Files And Organizer
Getting Ready For Primetime
  • Getting Ready For Primetime
  • Working With Application Preferences
  • Adjusting Project Settings
  • Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Walking Through The Application
  • Generating A New Project
  • Saving A Premiere Elements Project
You Are Only As Good As Your Materials
  • Only As Good As Your Materials
  • Capturing Media
  • Creating The Project
  • Capture From DSLR Cameras
  • Capture From Tape Devices
  • Capturing Digital Video
  • Importing Digital Files
  • Dealing With Missing Media
  • Organizing The Assets Panel
  • Adding New Items From The Assets Panel
Editing 101
  • Editing 101
  • Creating The Project
  • Viewing Clips With The Video Monitor
  • Editing Clips In The Video Monitor
  • Quick View Versus Expert View
  • Timeline Clip Trimming
  • Cutting, Inserting And Overlaying Clips
  • Putting It All Together
Color Correction Basics
  • Color Correction Intro
  • Generating The Project
  • Working With Auto And Color Presets
  • Manually Adjusting Color
  • Controlling The Exposure Of A Video Clip
  • 3-Way Color Correction
  • Pulling It All Together
Working With Effects
  • Effects Intro
  • Generating The Project
  • Working With Smart Fix
  • Adding, Modifying, And Removing Effects
  • Saving Effects As Presets
  • Creating A Backlighting Preset
  • Using Time Stretch
  • Generating A PiP Effect
  • Pulling It All Together
Working With Audio
  • Working With Audio Intro
  • Generating The Project
  • Assembling The Clips
  • Editing Shortcuts
  • Adding Audio Effects
  • Creating A Narration
  • Pulling It All Together
Creating Transitions And Other Effects
  • Transitions And Effects Intro
  • Generating The Project
  • Adding Motion Graphics
  • Using Time Remapping
  • Using Pan And Zoom
  • Working With Markers
  • Creating Manual Transitions
  • Using Built-In Transitions
Adding Titles And Credits
  • Titles And Credits Intro
  • Generating The Project
  • Adding A Soundtrack
  • Assembling The Clips
  • Adding An Effect
  • Working With Basic Text
  • Creating A Title
  • Pulling It All Together
Additional Features
  • Additional Features Intro
  • Working With Smart Trim
  • Using VideoMerge And Alpha Masks
  • Creating An Instant Movie
  • Generating An Effects Mask
  • Creating A DVD Movie Menu
  • Making A White Screen Video
Post Production Output
  • Output Intro
  • Generating The Project
  • Adding Elements To The Timeline
  • Adding DVD Markers
  • Creating An Interactive DVD Menu
  • Outputting To DVD And Web DVD
  • Additional Output Options
  • Final Thoughts

About The Author

Andy Anderson is a graphic designer, marketer, motivator, university professor, and has been in the industry for over twenty-five years. A sought-after trainer, he has been listed in the top forty designer/trainers in the United States for the four years running. He has authored over 17 major titles in creative design (including one science-fiction novel), written numerous articles for magazine and newspaper, appeared on NBC news as a computer consultant, and produced over 50 training CDs and DVDs focusing on applications, such as: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premiere and other creative applications. Andy uses his unique talents to work with and train designers from Fortune 500 & 100 companies, to Hollywood studios.
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