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Non-Photorealistic Renderings and images from SketchUp models

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Product Description

NprToolsNprTools creates non-photorealistic renderings (NPR) and images from SketchUp models, and includes features such as soft shadows, sketchy shadows, crayon colors, and more. NprTools is a SketchUp add-on to help create Non-Photorealistic materials, renderings and other features for use in conceptual or formal renderings.

Key Features and Benefits

Soft Shadows
Soft Shadows creates an image from SketchUp with softer shadows from the sun. This is accomplished by merging images with sun sun set to slightly different dates and times.
Sketchy Shadows
Sketchy Shadows is a feature of NprTools , which creates shadows using sketchy edges or Sketchy Patterns from your SketchUp drawing.
Sketchy Textures
Sketchy Textures is a tool in NprTools which creates textures and materials from standard patterns and SketchUp Sketchy Edge Styles.
Soft Edges
Soft Edges is a feature of NprTools which lets you soften the edge display of SketchUp models.
Crayon Colors
Crayon Colors is a feature of NprTools which creates a SkethchUp Material based on the standard Crayola colors, places it on a surface and also loads a special Crayon Color style.
Tileable Textures
NprTools uses an algorithm for making patterns tileable. Any pattern can be converted into a Tileable Texture.
Save Models as Images
Save images from your current model in several modes. Images may be stored with all geometry, or with only the lines, or only the faces. This can be a valuable feature because you can save the face colors, modify them with filters in your paint program, and then superimpose the edge lines on top of the for the final image. You can also specify that an Alpha Channel should be stored in the images. Images with an Alpha Channel will have the background transparent when places as images or face-me components in SketchUp, and may be easily pasted into paint programs with the background transparent.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of NprTools requires SketchUp.
iRender nXt
for SketchUp

iRender nXt
for Revit

IntegrationnXtfor SketchUpfor Revit
Integration with SketchUp
Integration with Revit
iRender FeaturesnXtfor SketchUpfor Revit
Lighting Presets Tab
SketchUp Materials
Material Wizard
SketchUp Components
IRender Ready Content
Sun and Shadows
HDRI Skies
Reflections and Mirrors
Indirect Light
Edge Highlighting
Lamps and Light Fixtures
Batch Rendering
IRender nXt Plant Library
IRender nXt Material Library
Advanced Reflection Properties
Uses Material Wizard
Automatic Bump Maps
Procedural Bump Maps
Caustic Illumination
Daylight Portals
Object Properties
Additional Laptop License
nXtfor SketchUpfor Revit

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