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Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016
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Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016

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Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016

Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight and RenderWorks

This bundle includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight in order to provide you with the best tools for the design and presentation of you creative ideas.
Whether your specialty is architecture, landscape, or entertainment design, Vectorworks Designer software enables you to draft, model, and present in a single, intuitive interface. Enhance your workflow and enable great design to materialize from inspiration, exploration, and discovery with Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 - the ultimate solution for the design professional who needs it all.

New in This Version

Graphical scripting will play a significant role in the workflows of the future. This functionality, when built into an intelligent information modeling application, presents designers with unlimited opportunities to generate, define, build, and explore form and function throughout the design process. Integrated directly into Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016, Marionette is the first and only cross-platform graphical scripting tool for the AEC, entertainment, and landscape design industries. Marionette is a Python-based scripting tool that operates within the Vectorworks platform; it delivers a robust and scalable way to program well beyond the confines of traditional design software. When you use Marionette, you can create visual scripts that take advantage of the superior 2D interface and robust 3D modeling capabilities that Vectorworks software offers, ushering in a new world of discovery that enhances your workflows and integrates seamlessly into your BIM environments.
Point Cloud Support
Field surveys and other manual methods used to capture existing spaces can now be replaced by Point Cloud Support. Using your preferred 3D scanning device, you can capture a physical location and import a 3D point cloud into Vectorworks software using PTS, E57, LAS, and XYZ file formats. Capture a perfect, full- color representation of any location and manipulate and measure it.
With the Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 release, Vectorworks users are empowered to make sustainability a priority throughout the design process with the latest feature: Energos. Based on the Passivhaus calculation method, the Energos module gives you - and your clients - a dynamic, intelligent gauge of a building's energy performance. Using convenient, color-coded graphics, you can measure a project's energy efficiency and make critical decisions about sustainability as your design evolves.
Horizontal Sections from the Clip Cube
Explore your design floor by floor, space by space, and section by section with horizontal sections from the clip cube. Use this command to isolate horizontal segments of your models to create conceptual, diagrammatic views, giving clients a deeper understanding of your design throughout the development process.
Roof Components and Styles
Ensure accuracy in the documentation of your sections and elevations with the new ability to define more realistic roof components that will interact with your wall components. Roof faces and roof objects now have the same component representation as walls and slabs, further extending the power of BIM in your designs.
Door and Window Improvements
In Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016, improved window and door functions give you more options to create compelling designs. From three- and four-panel sliding windows, to span wall options for corner windows, to control over door hardware positioning, designers will be able to add more depth (and more data) to their projects than ever before.
3D Modifiers for Slabs
Geometric flexibility now extends to slabs, allowing you to shape their surfaces to match design and construction requirements.
Hoist Tools
For entertainment industry designers, the Hoist tool now gives you the ability to design and document overhead stage rigging equipment for greater levels of detail.
Hardscape Improvements
The enhanced Hardscape object now includes options to accomplish radial paving patterns and paving patterns based on curvilinear paths, enabling site designers to be more creative in laying out pavements and walkways. You can also convey your signature style with sloping pavement models.
Exacting Site Modeling
  • Improved Slope Modifiers - Take your site designs to new heights with improved slope modifiers, tool modes, and definitions. Accurately manage multiple sloping surfaces, choose how you prefer to display your slope labels, and more, to generate the most exacting site designs with less work.
  • Site Model Flow Arrows Enhancements - Proposing changes to a site's terrain represents changes in the flow of rainwater. With advancements in the graphic settings of the site model, you can use color and other line type changes to quickly recognize the difference in water flow direction from existing to proposed to better plan how you manage water on a site.
Improved Site Modifier Capabilities
  • Collect Modifiers from Custom Sets of Design Layers - Gain greater site modeling efficiency with enhanced file organization to collect modifiers from custom sets of design layers, as well as streamlined controls over fine grading.
  • Save settings for site model dialog boxes - Save changes to your site model settings for future use, maintaining the consistency of terrain studies from project to project, without having to memorize the settings for each scenario.
Improved Vectorworks Spotlight Objects
Streamline the virtual-to-built process with object improvements, including the ability to automate how your lighting devices respond to changing focus points in the design, precision placement of curved trusses by diameter, and improved control over the threshold and slope settings in your photometric objects.
