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Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1
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Cadsoft CorpCadsoft CorpEnvisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1For Builders, Contractors, and Remodelers from Concept to Detailed Final Working DrawingsENV11C3.332,130.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1

Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1

For Builders, Contractors, and Remodelers from Concept to Detailed Final Working Drawings

Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1 offers all of the features found in the Professional version plus additional builder-focused tools including the creation of more comprehensive and customizable material estimates and cut lists, links to popular industry estimating and accounting packages and completely customizable wall framing configuration and support for manufacturing processes. Increase your productivity with the re-designed layering system. Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1 approaches the relationship between Building Information Modeling (BIM)objects and worksheet layers in an entirely new method which will give builders, contractors and remodelers added flexibility, faster drawing speed, and improved drawing output.
Through its suite of powerful building and drafting tools, Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1 enables quick and efficient building design based on standard building practices. Parametric design and building element connectivity intelligently links all components such as doors, walls, roofs and floors associated with your entire building design. As design changes occur, they are reflected across your entire project file instantaneously, creating an efficient and productive design environment. Automated building tools generate foundations, floors, roofs, framing, and more, quickly and seamlessly. Beyond Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1’s drawing and CAD capabilities, the program automatically creates 3D models and generates comprehensive material lists for accurate building supply calculations.
Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1’s concurrent 2D and 3D design capabilities allow you to bring your client’s dream home or renovation to life before construction begins. Photorealistic 3D images, interactive walk-throughs and virtual tours will help speed up client approvals and bring their building dreams to life more quickly.
An entirely new 3D RealView rendering technology is included with Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1. This exciting new rendering engine takes photo-realism to a whole new level.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy, point and click 2D/3D BIM project creation
  • 3D RealView rendering for interiors/exteriors, animations
  • SmartView technology to intelligently connect models and drawing data
  • Full complement of CAD tools to efficiently produce building plans
  • PDF/DWG PlanTrak digital takeoff and cut lists module
  • Customizable wall, floor, ceiling and roof framing
  • Sort materials in order of ship list, construction phase, or consolidated list
  • Personalize reports and share data with accounting or POS systems
  • Integration with specialty products such as 20-20 Design, SketchUp
  • Link to structural analysis technology such as Javelin, Boise Cascade, MiTek
  • Native AutoCAD DWG support

Included in the package

  • Toll Free Customer Care Technical Services
  • Access to online weekly eLearning webinars
  • Quick Start Tutorial & PDF Users Guide

Support & Maintenance

Envisioneer Construction Suite 11.0.C1 includes toll free technical support in North America directly from Cadsoft. Fax and email support are available directly from Cadsoft in English only. Cadsoft Customer Care also includes access to the online user forum and weekly online webinars.
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