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AutoDesSys, Inc.AutoDesSys, Inc.formZ 8.5 JrformZ 8.5 JrSmall and Intuitive 3D Modeling with Big CapabilitiesBID-47-25564.03455.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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formZ 8.5 Jr

Small and Intuitive 3D Modeling with Big Capabilities

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formZ 8.5 JrformZ 8.5 Jr introduces subdivision modeling as a new personality to formZ's diverse modeling capabilities. Subdivision modeling is a method for creating unique organic forms. These organic models start from a simple base cage that can be dynamically manipulated and reformed with a new suite of tools that provide operations like grow. Subdivision models are parametric allowing for continued manipulation as well as dynamic control of the surface resolution.
The subdivision tools are also useful for quickly smoothing or softening a facetted model. Subdivision objects can be converted to [[Non- uniform_rational_B-spline|NURBS]] for additional manipulation and evaluation using formZ’s extensive tools. Subdivision objects work great with 3D printing as they produce regular meshes that tend to give excellent results with popular 3D printers. Useful for tensile structures, organic surfaces ranging from exotic roofs to character meshes, these new tools make formZ more versatile than ever before.
formZ 8.5 Jr's interactive display modes have been completely rewritten to take advantage of modern OpenGL capabilities. This is most noticeable in Shaded Full display mode with new real-time ambient occlusion, bump mapping, soft shadows and multi sampling features. These improvements aid in real-time visualization and design evaluation as they yield better depth perception and spatial definition. The image to the right illustrates the effect of these new features.

Key Features and Benefits

  • New in this version: The Tight Lofting option of the NURBS by lofting tool now supports the Closed in Depth (V) option.
  • New in this version: The Offset Outline tool can be applied to multiple outlines in a single operation. This makes it possible to offset multiple outlines on different objects the same distance simultaneously. A new option has been added to apply the offset at preset numeric distance in addition to the existing dynamic method.
  • New in this version: Components can now be viewed by name using the new List view in the Component Manager. The new Component Information button displays information about a component including how many times the component is placed in the project.
  • New in this version: Materials can now be organized into groups making it easier to organize projects with many materials.
  • New in this version: The Materials palette has been updated to be consistent with all formZ palettes including control items at the top of the palette and a context menu for quick access to features.
  • New in this version: The .fmz file format has been optimized to make files more compact. A new File Optimization option has been added to the Project Settings allowing for even smaller project files. Files saved with Auto Save feature use the smallest size to improve performance.
  • New in this version: The accelerator keys (accessed by pressing the space bar and typing) now work more logically by typing the name of the desired tool (or at least enough unique characters ). The option to use the previous method remains in the Tool Manager.
  • New in this version: The DXF/DWG translators now support the AutoCad 2014 format. Export of DWF and SVG have been added.
  • New in this version: ACIS support has been upgraded to r24.
  • New in this version: RenderZone now uses Lightworks 9.1 which includes a number of performance improvements.
  • New in this version: The Windows versions use a new installer making installation easier and better integrated with the Windows operating system.
  • Fluid, powerful, and smart interface
  • Smart 3D drawing
  • All the classic modeling tools
  • Real time Booleans
  • NURBS curves and surfaces
  • NURBS blending
  • Dynamic graphic editing
  • Reshape tool makes sculpting easy
  • Advanced OpenGL rendering
  • Shadows, transparencies, and textures
  • 3D Dimensioning
  • formZ 8.5 Jr components can be placed in libraries and used like symbols in formZ
  • Graphic texture map editing
  • Over 200 materials (texture maps)
  • Content library for trees, furniture, doors, and windows
  • Support of 3D Warehouse
  • Google Earth and SketchUp file compatibility
  • Over 20 export/import formats for easy interoperability
  • Piranesi export (2D import/export)
  • Support for 3D printing and fabrication
  • Embedded video tutorials

This Product is Also Known As

  • formZ Jr

  • formZ Junior

  • formZ LT

  • bonzai 3D

  • bonzai3D

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formZ Jr

+ RenderZone

formZ + RenderZone
Main FeaturesformZ JrformZ+RenderZone
Full CAD AccuracyYesYesYes
Surface Modeling(NURBS)YesYesYes
Booleans & RoundingsYesYesYes
Revolves & SweepsYesYesYes
Sections ToolYesYesYes
Stairs ToolYesYesYes
Terrain ToolYesYesYes
Drafting NoYesYes
USB dongle flexibilityNoYesYes
Advanced FeaturesformZ JrformZ+RenderZone
Symbols & ClonesNoYesYes
Subdivion SurfacesNoYesYes
Control RoundingNoYesYes
Screw & GearsNoYesYes
Blend NURBSYesYesYes
Doors & WindowsYesYesYes
Roof ToolYesYesYes
Reshaping FacesYesYesYes
Automatic InsertionsYesYesYes
Automatic GuidesYesYesYes
3D DimensionsYesYesYes
Insert from 3D Warehouse YesYesYes
2D Import/ExportformZ JrformZ+RenderZone
Adobe Illustrator 8YesYesYes
Adobe PhotoshopYesYesYes
MacPaint, PICT, SGI Image, TARGAYesYesYes
3D Import/ExportformZ JrformZ+RenderZone
3ds - 3D Studio filesYesYesYes
Autodesk DXF & DWGYesYesYes
LWO - LightWave ObjectYesYesYes
OBJ - Alias WaveFrontYesYesYes
SAT - Spacial ACISYesYesYes
W3D - Shockwave 3DYesYesYes
STL - StereolitographyYesYesYes
SAT - Spatial/ACISYesYesYes
KMZ - Google EarthYesYesYes
SketchUp ImportYesYesYes
VRML - Virtual Markup LanguageNoYesYes
Artlantis filesYesYesYes
RIB - RenderMan Interface BytestreamNoYesYes
3DGF & 3DMFNoYesYes
RenderingformZ JrformZ+RenderZone
Basic OpenGL RenderingYesYesYes
Advanced RealTime OpenGL RenderingYesNoNo
Sketch RenderingNoYesYes
LightWorks Advanced renderingNoNoYes
LightWorks radiosityNoNoYes
Area and Custom light typesNoNoYes
Batch RenderingNoNoYes
Optional ModulesformZ JrformZ+RenderZone
Re-Engineering Point CloudNoOptionalOptional
Maxwell RenderOptionalOptionalOptional
MaintenanceformZ JrformZ+RenderZone
1 Year Maintenance form·ZNoOptionalNo
1 Year Maintenance form·Z Renderzone PlusNoNoOptional
formZ JrformZ+RenderZone

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