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MODO 901

Model. Animate. Render. Create at the speed of thought.

Videos & Docs
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #133: MODO for Product Design and Design Visualization
Created October 8, 2014 by Andy Brown
MODO 801 has become an application capable of many things. Its underlying architecture allows its tools to be used in an almost unlimited number of ways. This isn`t surprising, as any modern VFX pipeline requires software that is versatile. This vers
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #114: New Design, Asset Creation and Animation Tools in Modo 801
Created May 14, 2014 by Greg Brown
MODO 801 is the latest release of The Foundry's award winning 3D animation and asset creation software. Whether you work in design, VFX or games, 801 contains features that will let you do more, faster. The webinar is free and lasts about about 1
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #97: The Foundry's MODO for Design Exploration with Greg Brown
Created December 18, 2013 by Greg Brown
A 3D sketchbook is where your ideas can thrive. Come see how modo 701 compliments other CAD tools allowing you to experiment with design ideas without worrying about underlying surface structures. Learn how modo 701 can enable more exploration of des
Tutorial / Training
Basic Modeling Tools - MODO for Design Ideation
Created August 7, 2013 by The Foundry
MODO provides a modeling experience that is fast and intuitive, and one that encourages experimentation. It's a 3D sketchbook where your ideas can thrive. This is made possible buy the flexible material of the polygon, a material that can be easily e
Tutorial / Training
Applying Decals - MODO for Design Ideation
Created August 6, 2013 by The Foundry
MODO's powerful UV'ing toolset, a toolset that is well proven in the both the games and entertainment industries, allows you to quickly and accurately apply textures and decals to aspects of you model. Its high level of integration into both the mode
Tutorial / Training
Exporting - MODO for Design Ideation
Created August 6, 2013 by The Foundry
As well as common export formats the ability to export Subdivision Surfaces to your CAD application gives you the best of both worlds. You can now compliment the powerful boolean and filleting tools of your CAD application with the fast, and intuitiv
Tutorial / Training
Sculpting - MODO for Design Ideation
Created August 6, 2013 by The Foundry
Sculpting allows you to experiment with design ideas without worrying about the underlying polygonal structure of an object. This allows you to make decisions about a design quickly. Ideas can then be exported for use in other areas of the design pip
Case Study
Luxology modo 701
Created July 1, 2013 by Mark Clarkson
modo 701, the latest version of Luxology’s polygon and subdivision surface modeler and renderer, has some impressive new features.
Tutorial / Training
KeyShot Advanced Tutorials - Lesson 1: Material Templates
Created April 24, 2013 by KeyShot3D
An overview on working with Material Templates in KeyShot 4. This video provides details on creating material templates to speed up the application of materials when you import an object. With Material Templates, KeyShot automatically recognizes the
Tutorial / Training
MODO 701 release Webinar+ (enhanced)
Created March 26, 2013 by luxology
MODO 701 release webinar with added camera footage of Chitown Greg Brown and president of the Americas Brad Peebler.
Product Review / White Paper
MODO 701 Particles in action...
Created March 12, 2013 by Luxology
MODO 701 is on its way!
Case Study
Modo Community Challenges: How Do Ya Like Them Apples?
Created February 5, 2013 by Greg Brown
Walkthrough of the apple project from the Modo community challenges. This portion covers modeling, sculpting and UV's.
Product Review / White Paper
Modo for SolidWorks Kit
Created March 2, 2011 by Luxology
The modo for SolidWorks Kit lets SolidWorks users tap the complete visualization power of modo 501 for the production of high quality presentations and animations that bring designs to life.
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #15: New Enhancements in Luxology's modo 501
Created March 1, 2011 by Dan Ablan
Dan Ablan gives an insightful overview of Luxology's new modo 501. Topics include an improved user interface and workflow as well as feature and function updates and enhancements.
Tutorial / Training
Subdivision Modeling Quick Tips
Created February 1, 2010 by Luxology
From Luxology Web Site
Additional Product Information
An Interview with Brad Peebler, CEO of Luxology
Created June 20, 2007 by Franco Folini
From the Novedge blog
Novedge Image Gallery
Image Gallery: Modo creationsA huge collection of great images from the Modo community.

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