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SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

Design Excellence for Engineers

Videos & Docs
Case Study
E-Copter 3D Connexion Alpha Logik input controller
Created April 1, 2013 by Fabien Deregel
How to control an e-copter with a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro.
Product Review / White Paper
3Dconnexion 3D Mice: Chapter 3 - Getting More From Your 3D Mouse
Created January 9, 2013
In the final chapter, we introduce some of the more professional features available on products like the SpaceMouse Pro and SpacePilot Pro, including Keyboard Modifiers, Intelligent Function Keys and QuickView Keys.
Product Review / White Paper
3Dconnexion 3D Mice: Chapter 1 - An Introduction
Created December 21, 2012
This video explains what a 3D mouse is, why they help people working with 3D content and how the 3D mouse controller cap works.
Product Review / White Paper
3Dconnexion 3D Mice: Chapter 2 - Correct Technique
Created December 20, 2012 by 3Dconnexion
When using a 3D mouse, it's important to hold the controller cap correctly. See how in this video.
Case Study
3D Connexion and Mudbox
Created July 16, 2012 by Craig from Autodesk
A video showing the use of a 3D Connexion device with Autodesk Mudbox.
Product Review / White Paper
Using the 3DConnexion SpacePilot Pro in Revit 2012 Products
Created April 21, 2011 by Autodesk Building Solutions
This video shows you how to use the SpacePilot Pro to navigate your Revit model and customize the buttons to fire custom commands.
Case Study
Are 3D Mice a Smart Buy?
Created January 1, 2010
3DConnexion Research Report

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SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse is backed with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

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