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Lightwork Design Ltd.Lightwork Design Ltd.Artisan for BricscadArtisan for BricscadEasy-to-use tools for 3D design integrated with your CAD system.BID-172-7277489.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Artisan for Bricscad

Easy-to-use tools for 3D design integrated with your CAD system.

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Artisan for Bricscad, now available in 32 and 64 bit, is the only renderer that is fully integrated with BricsCAD. A single click from BricsCAD and within seconds, you will be creating photo-realistic images of your models.
You donít need to be a rendering expert to use Artisan for Bricscad because it has a simple and intuitive interface that makes the package very easy to use. Thereís no need for parameter editing because Artisan for Bricscad includes pre-packaged lighting and environments and a library of drag and drop materials for you to use, with many more on the way.

Integrated with your CAD system

With Artisan for Bricscad you get all the benefits of an integrated system and so thereís no need to export your files. The basic elements of your model and textures are simply carried across from your CAD system into Artisan for Bricscad and then you can enhance your work with Artisan finishes. You can even go back and change or update your model in your CAD application and live updates mean the model will be updated in Artisan as well. Simple!
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