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RhinoGold 5.0 (Pre-Sale)

Goldsmith Studio for Rhino that includes Clayoo

Videos & Docs
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #107: Quick Jewelry Design with RhinoGold 4.0
Created March 12, 2014 by Pedro Loureiro
In this latest webinar with Novedge, TDM Solutions' own, Pedro Loureiro creates up to five jewelry design samples from scratch, using features unique to both Clayoo and RhinoGold 4.0. Furthermore, we'll showcase the all new RhinoEmboss 1.0 Beta for r
Tutorial / Training
RhinoEmboss Tutorial - The Dalmore deer head
Created December 13, 2013 by Rafael del Molino
RhinoEmboss tutorial showing how to create the deer head of the well-known Whiskey Distillery "The Dalmore" - Scotland. Cheers!
Tutorial / Training
RhinoMold 4.0 - 01 - How to install RhinoMold
Created December 11, 2013 by Rafael del Molino
How to install RhinoMold
Tutorial / Training
RhinoMold 4.0 - 02 - Compare
Created December 11, 2013 by Rafael del Molino
Analyze geometric differences between two objects. 1. Select the first model. You have available two options, import from a file or select the objects. 2. Select the second model. It will show the result in colors: Green and Red.
Tutorial / Training
RhinoMold 4.0 - 04 - Weight
Created December 11, 2013 by Rafael del Molino
This command allows to get the weight of an object. 1. Select the objects to analyze. Click on Select button. 2. Select the material. 3. In Weight area, the result will be displayed.
Tutorial / Training
RhinoEmboss Tutorial - Coat of Arms of Barcelona
Created November 25, 2013 by Rafael del Molino
This is a new product of TDM Solutions. RhinoEmboss is a plugin for advanced reliefs, engraving, sculpture and texturing.
Novedge Webinar
Novedge Webinar #78: Get Familiar with RHINOGOLD 4.0!
Created July 10, 2013 by Rafael del Molino
What it's About TDM Solutions has released the new RhinoGold 4.0: the most complete solution for 3D jewelry design on McNeel's Rhinoceros software. Observe as the TDM team demonstrates all the new tools and RhinoGold 4.0 improvements. We will cove
Tutorial / Training
RhinoGold 4.0
Created January 19, 2013 by Xavier Rofer
Clayoo in RhinoGold 4.0
Tutorial / Training
Summer RhinoGold Guide 2012
Created July 30, 2012 by TDM
A New RhinoGold Guide from TDM

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