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BunkspeedBunkspeedBunkspeed PRO Suite 2014.5Bunkspeed PRO Suite 2014.5Quickly explore design concepts, produce beautifully rendered images and animation.BID-100-76353,316.75Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Bunkspeed PRO Suite 2014.5

Quickly explore design concepts, produce beautifully rendered images and animation.

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The all new Bunkspeed Bunkspeed PRO Suite 2014.5 is the combination of Bunkspeed Shot and Move into a single integrated application, along with many new additional features and productivity tools.
Bunkspeed PRO Suite 2014.5 consolidates Bunkspeed's effort to provide the creative digital designer in product design, graphic arts, architecture design and animation the ability to quickly explore various design concepts and communicate their intent with beautifully rendered output in a single image and animation.
Bunkspeed PRO Suite 2014.5 adds functionality to enrich communication, evaluate product configurations, accurately simulate real world lighting and materials, streamlined work-flow, and scalable performance to meet the highest demands.

New in this version

  • Expanded maximum supported texture size to leverage all available memory on modern GPUs. This results in uncompressed textures and HDRI environments, providing you have appropriate hardware resources.
  • Raised the maximum supported texture size for rasterization to 16k x 16k.
  • Ability to disable the preview during material drag/drop in Tools > Options.
  • Rebuilt the 3Dconnexion integration to be much more robust and provide expected behavior.
  • Added the option to switch between Camera and World modes for 3Dconnexion navigation modes.
  • Adds support for Bunkspeed-specific 3Dconnexion spacemouse driver settings.
  • New render mode icons help distinguish between modes more clearly, and create uniformly among the Toolbar options.


  • Special features for saving time, fitting into pipelines and detailing the production project.
  • Create 360 spins, or more complicated exploded, camera, material and model animations for the web or product demonstrations
  • Displacement mapping allows to add detail to models with only an image.
  • Easily create and show products in multiple configurations or variations in different environments
  • Boost your rendering performance by connecting to another machine running Bunkspeed PRO Suite 2014.5.
  • QUEUE your jobs; set your pictures and animations to render while you are not there.
  • Animate the sun moving over the sky with an accurate time of day simulation. Perfect for architects that want to do shadow and window studies.
  • Avoid learning overcomplicated and expensive tools and spending time in long and expensive training classes.


Realtime Raytracing Features
  • NVIDIA iray 2013 SP1
  • Interactive WYSIWYG raytracing
  • Fast rendering mode for ultra fast interactive photorealism
  • Automatic "Blending" between peformance (raster) and quality (raytrace)
  • HDRI lighting
  • HDR Light Studio Integration
  • Global illumination
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Final gathering
  • Environment shadow casting
  • Self and inter-object shadow casting
  • Environment reflections
  • Radiosity
  • Refraction
  • Advanced Caustics
  • Environment based self/inter-object light bouncing
  • Photon Emitters
  • Ground reflection roughness
Rendering Features
  • Alpha channel
  • Image finishing control for inline renderings
  • Threaded offine renderings
  • JPEG (8bit), BMP (8bit), and TIFF (16bit)
  • Built-in image viewer tab
  • Render profiles
  • Render all configurations
  • Render all cameras
  • Render passes (Beauty, Glossy, Specular, Ground Shadow, Clown, Global Illumination, Incandescence)
  • Browser based VR output for exterior interactive scene interaction
  • Browser based Panoramic output for interior interactive scene interaction
  • Highly optimized parallel architecture
  • Hybrid Based CPU + GPU
  • Near linear performance scale with added CPU's and GPU's
  • [B5|3Dconnexion} device support
  • QUEUE: Rendering Manager
  • BOOST: Workload sharing
  • POWERBOOST: Network rendering compatibility
  • Multiple configurations and model sets
  • Multiple viewports (Dual, four ortho, and four grid)
  • Turntable Animations
  • Sun Study Animations
  • Keyframe animation of Models, Groups and Parts
  • Keyframe animation of Materials
  • Keyframe animation of Cameras
  • Keyframe animation of Lights
  • Rotation animation of Cameras
True Physics-Based Materials
  • Scientifically accurate preset and adjustable materials
  • Fresnel reflections
  • Advanced absorption
  • Advanced transmittance
  • Advanced anisotropy with angle mapping
  • Texture, opacity, specular, bump and normal mapping
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Adjustable IOR
  • Emissive Materials
  • Flexible Local or Network based for sharing and assigning assets
  • Shareable material definition saved to single file (.bmf)
  • Drag and drop materials onto object from desktop or any folder
  • In and out-of-app color picker/dropper
  • Save favorite colors
  • Lighting
  • Multi-layer Materials
  • Refresh textures from disk
Time-of-Day Lighting Model
  • Lighting, Shadow and Reflection casting from High Dynamic Range Image
  • High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) interaction and control
  • Prop creation for additional light sources
  • Photometric Lights (Point, Spot and Directional)
Scene Preparation
  • Easy Mode
  • Auto-Paint
  • Direct manipulation of parts
  • Part splitter and part extractor
  • Part Reset and Part Freezing
  • Group and reorganize parts in the tree view
  • "Digital Sticker" Decals
  • Auto-Update Backplates and Environments
  • True full-screen mode
  • Creation/Consumption of Palette Files
Camera Features
  • Real-time Camera Post Processing Options
  • F-Stop
  • Exchangeable Camera Files (.bcf)
  • Formation Tool
  • Interactive Depth of field with focal point selection
  • Multiple Cameras with individual aspect ratio and settings
  • Rule of Thirds Overlay
  • Region Rendering
  • Artistic Camera Filters
  • FBX Camera Export
Supported 3D Data Formats and Applications
Windows 8 / 7
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Compare Bunkspeed Versions
SHOT 2014

