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Molded Part Design Training
Digital Edition with Matt Perez
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O`ReillyO`ReillySolidWorks - Molded Part Design Training - Digital Edition with Matt PerezSolidWorks - Molded Part Design Training - Digital Edition with Matt PerezA Practical Solidworks Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills.BID-151-943223.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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SolidWorks - Molded Part Design Training
Digital Edition with Matt Perez

SolidWorks - Molded Part Design Training -- Digital Edition with Matt Perez

A Practical Solidworks Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills.

In SolidWorks - Molded Part Design Training Digital Edition with Matt Perez, expert author Matt Perez will show you how to use the drawing tools in SolidWorks to create 2D engineering production drawings of parts and assemblies. This course is designed for users that already have a fundamental understanding of SolidWorks.
You will start by learning how to set up your command manager and toolbars. You will then move into learning how to create a simple molded part. Matt will teach you about the various molded features, including lip and groove, snap latch, and molded inserts. This video tutorial will also teach you complex molded shapes, parting line designs, and manual draft fixes. Finally, you will learn how create a multi-body complex part.
Once you have completed this video based training course, you will have an in-depth understand of how to use the drawing tools to create your own 2D projects, and be able to apply this knowledge to prepare for the SolidWorks Drawing Tools certification exam. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What You Should Expect From This Course
About The Author
How To Access Your Working Files
2. Getting Started
Setting Up Your Command Manager And Toolbars
Design Guidelines
Setting Up A Template
3. Simple Molded Part
Extruded Draft - Thin Feature
Extruded Draft - Shell
Extrude Draft Feature
Extrude Surface Draft
Fillets And Draft
Thicken Vs. Shell
4. Molded Features
Screw Boss - Part 1
Screw Boss - Part 2
Locating Pin
Lip And Groove - Part 1
Lip And Groove - Part 2
Snap Latch - Part 1
Snap Latch - Part 2
Living Hinge
Slides - Part 1
Slides - Part 2
Separate Fastening Features
Molded Inserts
05. Complex Molded Shapes
Base Shape Design - Part 1
Base Shape Design - Part 2
Curvature And Adding Features
06. Parting Line Design
0601 Straight Pull Molds
Side Pull
07. Manual Draft Fixes
0701 Fillets
Move Face
Wall Thickness Issues
08. Design Check
0801 Draft Analysis
Parting Line Analysis
Undercut Analysis
Thickness Analysis
09. Multi-Body Complex Part Method
Base Shape Creation - TV Remote
Split And Shell
Lip And Groove
Fastening Features
Save Bodies
Detail Work - Part 1
Detail Work - Part 2
Part Analysis
Finishing Touches
10. Wrap-Up

About the Author

Matt Perez has 13 years of experience in Design/Fabrication for Transportation Research. His area of expertise in Design and Engineering CAD services includes Product design and development, simulation, efficiency improvement, design consulting, reverse engineering and training. His main focus is on complex surfacing/plastic part design, but can tackle any project from toys, electronic enclosures, sheet metal and welded assemblies all the way up to automotive concept design and development. Matt has extensive Cad experience with UGS NX, Autodesk Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks, as well as Cam, FEA/CFD, Fabrication and 3d scan experience.

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