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Vue Infinite 2015

The Stand-Alone Solution

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Product Information
Product NameVue Infinite 2015
Manufacturer E-On Software
Manufacturer Part #2317
Product TypeSingle License
Shipping MethodDigial delivery
System Requirements
Intel Mac
Intel Pentium IV+
Disk space400 MB
Memory (RAM)2 GB
Operating System(s)Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 and 8
Mac OSX 10.5+ (coming soon for V2014)
for 32 and 64 bit
Additional Info
Resolution1024 x 768 in 65K colors/16 bits (24+ bits recommended)
Supported Video Boards All boards with Nvidia GeForce chips
All boards with ATI Radeon 9x00 and Rage 128 chips
If you are using Vista, it is recommended that you check compatibility using the PLE version.
Additional An OpenGL accelerated video board is not required, but is a big plus.
Multi-processor rendering is only available on all multi-processor OS X, 2000, XP Pro, and Vista systems.

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