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Kinemac 1.9

3D Real Time Animation for Mac

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Randy Shih
AutoCAD 2016 Tutorial Second Level 3D ModelingPublished on June 2015 by SDC Publications
ISBN/ASIN: 1585039608$7400Book Buy from Amazon1585039608
Jahirul Amin
Beginner's Guide to Character Creation in MayaPublished on May 2015 by 3DTotal Publishing
ISBN/ASIN: 1909414204$3000Book Buy from Amazon1909414204
David Rodriguez
Animation Methods - Rigging Made Easy: Rig your first 3D Character in MayaPublished in 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN/ASIN: 1484127730$32Book Buy from Amazon1484127730
Adam Watkins
Getting Started in 3D with MayaPublished in 2012 by Focal Press
ISBN/ASIN: 0240820428$2800Book Buy from Amazon0240820428
William Vaughan
Digital ModelingPublished in 2012 by New Riders
ISBN/ASIN: 0321700899$3000Book Buy from Amazon0321700899
Dariush Derakhshani
Introducing Autodesk Maya 2012 Published in 2011 by Sybex
ISBN/ASIN: 0470900210$300Book Buy from Amazon0470900210
Ellery Connell
3D for Graphic DesignersPublished in 2011 by Sybex
ISBN/ASIN: 1118004213$600Book Buy from Amazon1118004213
Elliot Gindis
Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011: 2D Drawing and ModellingPublished in 2010 by Academic Press
ISBN/ASIN: 0123757150$1900Book Buy from Amazon0123757150
Adobe Creative Team
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a BookPublished in 2010 by Adobe Press
ISBN/ASIN: 0321704517$2800Book Buy from Amazon0321704517
Scott Spencer
ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human AnatomyPublished in 2010 by Sybex
ISBN/ASIN: 0470450266$3900Book Buy from Amazon0470450266
Ami Chopine and Vladimir Chopine
Vue 7: From The Ground UpPublished in 2009 by Focal Press
ISBN/ASIN: 0240812263$3400Book Buy from Amazon0240812263
Isaac V. Kerlow
The Art of 3D Computer Animation and EffectsPublished in 2009 by Wiley
ISBN/ASIN: 0470084901$2800Book Buy from Amazon0470084901
James Gurney
Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't ExistPublished in 2009 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN/ASIN: 0740785508$1200Book Buy from Amazon0740785508
Autodesk Maya Press
Learning Autodesk Maya 2010: FoundationPublished on September 2015
ISBN/ASIN: 1897177550Book Buy from Amazon1897177550

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