Bunkspeed SHOT 2014
PRO 2014

Bunkspeed PRO 2014
Interactive wysiwyg raytracing using NVIDIA iray 2013YesYes
Preview raster rendering modeYesYes
Fast biased raytracing modeYesYes
Accurate unbiased raytracing modeYesYes
Automatic "Blending" between Preview, Fast and Accurate render modesYesYes
HDRI lightingYesYes
Global illuminationYesYes
Ambient occlusionYesYes
Screenspace shadowsYesYes
Final gatheringYesYes
Image based lighting/shadowsYesYes
Color bleedingYesYes
Environment based reflectionsYesYes
Light emission from geometryYesYes
Ground reflection roughnessYesYes
Advanced (dispersive) causticsNoYes
Rasterized baked lightingNoYes
Alias (WIRE)YesYes
3D PDFYesYes
Solidworks (SLDPRT/SDLASM)YesYes
Collada (DAE)YesYes
Filmbox (FBX)YesYes
Animated Filmbox (FBX)YesYes
3D Studio Max (3DS)YesYes
Rhino (3DM)YesYes
Wavefront (OBJ)YesYes
SketchUp (SKP)YesYes
Maya (MB)YesYes
SolidEdge (ASM/PAR)YesYes
Autodesk (DWG/DXF)YesYes
Inventor (IPT/IAM)YesYes
Live Update from CADYesYes
Unlimited resolution offline renderingYesYes
Alpha ChannelYesYes
Early image termination for inline renderingsYesYes
Threaded offline renderingsYesYes
JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HDR and PSD outputYesYes
Built in image viewer tabYesYes
Render ProfilesYesYes
Render all configurationsNoYes
Render all camerasNoYes
Render PassesNoYes
Turntable renderingNoYes
Preview (raster) outputNoYes
Automatic movie (.mp4, .mkv, .flv) outputNoYes
Browser based VR outputNoYes
Browser based Panoramic outputNoYes
Scene PreparationSHOTPRO
Direct manipulation of partsYesYes
Part splitter and part extractorYesYes
Group and reorganize parts in the tree viewYesYes
Model/Part reset and freezeYesYes
Formation toolNoYes
Scientifically accurate preset and adjustable materialsYesYes
Fresnel reflectionsYesYes
Advanced absorptionYesYes
Advanced transmittanceYesYes
Advanced anisotropy with angle mappingYesYes
Texture, opacity, specular, anisotropic, bump and nomral mappingYesYes
Emissive materialsYesYes
Advanced materials: Subsurface, Thin Film, BackscatterYesYes
Flexible local or cloud based sharing and assigning of assetsYesYes
Sharable material definition files (.bmf)YesYes
Drag and drop materials/textures from desktop or any folderYesYes
In and out of app color picker/dropperYesYes
Save favorite colorsYesYes
Texture and Decal supportYesYes
Texturable and paintable decalsYesYes
Layered decalsYesYes
Controllable decal depthYesYes
Decal projectionYesYes
Multple part decalsYesYes
Displacement MappingNoYes
Innovative "3D graph editor" RibbonNoYes
Turntable AnimationsNoYes
Sun Study AnimationsNoYes
Keyframe animations of Models, Groups and PartsNoYes
Keyframe animation of MaterialsNoYes
Keyframe animation of CamerasNoYes
Keyframe animation of EnvironmentsNoYes
Keyframe animation of LightsNoYes
Camera OpticsSHOTPRO
F-Stop, Focal length, Field of view and Perspective settingsYesYes
Exchangeable camera files (.bcf)YesYes
Interactive depth of field with focal point selectionYesYes
Multiple cameras with individual aspect ratio and settingsYesYes
Orthographic cameraYesYes
Walk-around cameraYesYes
Rule of thirds overlayYesYes
Photographic camera filtersYesYes
Follow and aim cameras and objectsNoYes
Real-time camera post processing optionsNoYes
Real world camera positioningNoYes
Motion blurNoYes
Region renderingNoYes
FBX camera exportNoYes
Lighting, shadow and reflection casting from HDRIYesYes
High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) interation and controlYesYes
HDR Light Studio Live pluginYesYes
Prop creation for additinal light sourcesYesYes
Time of day lighting modelNoYes
Photometric lights (Point, Spot and Directional)NoYes
Highly optimized parallel architechtureYesYes
Hybrid Based CPU and GPU renderingYesYes
Near-linear performance scaling with added CPUs and GPUsYesYes
3D Connexion device supportYesYes
Bunkspeed Cloud CommunityYesYes
Queue rendering managerNoYes
Boost workload sharingNoYes
PowerBoost network rendering compatibilityNoYes
Dual and orthographic viewportsNoYes
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