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Pages3D Professional 2014
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Pages3D Professional 2014

Create web, print, and interactive documents from 3D CAD, for the Professional.

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Pages3D Professional 2014Pages3D Professional 2014 is an easy-to-use document authoring software application that enables authors to embed 3D models directly into the document creation environment. Right out of the box, Pages3D Professional 2014 includes a powerful set of 3D tools for working with 3D models, parts lists and formatted text allowing anyone to author complete printed or interactive documents in minutes! Perfect for work instructions, illustrated parts catalogs, service and support documentation and product manuals.
Pages3D Professional includes both page design tools and a powerful integrated set of 3D tools. This means that a single application can import 3D models, work with the 3D information and position the 3D view, text and other objects on the document page.

Key Features

Work Instructions
Create work instructions packets and deliver to the shop floor. Includes support for printed, interactive 3D and cloud-based content creation.
Illustrated Catalogs
Design multiple page illustrated parts catalogs complete with parts list, balloons, exploded views, text, images and as multiple 3D models.
3D PDF Documents
Create custom 3D PDF documents that include interactive 3D objects that can be rotated, panned, zoomed inside Adobe Reader.
Printed or Interactive Deliverables
Entire user guides or product manuals can be produced using QuadriSpace products. Manuals can be printed or delivered electronically with interactive 3D included. Using special QuadriSpace technology that leverages 3D tools with page design tools, multiple pages of graphical parts lists or step-by-step processes can be automatically generated from common 3D CAD data. (Recommended Product: Pages3D)


Import 3D Models
Import SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, SketchUp, Rhino, and many other 3D file formats directly.
Enhanced Illustration Tools
Create step-by-step processes, markup illustrations with balloons and callouts.
Enhanced 3D Tools
Adds custom render styles, more exploded view tools, parts lists, sectioning, part search tools, model tree, mouse-over metadata.
Publish Interactive Documents
Create interactive 3D documents with clickable parts lists or step-by-step procedures.
Page Design Tools
Multiple pages with embedded 3D views, parts lists display, buttons, tables, text, images and more.
Configurations and Merge Models
Makes it easy to work with large models. Configurations allow you to define and work with subsets of parts. With Merge Models, 3D CAD from various CAD programs can be merged together. Users use this when the primary designs is better explained with props or tools in some graphics.
Linkable Text Boxes
This provides support for text and tables that may not fit on a single page or in a single column. Offers the ability to link a text box table, or parts list from one page to another or from one column to another.
Basic Illustration Tools
Capture illustrations and organize storyboards.
Publish 3D PDF
Create PDF files with embedded 3D that can be interactively viewed with Adobe Reader 9 or greater.
Basic 3D Tools
Render Styles, Exploded Views, model tree.
Basic Material Tools
Apply materials from a library of materials.
Enhanced Material Tools
Create custom materials; tweak library materials, save materials for later use.
50+ Templates
Rapidly create documents with professional page design.
Publish Printed Documents
Create static documents that can be printed or published to PDF.
Smart Template Technology
Rapidly create a step-by-step process from an exploded view. This saves a significant amount of time since the viewpoints, visible parts and selected parts are all set up automatically based on the exploded view. You can also rapidly create a series of isolated part views from a parts list.
Project Update Wizard
With update tools you can update entire sets of illustrations by re-importing the 3D model. This is especially useful because it allows users to get started on graphics before the design phase is complete and when 3D CAD designs change, little work is needed to update graphics.

Compare Pages3D versions

Pages3D Standard

Pages3D Professional
Import 3D ModelsPages3D StdPages3D Pro
Import SolidWorks modelsYesYes
Import Inventor modelsYesYes
Import Pro/ENGINEER modelsYesYes
Import SketchUp modelsYesYes
Import Rhino modelsYesYes
Import DWF modelsYesYes
Import STEP modelsYesYes
Import IGES modelsYesYes
Main FeaturesPages3D StdPages3D Pro
Basic Illustration ToolsYesYes
Publish 3D PDFYesYes
Enhanced Illustration ToolsYesYes
Basic 3D ToolsYesYes
Enhanced 3D ToolsYesYes
Basic Material ToolsYesYes
Enhanced Material ToolsYesYes
Publish Interactive 3D DocumentsYesYes
50+ TemplatesYesYes
Publish Printed DocumentsYesYes
Page Design ToolsYesYes
Smart Template TechnologyNoYes
Configurations and Merge ModelsNoYes
Project Update WizardNoYes
Linkable Text BoxesNoYes
Pages3D StdPages3D Pro
Compare Publisher3D versions

Publisher3D PDF

Publisher3D Standard

Publisher3D Professional
Import 3D ModelsPublisher3D PDFPublisher3D StdPublisher3D Pro
Import SolidWorks modelsYesYesYes
Import Inventor modelsYesYesYes
Import Pro/ENGINEER modelsYesYesYes
Import SketchUp modelsYesYesYes
Import Rhino modelsYesYesYes
Import DWF modelsYesYesYes
Import STEP modelsYesYesYes
Import IGES modelsYesYesYes
Main FeaturesPublisher3D PDFPublisher3D StdPublisher3D Pro
Basic Illustration ToolsYesYesYes
Basic 3D ToolsYesYesYes
Basic Material ToolsYesYesYes
Publish 3D PDFYesYesYes
50+ TemplatesYesYesYes
Enhanced 3D ToolsNoYesYes
Enhanced Illustration ToolsNoYesYes
Publish Raster ImagesNoYesYes
Publish AnimationsNoYesYes
Enhanced Material ToolsNoYesYes
Smart Template TechnologyNoNoYes
Configurations and Merge ModelsNoNoYes
Project Update WizardNoNoYes
Publish Vector GraphicsNoNoYes
Publisher3D PDFPublisher3D StdPublisher3D Pro

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