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McNeel & AssociatesMcNeel & AssociatesRhino 5 for WindowsRhino 5 for WindowsRhino Software: the most powerful NURBS modeling tool with full support from McNeelR504.561789.95Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Rhino 5 for Windows

Rhino Software: the most powerful NURBS modeling tool with full support from McNeel

OverviewSpecsVideos & DocsBooksDownloadsComplements
Arena4D for RhinoView and reference huge point cloud files in Rhino 5$799$759Add to Cart Product 10828
Arion for Rhino 2.7The power of Arion fully integrated into Rhino 3D$1,084$1,029Add to Cart Product 8177
Bongo 2.0The Animation Tool for Designers integrated with Rhino$495$415Add to Cart Product 1519
Brazil 2.0 for RhinoRendering Tools for Professionals$895$759Add to Cart Product 3574
CAD Importers Pack for Rhino 3D + CATIA V4/V5 Exporters
Data Translator Bundle with Maintenance
The best way to import your CAD models to Rhino with added CATIA V4 & V5 exporters, with a year-long maintenance subscription$2,500$2,369Add to Cart Product 3379
TDM Solutions
ClayooFree-Form Modeling Software for Rhino$689$659Add to Cart Product 7441
TDM Solutions
Clayoo 2.0
Pre-order Sale
Advanced organic modeling application to create any form efficiently and accurately. Includes Clayoo 1.0 license and Clayoo 2.0 Beta until Clayoo 2.0 will be realeased.$1,119$1,065Add to Cart Product 12239
Flamingo nXtFlamingo 3D: Powerful Photo-Realistic Rendering Plug-In and Affordable Price$495$419Add to Cart Product 1043
GrabTools 2.0 + Slicer Tools for Rhino 5.0Easily and quickly creates the supports needed to transition from 3D Modeling to Stereolithography Rapid Prototyping.$809$769Add to Cart Product 9208
HDR Light Studio 5.3 - Rhino ConnectionA dedicated live HDRI map creation and editing solution for Rhino users. Includes 1 Year Maintenance.$145$134Add to Cart Product 11351
madCAM 5.0 Level 3X3-Axis 3D Toolpath Creator - Mold and Die CAM Plug-in for Rhino.$995$959Add to Cart Product 1095
madCAM 5.0 Level 4X4-Axis 3D Toolpath Creator - Mould and Die CAM Plug-in for Rhino.$1,675$1,629Add to Cart Product 4210
madCAM 5.0 Level 5X5-Axis 3D Toolpath Creator - Mould and Die CAM Plug-in for Rhino.$2,995$2,899Add to Cart Product 1098
madCAM 5.0 Level 5XtraThe extra degree of sophistication for your particular projects.$5,995$5,799Add to Cart Product 7705
Mesh2Surface Advanced 4.1Boost Rhinoceros software and make reverse engineering quick and easy$699$665Add to Cart Product 11437
Mesh2Surface Basic 4.1Boost Rhinoceros software and make reverse engineering quick and easy$479$455Add to Cart Product 11438
MeshFlatten for RhinoUnfold 3D mesh or surface to 2D mesh.$199$189Add to Cart Product 8232
Penguin 2.0Non-photorealistic Rendering Plug-in for Rhino and AutoCAD$295$224Add to Cart Product 1062
Power Solids/Booleans for Rhino 5.0Power Booelans and Power Solids Bundle for Rhino.$395$369Add to Cart Product 5150
Reader for Rhino 4.0 or 5.0
CATIA V4 3D File Format — Batch Option
Use the Batch Option to use the CATIA V4 Importer in the Batch Mode$500$475Add to Cart Product 2196
Rhino 5 3D to PDF 3D
Data Translator
This plug-in comes with perpetual maintenance.$200$190Add to Cart Product 8619
Rhino3DPrint 2016 for Rhino 5.0Efficient, easy and automatic tools for the preparation of 3D data. Technical Support, Training and Maintenance are included.$999Get a Quote Product 10440
RhinoART 2016Convert any 2D artwork into geometry suitable for machining! For Rhino 5.0$500Get a Quote Product 2012
RhinoCAM-MILL 2016 Pro
10-User Lab — Educational version
5-user network lab license for academic institutions only; cannot be sold to individual students.$2,250$2,129Add to Cart Product 2777
RhinoCAM-MILL 2016 Pro
25-User Lab — Educational version
5-user network lab license for academic institutions only; cannot be sold to individual students.$5,625$5,299Add to Cart Product 11452
RhinoCAM-MILL 2016 Standard2.5 & 3 axis complete CAM software integrated with Rhino.$1,500Get a Quote Product 1631
RhinoCity 2.0 for Rhino 5.0Works only with Rhinoceros 5.0 64 bits.$4,840$4,589Add to Cart Product 10877
RhinoCity 2.0 for Rhino 5.0
Floating License
This version works only with Rhinoceros 5.0 64 bits$5,470$5,189Add to Cart Product 10878
TDM Solutions
RhinoEmboss 2.0Advanced reliefs, engraving, sculpture and texturing for Rhinoceros$618$589Add to Cart Product 9030
TDM Solutions
RhinoGold 6Goldsmith Studio for Rhino that includes Clayoo$5,000$4,750Add to Cart Product 2927
RhinoJewel 5.5Rhinojewel for Rhino 5.0 (32 bit) with a USB Protection Key.$715$609Add to Cart Product 1283
TDM Solutions
RhinoNest 4.0Create your nesting directly in 3D.$1,115$1,059Add to Cart Product 2550
Rhinophoto 3.0Automatically create 3D points from a set of photos taken with positioned coded targets.$1,235$1,169Add to Cart Product 4500
RhinoPro-J for Rhino 5.0Maximum flexibility and innovation for jewelry designers. Plug-ins work with Rhino 5.0.$1,061$1,009Add to Cart Product 9206
rhinoreverse 3
for Rhino 5
Transform digitized surfaces (point meshs) to NURBS$1,290$1,099Add to Cart Product 2483
RhinoRing for Rhino 5Rhino plugin for jewelers and jewelry designers. Works with Rhino 5$545$533Add to Cart Product 5819
TDM Solutions
RhinoShoe 2.0RhinoShoe is a new footwear plug-in for Rhino.$618$589Add to Cart Product 2551
RhinoTerrain 2.0 for Rhino 5.0Digital Terrain Modeling for Rhino 5.0 64 bits$1,450$1,369Add to Cart Product 3237
T-Splines v4 Plug-in for RhinoTSplines for Rhino: Create smooth, high-quality CAD models for industrial design and engineering.$675$659Add to Cart Product 8675
T-Splines v4 Plug-in for Rhino
Additional License
Create smooth, high-quality CAD models for industrial design and engineering.$675$661Add to Cart Product 10426
VisualARQ 1.9.4
Download Edition
Now also compatible with Rhino 4.0 and Rhino 5.0$495$469Add to Cart Product 5768
Chaos Group
V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino 4 & 5
USB dongle included
Advanced Ray-Tracing for Rhino 4.0 and 5.0. Contains 10 DR licenses for distributed rendering.$995$947Add to Cart Product 6353

Support & Maintenance

Technical support for Rhino 5 for Windows is available directly from McNeel by e-mail at or by phone from 8am to noon, and between 1pm to 5pm Pacific Time at the number (206) 545-6877. For more technical support information and options please visit the Robert McNeel tech support page.
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