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Poser 10

Easily create 3D Character Art and Animation.

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Product Description

Poser 10Poser 10 is perfect for creating 3D character art and animation. For nearly 20 years, artists, hobbyists, illustrators, and animators have been getting creative with Poser. Poser includes over 5GB of 3D figures and content to get you started. Pose figures, add hair and clothing, props, lights and cameras to build 3D scenes. Render photo-realistic and cartoon style images and video for web, print, and film.

Highlights of Poser

  • 8 new fully rigged, fully-posable, photorealistic human characters
  • 1.5 GB all new content
  • New User Interface with improved workflow
  • Dependent Parameters editor enables teaching of interaction links
  • Search-enabled Content Management system in the Poser 8 Library
  • Cross Body Part Morph Tool
  • Indirect Illumination for Global Illumination effects
  • Improved rigging system for better bending characters
  • Improved OpenGL real-time scene preview displays up to 8 lights for more realistic lighting
  • Physically correct light attenuation for more accurate light falloff
  • Tone mapping and Exposure control for more accurate brightness and luminance
  • Normal Mapping support at render time
  • Performance optimizations for posing and rendering improvements on multi-processor systems
  • Wardrobe Wizard to fit existing clothing items onto new figures
  • wxPython support provides 3rd party add-on developers more control and extensibility

Features and Benefits

Custom Figure Creation Tools
Poser 10 includes polygon and vertex picking and grouping, as well as hierarchical selection tools. These allow you to import 3D geometry, break it into body parts and generate new Poser 10 figures. You can even create Inverse Kinematics (IK) chains.
Morph Putty Tool
Interactively sculpt and design your figures in real time. Use for tailoring body morphs, and direct manipulation of facial expressions.
For flexibility, Poser 10 supports three types of clothing – prop-based, conforming and dynamic. Conforming clothing attaches to figures and move as they do. Dynamic cloth, complete with physics parameters, can make cloth flow and drape around any figure or object.
Grow strand-based hair on any figures or object in your scene. Growth controls allow you to control aspects such as length and thickness. Styling controls allow you to shape your hair – make it thick or thin, straight or curly. Apply dynamics such as gravity to your hair to create realistic effects during animation.
Facial Photo-Mapping
Create custom 3D faces and texture maps using only 2 photographs of anyone you know. Create caricatures and easily modify ethnic, age and gender features.
Lighting Controls
Poser 10 includes infinite, global and spot light sources. With the Point-at function a light can track a figure or prop's motion. Animate any light’s position, brightness, color and Point-at controls.
Camera Controls
Poser 10 includes three independent cameras for viewing your scenes, including Back, Bottom and Auxiliary. All are easily controlled with the intuitive Trackball control. Animate any camera’s focal length, scale and position. The Multiple Camera View Panes displays up to four views simultaneously.
Easily animate figures, hands, faces, lights, cameras, props, morph targets and materials with Poser 10’s intuitive Animation Palette. Automatic key frame creation and interpolation make animating a snap. Use the Walk Designer to create walk and run cycles for figures instantly. Use the Graph Palette for precise control of any scene element or parameter.
Three Render Engines
Use the scanline renderer for fast render previews as you work. Sketch Designer creates unique, artistic images and animations from your 3D scenes using a series of brush strokes. FireFly is a production-quality renderer, supporting procedural shader and Raytrace reflection and refraction, for photorealistic results.
Image-editing Tool
Import 2D images from a variety of formats, transform them into 3D objects, then incorporate them into your scenes.
Advanced Rendering Options
Achieve new levels of realism in your scenes with Soft Shadows, Blurred Reflections, Blurred Transmission (frosted glass), True Ambient Lighting and Depth of Field. Plus, take advantage of optimizations designed to speed up the creation of architectural scenes.

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