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Maxwell Render Suite V3.2
1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1‑yr maintenance)
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Next Limit TechnologiesNext Limit TechnologiesMaxwell Render Suite V3.2 - 1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 - 1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)For artists and freelancers working on their own. Includes 5 rendernodes and 1-year maintenance.BID-74-22313.718696.50Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Maxwell Render Suite V3.2
1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)

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The product Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 — 1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance) has been reviewed by 18 users, with an average rating of 3.7 stars.
I love it!8 reviews44% 
Great3 reviews17% 
Good2 reviews11% 
Fair3 reviews17% 
Poor2 reviews11% 
Great Results Through Unnecesary Pain
Ernesto Lacalle August 8, 2013
Maxwell is a great render engine.
The light is perfect, and the realism is great.
But if you decide to use it, you will have to deal with 3 main problems:
1) Buggy sofware. I could never use a Free of bugs version of maxwell. It seems these guys are so disorganized that cannot refine the code to an acceptable level of stability, so be prepared to deal with all king of unexpected problems.
2) The support though their forum is a mess. That is a place full of "noise" and with little or no solution to the problems of the users. The second recomended way is e-mail support, that is handled by good technicians.
3) Totally anti intuitive interfaces. This is not a friendly software, although some parts are prety logic. It looks like designed by a lot of diferent people, not coordinated at all. You will find hidden commands and very unclear user interfaces, that could easily be improved, but that will not be improved, since this way seems to be the way Maxwell Render developpers thinks. Unfortunately is very tricky and time consuming. Be ready to spend lots of your hours, trying to figure out how to do stuff that is detailed in the on line documentation, but won´t work.
Conclusion: Maxwell would be perfect if in the right hands of experienced software developpers, which is not happening right now.
A pitty, that could be fixed if the Next Limit team changes their chaotic politics.

Buggy, lacking features, slow (Mac version)
Arvad Dehusson April 12, 2007
Well, most realize that unbiased rendering solutions are slow, so I guess you can't hold it against the app. However, I find it to be a grossly unrefined piece of code. The plugins and studio are buggy almost to the point of being unuseable. Also, compared to competing unbiased render apps, Maxwell is way behind on features. No shift lens, micropoly displacement, or instancing. Also, there is a significant glass bug in architectural uses (ie windows) that has not been adequately resolved (and the manner in which it is resolved is physically inaccurate!).

Finally, Next Limit's communications are completely unacceptable. Period. I can't even count the number of times they've promised something they have not been able to fulfill. Word to the wise- do not believe anything they say. If they promise a release within a given period, seriously- just ignore it. It won't happen!
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