Maxwell Render Suite V3
Node Locked

For artists and freelancers working on their own.

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The product Maxwell Render Suite V3 — Node Locked has been reviewed by 18 users, with an average rating of 3.7 stars.
I love it!8 reviews44% 
Great3 reviews17% 
Good2 reviews11% 
Fair3 reviews17% 
Poor2 reviews11% 

User Reviews

Nils Herfeldt
Maxwell Render

Review posted September 29, 2008
Its a cool renderer but has a lot of bugs, so better wait until "betatesting" is over ;-)
Haye van Zanten
maxwell 3dmax

Review posted December 6, 2007
I found the maxwell renderengine very nice for simulating studio shots and outdoor shots.
I am not happy with interior shots. Too much grain (noise) which is too expensive (render time) to get rid of (if even possible).
No support for ies lights.
Speed is with maxwell no option. If one has an optimized setting in vray and knows about color space and the vray camera, vray is faster, gives better results, is able to process ies lights and is much sharper.
Sorry, maxwell is not for me.
Maybe in the future when the hardware is able to process photonmapping how we want to, I will try Maxwell again.
John Hamilton
Maxwell Render is slow

Review posted October 1, 2007
This program is very slow to complete a final render. It is not very intuitive to set up materials and lighting.

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Novedge is currently offering Maxwell Render Suite V3 ‐ Node Locked for only $775.

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Maxwell Render Suite V3 ‐ Node Locked: within 1 or 2 working days from your purchase you will receive an e-mail with your Licensing Information and instructions on how to download and activate the software.

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Maxwell Render Suite V3 ‐ Node Locked will be delivered digitally, no Sales Tax will be collected by Novedge.

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