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Create web, print, and interactive documents from 3D CAD, for the Professional.

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Product Description

Pages3D Professional 2012Pages3D Professional 2012 includes all the features of Pages3D Standard plus update capabilities, custom parts lists, multiple 3D models per project, and complex project management tools. Pages3D Professional 2012 is an easy-to-use page design product that leverages existing 3D models to create multiple-page documents. The software is as easy to install and use as standard Microsoft Office products. Right out of the box, Pages3D Professional 2012 includes a powerful set of 3D tools for working with 3D models, 2D drawings, parts lists, and formatted text allowing anyone to author complete printed, web, or interactive documents in minutes!
Manufacturing instructions, user guides, illustrated parts lists, service procedures, marketing brochures and other product documents are necessary to get your products to market. As more products are designed with 3D design software, such as SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER or Inventor, it becomes critical to reuse these highly informative 3D models for the creation of documents and communications.
The Industry Problem
Today, most companies go through a lengthy process that requires the author to manually capture images, manually create bill-of-materials, manually add callouts and then insert the images and tables into a word processing program. When updates are required the entire process is repeated. This multi-step, multi-program approach significantly limits documentation quality, effectiveness, ease-of creation, maintainability and time-to-market.
The Pages3D Professional 2012 solution
With Pages3D Professional 2012, customers report an immediate time savings of 80% or more for document creation when compared to common methods in practice today. In addition, Pages3D allows users to update documents seamlessly when 3D CAD designs change, saving days of rework.

Key Features and Benefits

Modern User Interface
Pages3D Professional 2012 has the look and feel of Microsoft Office. This makes all the tools visible and easy-to-use.
Page Design Tools
Create complete multiple-page documents with embedded 3D views. All in a single application.
Author Multiple Page Documents
Author multiple page documents from 3D CAD and publish printed documents or share interactive documents using Reader3D.
Import 3D Models
Import 3D Models such as SolidWorks, Inventor, DWF, STL, Google SketchUp, DWG, DXF, 3ds Max, 3DS, and more.
Optionally, using the Granite Module can import Pro/ENGINEER, STEP, IGES, ACIS SAT, Parasolid, VDA-FS, and more.
Inspect 3D Models
Inspect 3D models with section, move parts and material editing. Includes advanced tools for finding and selecting parts by searching and using an automatically created parts lists.
Markup 3D Views
Markup 3D views with shapes, arrows, lines and text.
Publish Digital Documents
Publish digital documents such as 3D PDF, executables, web and CDs.
Create Illustrations
Create Illustrations with callouts associated with parts lists, dimensions, 3D symbols, precision explode tools, precision viewpoint tools, custom render styles, and more. Organize illustrations into topics.
Animate 3D
Animate 3D using an easy to understand storyboard editor.
Parts Lists
Seamlessly drag a parts lists to a page of your document. The parts lists automatically creates itself from your 3D CAD data.
Custom Parts Lists
Create and edit custom parts list and manage multiple parts lists.
Import Multiple Models
Import multiple models in a single document.
Complex Assemblies
Work with complex assemblies and merge multiple 3D CAD models together using configurations.
Update Entire Documents
Update entire documents when 3D CAD designs change.
Large Project Support
Use configurations to create subsets of parts that make it easy to manage large projects with multiple pages of information.
Print High Quality Documents
Easily print documents with high resolutions images of your 3D illustrations.
Publishing a 3D PDF
Create PDF documents that include interactive 3D images that can be rotated, panned and zoomed. The resulting PDF file can be shared and viewed with Adobe Reader 8.0.
Embed 3D
Insert 3D models directly onto your document page. Rotate, pan and zoom the 3D to customize the viewpoint without complex 3D CAD software.
Exploded Views
Create custom exploded views right on the document page. No need to switch between various programs on rely on others.
Capture illustrations with callouts while editing the document. Add multiple illustrations per document page as needed.
Seamless Updates
When 3D CAD designs change, update your entire document with a single click.
Add Interactivity
Add interactive buttons, tables and hyperlinks to your document. Clicking these can be setup to select parts, view an illustration and much more.
Increases Documentation Productivity
  • Minimize the documentation burden on engineers by letting anyone access and reuse 3D
  • Easily supports the reuse of 3D models, 2D drawings, parts lists, images and text
  • Save time by publishing the same document to print, web or interactive
Automates Documentation Updates
  • Update entire documents in a single step when 3D CAD designs change.
Easy To Use
  • As easy to install and use as Microsoft Office products
  • Designed to be used by anyone, not just engineers
  • Eliminates the need to switch between multiple programs by integrating 3D with page design
Powerful 3D Tools
  • Includes all the 3D tools needed to create complete documents
  • Easily manage call numbers by associating illustrations with a parts list
  • Exceptional tools for managing and working with large models
  • Highly competitive pricing allows entire teams to benefit
  • No need to purchase expensive and complicated 3D CAD tools for non-engineers

Supported 3D File Formats

Pages3D Professional 2012 imports the following file formats:

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