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Vue Science Fiction

Create Your Own Science Fiction 3D Worlds

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Vue Science FictionVue Science Fiction includes all the software tools and ready-made content you need to easily create science fiction images and video clips. Start with a 3D set, customize your scene with built-in fantasy characters, trees, buildings, and more. Change the weather, adjust the light, choose the best point of view and shoot your picture!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Breathtaking 3D science fiction art
  • Photo-realistic results
  • Renders without the Vue 7 logo
  • Includes plenty of science fiction content
  • Unrivaled natural 3D power
  • Renders at Full HD resolution
  • Direct access to Cornucopia3D content
  • Welcoming, hyper-active community
With thousands of presets, Vue Science Fiction is all you need to design superb images of your own science fiction worlds. Creating with Vue Science Fiction is incredibly simple: focus on your art while the software takes care of the rest (perspective, lighting, textures...). You compose your scenes interactively, in real-time, and watch the result as a preview is rendered on-the-fly. When you're happy with your work, simply hit the Camera icon to create the final image.
Whether you're a newcomer to 3D or a seasoned 3D artist, you'll find your way around Vue Science Fiction in no time!
Choose from a wide selection of thousands of built-in items! Create photo-realistic results in Full HD, ready for web or print.
Build your own custom worlds. Science Fiction or not, it's up to you! Where will your imagination take you?
Build an Environment
Grow realistic 3D plants and trees. Quickly replicate objects to create crowds. Build entire forests with just one click.
Add Life
Add life to your scenes: load built-in science fiction items, download more from Cornucopia3D or create your own using built-in modeling tools.
Digital Camera
Work with your digital camera - picture yourself anywhere! Add 3D elements to your personal photos (fun buildings, scary aliens, etc)
Animate with ease: get ready for the 4th dimension! Everything springs to life: sky, objects, materials, terrains, and more.
Affordable High-End Techniques
Use the same technologies as top SFX studios in Hollywood blockbusters. Discuss with graphics professionals at the friendly Cornucopia3D community.
Vue Science Fiction includes the Vue core application and the Science Fiction theme pack. Please note that Vue Science Fiction does not let you import 3D models other than Cornucopia3D locked content (you can lift this limitation with the 3DImport module, or you can create your own models using the program's modeling tools).

Support & Maintenance

Vue Science Fiction is provided "as is", without any technical support. If you need help, please visit the Cornucopia3D forums at for assistance from other users.
At Cornucopia3d you can:
  • Download content for your 3D worlds,
  • Access tutorials and additional resources,
  • Talk with other users, exchange tips and ideas,
  • Create your own gallery to showcase your art.

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