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QuoteCAD DB Manager

Create and integrate products.

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Product Description

QuoteCAD DB ManagerWith QuoteCAD DB Manager, companies can import products they distribute from their manufacturers and also create their own products. This user-friendly software features groups in one window with all the tools needed to create and edit the products.
QuoteCAD DB Manager is oriented not only for resellers but also for companies that build and distribute their own products and offers 3 different user accounts (Administrator, Limited, and Very Limited) to allow users to access the products database, and also a System Administrator account to manage the complete system.
QuoteCAD DB Manager uses one initial window that will be always active and in which the System Administrator can manage the whole system. For Products Management, QuoteCAD DB Manager uses an additional window in which are placed all the necessary tools to create and edit products. Unlike QuoteCAD, QuoteCAD DB Manager is a completely independent software that does not need an IntelliCAD based CAD software in order to work.

System Management Features

  • Definition of QuoteCAD DB Managers Working Directory.
  • Creation and edition of Manufacturers.
  • Creation and edition of Database IDs.
  • Creation and edition of user accounts.
  • Import Manufacturers.
  • Management of prices.
  • Add or remove prices. Up to 4 different prices can be defined for each product. The minimum is 1 price.
  • Change the mapping names of each price.
  • Create and edit the priceís formulas. These formulas are mathematical formulas that can be applied to each price in order to automate the products prices. QuoteCAD DB Manager uses an editor to let the user build these formulas.
  • Add or remove taxes to apply in each final quote.
  • Creation and edition of Quote Groups.
  • Creation and edition of Payment Terms.
  • Define custom texts that can be showed in specific fields in each final quote.
  • Specify a banner (companyís logo) that can be showed in each final quote.

Products Management Features

  • Creation and edition of productís lines (only for Administrators).
  • Organization of products by families in a tree form (only for Administrators).
  • Creation of new products (for Administrators and Limited Users).
  • Creation of new products by copy (for Administrators and Limited Users).
  • Products edition.
  • Each product settings are grouped together in just one window and the user can open as many windows as needed in one section.
  • The Very Limited Users cannot edit the quote definitions (commercial description and prices) of the products neither create new associated groups or edit the existent associated groups.
  • Change the user name and its password.
  • Part management and assembling for Bill of Materials.

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