Create Stage Improvements
The Create Stage command now supports the placement of multiple, standard-sized stage deck and stage plug objects to fill your defined stage space, creating a more accurate design document that can be used for rental orders and final stage assembly.
Project Sharing
Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 gives you more resources than ever to streamline and optimize your workflow. With project sharing capabilities, access to reliable cloud-based storage solutions, improved communication and visualization tools, and the industry-leading development team that is always working to make your design software experience better, you'll design smarter than ever before.
Cloud Services in Vectorworks
Vectorworks Service Select members can now take advantage of our cloud services directly within Vectorworks software. A single click publishes your Vectorworks files for easy sharing, collaborating, and viewing using our Vectorworks Nomad app or cloud web portal.
Linked Section/Detail Markers
Add section-elevation and detail-callout markers linked to your section viewports or detail viewports for easy drawing navigation.
OBJ and STL File Import
Vectorworks software is known for its ability to work well with the many file formats that industry professionals use throughout the design and construction process. With this latest release, we've added two popular 3D file formats to our import capabilities. New OBJ and STL file import features give designers the ability to import a vast amount of 3D content that is generated by many other 3D modeling and rapid prototyping applications.
3D-PDF Export
Share your designs across platforms and devices using 3D PDFs, enhancing PDF-centric workflows with applications like Bluebeam Revu.
Database and Worksheet Improvements
  • Improved ODBC for IFC - Advanced data exchange workflows will more easily take advantage of ODBC connectivity to IFC and COBie data in building information models.
  • BIM Worksheet Functions - Worksheets gain greater BIM functionality, giving users more options to schedule and edit the various information-rich aspects of their designs.
  • New Worksheet Formulas to Run Scripts - With Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016, database worksheet rows allow those familiar with scripting to create custom worksheet functions.
  • Direct Editing for Worksheet Cells - Now you can double-click any cell in a worksheet and type what you want.
DXF/DWG Improvements
Vectorworks provides quality, multi-version support for AutoCAD files through our DXF/DWG translator. This year, we've further improved the quality of file translation with:
  • Improved DXF/DWG export of classes from design layer viewports - Your design partners will appreciate DXF/DWG files with fewer layers, a result of automatically consolidating duplicate classes across multiple exported viewports.
  • Improved DXF/DWG export of sheet layer viewports - You will enjoy a seamless experience, sending your drawing set to your collaborators with sheet layers now exporting only those classes that are visible in the viewports or are used on the exported sheet layer.
  • Mapping of Vectorworks classes/layers to DXF/DWG layers - You can maintain your own Vectorworks class names and provide DXF/DWG files with layer names based on your collaborators' standards.
Improved User Experience
  • NEW MIGRATION MANAGER - In Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016, upgrading your software is much simpler. The new Migration Manager command imports your workspaces, preferences, templates, favorites, and library content from previous versions into the latest release.
  • MAC OS X PALETTE DOCKING - The new palette docking capability is a wonderful addition to the Mac user's experience with Vectorworks software. Palettes can now be easily grouped, modified, and docked to the application window.
  • IMPROVED CONTENT INSTALLATION MANAGER - Content installation is cleaner, making it easier to identify the libraries you want to install. Plus, Vectorworks added over 150 new content libraries, giving you more options than ever to create inspirational designs.
  • NEW VECTORWORKS INSTALLATION SYSTEM - For existing users, we've streamlined the upgrade process and integrated a native installer for your operating system to have you designing in Vectorworks 2016 quickly.
  • IMPROVED SUPPORT FOR HIGH-RESOLUTION DISPLAYS ON WINDOWS - Windows users will be able to view their projects with enhanced quality on high-resolution displays.
  • EYEDROPPER AND SELECT SIMILAR TOOL ARCHITECTURAL ATTRIBUTES AND DIMENSIONS - The Eyedropper and Select Similar tools are going to turbo- boost your productivity with the new ability to work with walls, slabs, and roofs.
  • AUTO-SCALING VIEWPORT MARKERS - Markers maintain relative size as the viewport scale is changed, providing consistent marker sizes on your sheet layers.
  • REPLACE DELETED RESOURCES - Streamlined document resource replacement allows you to choose a replacement when deleting an existing resource.
  • IMPROVED RESOURCE THUMBNAIL LIST - Easily access your favorite and most used symbols through the symbol insertion toolbar.
Increased Flexibility for Spotlight
Organize focus points, enjoy optional default classes of Spotlight objects to control visibility and appearance, and customize your inventories and label legends with a number of usability enhancements that will simplify your Spotlight workflow.
Subdivisions Surfaces
Transform rigid lines and primitive shapes into smooth, malleable surfaces to create sculpted objects, multi- dimensional scenery, unique focal pieces, water features, forced perspective, and more with subdivision modeling. This technique, based on Pixar Animation Studios' OpenSubdiv library, opens new workflow avenues across the AEC, entertainment, landscape, and other design industries. Get ready to create any form imaginable and design beyond the limits of traditional CAD software.


