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Revit Architecture 2014 Advanced Training
DVD Edition with Brian Myers
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Revit Architecture 2014 Advanced Training
DVD Edition with Brian Myers

Revit Architecture 2014 Advanced Training -- DVD Edition with Brian Myers

Real skills for real-world applications

In this advanced Revit Architecture 2014 Advanced Training DVD Edition with Brian Myers, expert trainer Brian Myers takes you beyond the basics of Revit Architecture and shows you how to leverage the features in this software to their full potential. This course is designed for users that already have a working knowledge of Revit, or have completed the Learning Revit Architecture 2014 training course from Infinite Skills. This video based training course will show you how Revit handles Phases (periods of time), how to import existing CAD details, all about creating axonometric views, and how to set up Annotation standards. Brian shows you how to work in-depth with site tools, perform massing studies, how to apply advanced wall techniques and how to work with stairs and ramps. Each topic is broken down into small, easy to understand movies, allowing you to quickly grasp the information that Brian is teaching you. Working files are included so that you can follow along with the author throughout the lessons. Once you have completed this advanced Revit 2014 video tutorial, you will have a strong, functional understanding of the tools and techniques available to you in Revit. You will be able to apply this information to your own projects, creating fully featured and detailed Revit models of your own.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction To Revit Architecture 2014 Advanced
  • What You Will Accomplish
2. Defining Families And Parameters
  • Defining Families
  • Defining Parameters
3. Setting Up Annotation Standards
  • Template Files
  • Titleblocks
  • Titleblock Stamp
  • View Titles
  • Text
  • Dimensions
  • Level And Grid Heads
  • Elevation Tags
  • Section Tags
  • Callout Bubbles
  • Line Styles
  • Line Weights
  • Line Patterns
  • Fill Patterns
  • Materials
  • Object Styles
4. Starting the Project
  • Project Origin, Levels and Grids
  • Establishing A Starting View
5. Linking Revit Files
  • Linking Revit
  • Copy-Monitor And Coordination Review
6. Phasing
  • Creating Phases
  • Objects And Phases
  • Views And Phases
  • Phase Filter And Graphic Overrides
  • Phase Mapping
7. View Management
  • Project Browser Organization
  • View Templates
  • View Filters
8. Site Tools
  • Preparing AutoCAD
  • Linking AutoCAD Into Revit
  • Toposurface
  • Subregion And Split Surface
  • Subregion And Split Surface
  • Tagging Slopes And Elevations
  • Graded Toposurface
9. Massing Study
  • Massing
  • Applying Walls To The Mass
  • Mass Floor Schedule
  • Presenting Mass Design On A Sheet
10. Walls
  • Stacked Walls
  • Wall Joins
  • Wall Sweeps And Reveals
  • Modify Return
  • Extending Wall Layers
  • Join And Cut Geometry
  • Interior Wall Finish
11. Curtain Walls
  • Making And Editing Curtain Wall Types
  • Curtain Wall - Grids
  • Curtain Wall - Panels
  • Mullions
  • Corner Mullions
12. Floors
  • Making And Editing Floor Types
  • Floor Finishes
  • Sloping Floors
  • Editing Floor Shapes
13. Stairs
  • Making And Editing Stair Types
  • Editing The Sketch
  • Rails Placement
14. Ramps
  • Making And Editing Ramp Types
  • Parking Garage Ramps Using Floors
15. Railings
  • Making And Editing Railing Types
  • Editing The Railing Sketch
16. Roofs
  • Making And Editing Roof Types
  • Fascia And Eaves
  • Soffit
17. Ceilings
  • Adding A Ceiling
  • Adding Ceiling Components
18. Grouping
  • Grouping Components
  • Inserting Groups
  • Editing Groups
19. Parts
  • Creating Parts
  • Modifying And Parts Visibility
20. Assemblies
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Modifying Assemblies
21. Areas And Rooms
  • Area And Volume Of A Room
  • Area Plans
  • Area Objects
  • Colour Legends
22. Scheduling
  • Area Schedules
  • Filtering, Sorting And Grouping
  • Formatting And Appearance
  • Calculated Parameters And Formulas
23. Detailing
  • Adding Detail Components And Annotation
  • Grouping Details
  • Exporting And Importing Details
  • 3D Callout Views
  • Exploded Axonometric Views
  • 3D Details
  • Keynoting
  • Creating Keynotes
24. Presentations
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Decals And 3D Model Text
  • Background Image Or Colour
  • Exterior And Interior Rendering
  • Walkthrough
25. Sharing Your Work
  • Worksharing Setup
  • Using Worksharing
26. About The Author
  • About Brian Myers

About The Author

Brian Myers is an Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI) and the author of multiple instructional video series on Autodesk Revit. In his career he has trained over 1000 individuals as an instructor of Autodesk software and as a BIM manager and VDC specialist. On his online LinkedIn community, Revit Users, you can ask questions and learn more about Autodesk Revit.
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