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Vue Complete 2014

The Natural Solution for 3D Artists and Small Studios

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Product Description

Vue Complete 2014Designed for experienced 3D artists and small studios, Vue Complete 2014 provides a complete solution for natural 3D scenery. While maintaining unequaled user friendliness, Vue Complete 2014 combines into a single package a multitude of cutting-edge features that let you easily create and control rich EcoSystems of wind-swept trees and plants, hyper-realistic spectral atmospheres and detailed terrains in fully animated scenes.
The newest release introduces a number of major enhancements such as faster rendering, Illumination Caching, terrain and EcoPainter improvements, 360 population, interactive EcoSystem population, as well as particles, along with significant improvements in overall rendering performance and artistic control.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy learning curve
  • Quickly achieve professional results
  • Advanced 3D scenery management
  • Interactively paint entire forests
  • Dynamic wind and breeze effects
  • Photo-realistic radiosity lighting
  • Load and render Poser characters
  • Extended natural 3D animation power
  • Direct access to Cornucopia3D content
  • Export content to other 3D applications
Vue Complete 2014 includes all the optional modules, offering over 190 3D objects (of which 18 animals, 28 buildings, 5 characters, 21 vehicles, etc) as well as over 50 additional plant species and 10 new sets. Vue Complete 2014 adds the EcoPainter, Zephyr, AdvancedGraph, KronosFX and Exporter modules to Vue Studio. Vue Complete 2014 also ships with an extensive collection of preset trees, buildings, scenes, characters, and more.
The EcoPainter lets you accurately and interactively spread and control your EcoSystem populations using your mouse or pressure sensitive tablet. EcoSystem instances are automatically dropped and aligned to the surface as you paint them. You can select, move, resize or delete entire populations with a stroke of your mouse.
Wind adds a whole new dimension to your animations! Create entire forests with millions of animated windswept trees, add per-plant wind effects or blow on groups of plants using animatable ventilators.
With the AdvancedGraph module included in Vue Complete 2014, you get "behind the scene" access to your creations. Create advanced object interactions, custom material shaders, or link object and material properties together using the Scene Graph approach.
Thanks to KronosFX, you get full animation power. Render high-resolution animations, fine-tune your object keyframing by accessing the animated property curves, create rotoscoping effects, etc.
Export the content of your Vue scenes to other applications, in full 3D quality. Generate fully-textured meshes, high-definition sky-maps or detailed terrain maps for import in other 3D applications.
Thanks to the EcoSystem module included in Vue Complete 2014, you can create and edit your own EcoSystem materials. Control the size, color, orientation, placement, density, etc. of your EcoSystem populations. Create layered EcoSystems and adjust the affinity between the different layer populations.
Botanica Plant Editor
With the Botanica Plant Editor, Vue Complete 2014 lets you customize the included SolidGrowth plants to create your own, unique plant species. Adjust the settings for the entire plant, or work on individual subsets (trunk, branches leaves...). Save your newly created species to create slightly different plants each time.
With LightTune, pump up your lighting effects with advanced features such as detailed per-object light influence, AccuShadows shadow mapping, spotlight view-through and custom attenuation graphs.
Fully control even the most complex scenes thanks to DeepAccess. Add an unlimited number of layers. Link and incorporate imported objects and maps with dynamic updates. Sort objects by size, type or name. Easily manage and modify multiple object instances.
With HyperVue, dramatically cut down render times by distributing your render jobs accross a network of up to 5 computers (Mac or Windows). Easily set up and manage the render network with the included SmartCow and NewCow technologies.
The RenderUp module, included with Vue Complete 2014, lets you render images without any limitation of size nor quality (other than system resources). It also grants you advanced control over the Vue rendering engine.
The 3DImport module, also part of Vue Complete 2014, lets you import content created with other 3D applications. Thanks to 3DImport, Vue 7 Complete can read and import 3D objects in all popular formats, complete with texturing information. This includes the ability to natively load static or animated Poser characters, re-pose them directly inside of Vue, and even render them using the Poser shading tree.



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SkinVue 9
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