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Maxwell Render Suite V3.2
1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1‑yr maintenance)
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Next Limit TechnologiesNext Limit TechnologiesMaxwell Render Suite V3.2 - 1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 - 1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)For artists and freelancers working on their own. Includes 5 rendernodes and 1-year maintenance.BID-74-22313.718696.50Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Maxwell Render Suite V3.2
1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance)

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The product Maxwell Render Suite V3.2 — 1 GUI Node Locked (+ 5 rendernodes and 1-yr maintenance) has been reviewed by 18 users, with an average rating of 3.7 stars.
I love it!8 reviews44% 
Great3 reviews17% 
Good2 reviews11% 
Fair3 reviews17% 
Poor2 reviews11% 
Maxwell Render : Simple Realism
Alan Crighton August 11, 2013
I've been using Maxwell Render now for about 1 year, having upgraded from using Brazil for Rhino. Following basic photography techniques, it's simple to set up a scene and produce the most spectacular images, impossible to tell apart from real-life or modeled. The material library is a huge plus, difficult not to find anything there you can't use 'as is' or modify slightly. Even before purchasing Maxwell, I emailed Maxwell support with some questions and received answers within hours, on the weekend! Support on the forum has also been super fast and accurate. Go check out the Maxwell Gallery and see the incredible level of realism that's possible with Maxwell.
Amazing Quality and Simple
Douglas Brown January 4, 2012
We purchased Maxwell Render Suite to be used in conjunction with SketchUp for rendering high quality presentations. Maxwell's quality is unrivaled and setting up lighting and materials is by far the simplest I have ever used.

Next Limit has created a multitude of plug-ins that allows setup of materials and cameras right inside of the interface you are comfortable with. Also, in most applications you have access to Fire, Maxwell's real-time rendering window. This makes setup even easier.

I have heard several complaints about speed on Maxwell's part and I have to say that render times are a little on the high side, but you do make up some of it with the time saved on setup. Also, multilight allows you to quickly tweak and create both day and night renders from one rendering which allows you to provide this to clients.
Maxwell Render 2.5
Mark Heaviland August 3, 2011
I have been using Maxwell since its beta. If you have the time, the renderings are great with very little setup. The network rendering is easy to set up to increase the quality of your renderings in less time. From Sketchup it has become a seamless process and 2.5 integrates the mxm materials great. The mxm library makes it easy to download new materials and start from there to create your own. **notice that most of the low star reviews are from beta or 1 era of Maxwell.**
William Bennie December 17, 2009
I've used Maxwell Render 2 for a month and love it. I was able to create some beautiful renderings the first day of use. The interface is straightforward, the lighting simple, and the free online library of materials is awesome. I use multiple CAD packages (Sketchup, C4D, and Rhino for Mac soon). Maxwell works great with them all. That and the fact it was Mac friendly made the purchase choice easy.
Maxwell Render - The new revolutionary rendering engine
Marcelo Igonda August 27, 2009
Best quality images I got from any rendering engine, even in the first try. The plug-ins for Sketchup and Rhino are totally seamless, fully integrated.
The rendering times are somewhat longer than in other programs, but with the upcoming release 2.0 (free for existing 1.71 users), claimed
to be up to three times faster, that problem will be totally solved.
Highly recommended.
Alan Guidera August 3, 2009
I've been using rendering software for 10 years and this is the best software I for rendering that I have ever come across. Its relatively straight forward and does a fantastic job out of the box. Unlike other render software, there is little to no tweaking and "tricks" you need to use in order to get good renderings. The quality of the renderings are top notch and the best I've seen. I've used Vray, Final Render, Metal Ray, Default rendering packages this is hands down the best. I love that I can go to the MXM Materials website and download pre-made materials from other users. It is a huge time saver. I'm really looking forward to version 2.
Interior renderings from Sketchup Pro 6
Anonymous December 6, 2007
I've only used the demo Maxwell Render 1.6 engine for a very short time (like today) and wanted a realistic look for my Sketchup Pro 6 software 3D scenes. Without too much fanfare, I was able to render a few Sketchup scenes and I was totally blown away by the results! The relatively quick results I got in 30 to 40 minutes of allowing Maxwell to do its thing took the "cartoon" look out of my sketchup scenes. This was accomplished without having to bring the drawings into the Maxwell Studio environment which kind of scared me by the state of the art look it has. It looks like a Stealth bomber instrumentation dashboard arrangement. I will be purchasing Maxwell 1.6 soon!
Fantastic Pictures with maxwell Render
Anonymous April 16, 2007
I have Rhino and I was used to Flamingo as my prefered rendering system. Now I tried Maxwell Render and I'm so happy! I can use all my skill as photographer to set up the rendering parameters and I can generate fantasti pictures.

The only major drawback is the speed. Maxwell is slow. But my understanding is that it's because of the rendering algorithms (alias real physical siumulation), not because of poor programming.
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