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Mudbox 2016
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AutodeskAutodeskMudbox 2016 - Floating License - DVD versionMudbox 2016 - Floating License - DVD versionA highly intuitive 3D digital sculpting and texture painting solution498H1-G1521C-1001605.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Mudbox 2016
Floating License
DVD version

A highly intuitive 3D digital sculpting and texture painting solution

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Mudbox 2016 -- Floating License -- DVD versionAutodesk Mudbox 2016 Floating License digital sculpting and painting software provides technology that enables artists to create production-quality meshes with animation-ready topology from scanned, imported, or sculpted data. With both automatic and manual options, artists can choose to retopologize their meshes with the click of a button, or to precisely control various aspects of the output mesh with a user-directed solution. These tools enable artists to explore and iterate more freely during the creative 3D sculpting process, without worrying about the underlying structure. In addition, the intuitive multi-touch workflows first supported in Autodesk Mudbox 2013 software have been extended in this release.

New in Mudbox 2016 Floating License

Advanced Retopology Tools
Artists can now more easily create production-quality meshes from scanned, imported, or sculpted data, with new fully automatic and user directed options for retopologizing. With the Mudbox Retopology toolset, artists can concentrate on aesthetic considerations as they sculpt, exploring and iterating freely without worrying about the underlying structure; when they have completed their model, they can use Mudbox to automatically or manually create an animation-ready mesh with high-quality topology.
Extended Multi-Touch Workflows
The multi-touch workflows first supported in Mudbox 2016 Floating License Mudbox 2013 software have been extended to include direct manipulation of stencils on the screen, and support for certain additional devices. The intuitive multi-touch technology works with the Wacom Intuos 5 touch tablet, the Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch tablet, and certain other touch-enabled input devices. These devices are able to sense input from more than one point at a time, enabling artists to benefit from the ability to use multi-finger, or simultaneous pen and hand gestures to manipulate the model, the camera view, or certain tool settings. As a result, creative sculpting and painting productivity is increased.
Focus on Workflow
With the understanding that small things can make a big difference,Mudbox 2016 Floating License addresses several workflow obstacles identified as high priority by customers.

Key Features

High-Quality 3D Paint
Paint multiple layers for multiple texture channels on multiple high-resolution objects:
  • Apply paint directly onto high-resolution 3D models with or without UVs and see the results immediately
  • Take advantage of a mature Adobe Photoshop software-compatible paint layer system while painting billions of texels worth of detail.
  • Paint Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Incandescence, Opacity, Bump, Normal, and Reflection maps directly on your model.
Powerful Sculpting Toolset
Sculpt, design, and detail any organic or hard-surface model and achieve smooth, accurate, and refined results:
  • Select from an extensive range of intelligently designed default brushes that replicate real-world sculpting paradigms.
  • Accelerate design, sculpting, and approval phases with powerful tools for deforming and posing models.
  • Sculpt complex forms immediately using vector displacement maps as stamps and stencils. Use 3D layers to experiment with different design concepts and easily make revisions.
Production-Ready Texture Baking
Create high-quality, accurate Normal, Displacement, Vector Displacement, and Ambient Occlusion maps:
  • Extract maps using a Vector Displacement method to represent displacements that do not simply follow the normal.
  • Bake normal maps that are compatible with Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max.
  • Transfer data from highly-detailed sculpted surfaces or laser scans into the form required by film and game pipelines.
On-Target Working Environment
Work in a high-fidelity display environment that closely resembles the final rendered output to help you identify problems early and create presentations with maximum impact:
  • Paint directly onto sculpted detail.
  • Immediately see how your model will look with render-quality results directly in the viewport.
  • Use true 3D cameras to view your model as it will be seen by the audience.
Performance That Scales
Create incredible detail working directly with extremely high-resolution meshes and textures:
  • Mudbox 2016 Floating License employs a powerful 3D engine together with a new texture and tile management system to help you create the high-quality hero assets required by todayís demanding productions.
UV-Less Painting
Enjoy the freedom of not having to create UVs before you paint! Texture artists can now eliminate or reduce the time-consuming and often difficult task of creating UVs; even complex assets comprised of multiple meshes can simply be loaded, and painted right away. The resulting high-quality textures can be exported as Ptex files for an entirely UV-less process, or, for a pipeline requiring UVs, baked into UV space once UVs have been created, and exported as image files
Large Texture Datasets
Now itís possible to paint and manage large texture datasets, in order to create the very detailed, high-quality assets required by todayís demanding productions. Thanks to a new texture and tile management system, artists can display and paint hero assets with hundreds of texture maps consisting of billions of texels.
Paint Layer Masks and Blend Modes
Combine and edit paint in powerful nondestructive ways, with new paintable layer masks for paint layers that enable artists to selectively reveal or hide portions of layers. Furthermore, 22 new layer blend modes help extend artistic possibilities and offer significantly enhanced compatibility with Adobe Photoshop software.
Editable Stencils
Easily make use of available images to rub or project detail onto models, with the new ability to deform stencils to help align their texture data to underlying model features. In addition, artists can take advantage of the full painting toolset to modify existing stencil images or paint new stencils, while a new option enables tileable stencils to be painted with ease.
Single-Step Suites Interoperability
Work more efficiently with other products in the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites, with the new ability to round-trip data with Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Autodesk Softimage.
Performance Improvements
A number of performance improvements in Mudbox 2016 Floating License help artists to paint and sculpt at higher resolutions more smoothly; save scenes with texture data in less time; create, select, and duplicate paint layers more interactively; and load dense OBJ meshes more quickly.
New Brushes and Brush Options
Mudbox 2012 offers a more robust painting and sculpting toolset: the new ability to apply a single brushstroke across multiple objects; new grab tool options that offer enhanced control over shaping a modelís silhouette; and lasso and rectangle marquee modes for selection, freeze, and weights tools.
Multiple Joints
Create, manage, and weight multiple joints to quickly and easily deform and pose full-figure models. Artists can now create symmetrical pairs of joints, while joint hierarchies can be created automatically based on influenced vertices.
Pose Presets
Work with multiple poses nondestructively, with the new ability to store joint transforms as presets. Artists can sculpt at different poses and have these sculptural changes carry across from one pose to the next, deforming correctly in the space of each poseógreat for accessing difficult areas for painting or sculpting, or for testing designs in different positions.

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