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AcroPlot Pro

Easy Conversion to PDF and DWF

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Product Description

AcroPlot ProAcroPlot Pro is the next generation in digital CAD conversion software. With the capability to convert an extensive list of file formats and the flexibility to create both the Portable Document Format (PDF) and the Drawing Web Format (DWF), AcroPlot Pro will serve as a nexus for CAD professionals everywhere.
AcroPlot Pro even includes itís own PDF printer driver so there is no need to buy Adobe Acrobat Distiller. AcroPlot Pro can add bookmarks, a title page, and even create the email for you to send the PDF file to your customer. With AcroPlot Pro you can also extract the titleblock attributes to use as the text for the bookmarks. And with AcroPlot Pro you have your choice or converting all drawings to a single PDF file or into multiple PDF files. All for a fraction of the cost of buying Adobe Acrobat.

Features and benefits

  • Does not require AutoCAD
  • Can select specific layouts and drawings to print
  • Can add watermark to PDF output
  • Easy selection of output options
  • Can create bookmarks by using existing information in the drawing
  • Can email from the AcroPlot Pro interface
  • Includes a full version of the PDF Printer Driver to create PDF files from any application
  • Converts all major office, various CAD, and graphics formats
  • Create single or multi-paged PDF and DWF files
  • Merge existing DWF files into one multi-paged DWF 6 files
  • Full support for AutoCAD 14 and newer. Also supports all vertical applications including ADT, MDT, LDDT, and Map
  • Powerful built-in viewer allows users to create and convert without AutoCAD installed!
  • Convert legacy PLT, TIFF, CALS, and GP4 files to either DWF or PDF
  • Automatic rotation of PLT and graphics files ensures the proper orientation every time
  • Built-in engineering paper sizes and complete customizable paper sizes insures that output can meet any standard or requirement
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AcroPlot Pro

Main FeaturesAcroPlotAcroPlot Pro
Runs as Standalone application
Runs as AutoCAD plug-in
Window PDF driver included
Converts multiple drawings and layouts into one PDF file
Converts multiple layouts into one PDF file
Converts multiple drawings and layouts into one DWF file
Converts multiple layouts into one DWF file
Converts multiple layouts into individual PDF files
Converts multiple modelspace views into one PDF file
Converts multiple modelspace views into individual PDF files
Converts text (*.txt) documents
Converts MS/Word and rich text format (*.rtf) documents
Merges existing PDF(s) into new PDF
Merge existing DWF into a multi-paged DWF-6 file
Allows the user to modify the order of layouts or views
Allows the user to modify the order of drawings and docs
Allows bookmarks to be automatically added
Allows title block attrib. to be used as the bookmark txt
Transfers drawing file properties into PDF file properties
ActiveX for integration into plotting interface or workflow
AutoCAD command line and DOS command prompt
AcroPlotAcroPlot Pro

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