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Sivan DesignSivan DesignCivilCAD 2012 RoadsCivilCAD 2012 RoadsRoads construction, design and earthworks calculationsBID-120-57733,369.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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CivilCAD 2012 Roads

Roads construction, design and earthworks calculations

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CivilCAD 2012 Roads allows roads planning and design, earthworks design and calculation, and all inclusive surveying and treatment of upper and underground infrastructure. The software combines powerful design options, accurate and high-speed results, and supreme usability setting new standards for roads engineers worldwide. Roads contractors, earthworks and land development contractors which are using the software, acknowledge CivilCAD 2012 Roads as their primary tool for getting the job done.

CivilCAD 2012 Roads Features

Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Design
  • Ability to extend existing road design using automatically obtainable parameters
  • Automatic road segments selection
  • Visual indication of cut-fill minimum and maximum extents
  • Rapid and accurate geometric calculations along road
  • Complete horizontal alignment design set of tools including curves transition of clothoids or cubic-parabola
Powerful Cross Section Design
  • Detailed underground and upper ground utilities display in cross sections
  • Layers information can be separated to support authorities standards
  • Cross section includes sub layers associated with existing, structure and design primary layers
  • Side ditches and gutters definition according to cut, fill or in-between situations
  • Automatic height based side slopes cut or fill definition
  • Automatic emphasize of parallel and intersecting roads levels
  • Automatic side berms design
  • Ability to define super elevation per cross section segment
  • Ability to accurately place blocks in cross sections
Advanced Design Features
  • Simulate actual driving in 3D on the designed road using Civil Simulate
  • Advanced retaining walls design module
  • Complex urban roads design using extract module
  • Comprehensive underground infrastructure information tool
  • Intelligent and balanced earthworks calculations per layer
  • All road aspects are seamlessly integrated for automatic updates
  • Automatic cross section recognition of roadside plots

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of CivilCAD 2012 Roads requires :
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