The Best in BIM
With Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016, you can create BIM without changing your preferred design process. Whether you're looking to streamline costs, analyze materials, increase your energy efficiency, or just create world-class designs, the Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 solution is an efficient way to introduce BIM capabilities into your workflow. Enjoy the robust and flexible capabilities of BIM with the ease of design, great documentation, and intelligent tools that the software is known for - right from the start.
Industry Leading 3D
See your captured visions come to life in 3D. An advanced suite of Parasolid-based solids and NURBS surface tools lets you create any shape and easily explore geometry. Plus, with graphical scripting tools, subdivivision surface modeling, point cloud support, you can create any shape and easily explore geometry. Our intuitive interface lets you design from any 3D view using modes in modeling tools that automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor, and enjoy the superior quality that allows you to manipulate your model with ease. More accurate object information and better snapping make drawing in 3D easy. Anything you can imagine is possible to express in Vectorworks Designer.
Seamless Interoperability
Vectorworks recognizes that the process of realizing a design often requires multiple sources of inspiration and refinement, as well as iteration, communication, and collaboration. Import or export a wide array of image files. Publish your design for inclusion in your firm's marketing materials or website. Get on the cutting edge of collaborative digital practices, exchanging 2D, 3D, Building and Site Information Modeling (BIM/SIM) data and models for numerous multidisciplinary, multi-platform design workflows, as well as sending models to CAD/CAM machines, CNC routers, and 3D printers.
Flexible Workflows & Project Sharing
Enable multiple designers to work concurrently on the same Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 file with our Project Sharing feature. Whether you're a sole practitioner collaborating with other professionals or a large firm dividing work among different members of the team, Project Sharing provides a flexible way to manage productive workflows for even the most complicated project. Plus, the software lets you create, model, present, and develop your designs easily and precisely with just one application. With Vectorworks Designer, you can move easily from design concept to technical documentation.
Superior 2D Documentation
Produce high-quality documentation with ease. Vectorworks Designer offers precision drafting tools, intelligent objects for building, detailing, MEP, furniture, millwork, machine parts, and annotations, plus thousands of free symbols from leading building product companies. Batch print drawing sets or export them as multipage PDFs at full or reduced sized. Plus, use our exclusive sketch rendering technology to change hard-lined drawings into soft, hand-sketched illustrations, blurring the line between clear, accurate technical documentation and compelling presentations.
Superior SIM Tools
Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 provides an efficient way to introduce Site Information Modeling (SIM) capabilities into your workflow. The program's tools will help you analyze your design for area, volume, slope, cut/fill, and other data such as water flow and sun/shade. Scan in planting plans and trace over them with ease. Or, simply enter your field measurements. Use the property line tool to define a site's boundaries and setbacks. Plus, building tools and site objects easily document existing structures and site conditions. In addition, you can use the program's drawing, modeling, and 2D and 3D graphics capabilities to create compelling presentations.
Unmatched Experiences
Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 software gives designers in the entertainment industry an edge to advance their ideas from concept through completion. Our users include entertainment design professionals, such as lighting and scenic designers, including theatre, film, television, exhibits and events, as well as students starting out in their careers in these disciplines. The extensive libraries of signature brand lighting are complemented by best-in-class documentation tools, so you can quickly create light plots, automate paperwork, and visualize your design in rendered 3D views.
Inspirational Rendering
Define and communicate your signature look through our partnership with the award-winning CINEMA 4D render engine, which provides rendering capabilities that are faster and easier than standalone rendering applications. When added to Vectorworks Designer software, Renderworks integrates fully into the software interface, so it lets you seamlessly visualize your work throughout the design process while producing clear and accurate renderings. With the click of a button, rendered viewports in your documentation will update as your design evolves.

Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight plus RenderWorks in order to provide you with the best tools for the design and presentation of you creative ideas.

This Product is Also Known As

  • Vectorworks Designer and Renderworks

  • Vectorworks Designer with RW

Support & Maintenance

Vectorworks Designer & Renderworks 2016 includes 12 months FREE technical support directly from Vectorworks. Vectorworks Technical Support is available to all registered users by fax, by e-mail and by phone from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.
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