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Solidworks Flow Simulation
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Learn how to use Solidworks Flow Simulation in this 4 hour training!

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Product Description

Solidworks Flow Simulation -- Digital DeliverySolidProfessor Solidworks Flow Simulation Digital Delivery course teaches you the fundamentals of using Flow Simulation to analyze fluid flow and heat transfer effects within your parts and assemblies before manufacturing. You'll be able to test your SolidWorks models and predict how various flow conditions might impact your designs. You'll learn to optimize your designs and prevent costly design errors prior to having any prototypes manufactured.
The Simulation course covers begins with a brief review of the basic principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics, and continues on to cover everything from simple flow through a pipe, fans, porous media, humidity effects, particle injection into a uniform flow, transient heat transfer, and external analyses, including supersonic flow around a rocket model. You'll also see how to take Flow Simulation results and import them into SolidWorks simulation as loads for a static analysis, as well as how to optimize critical dimensions to meet specified design requirements for various flow conditions. Using easy to follow, step-by-step lessons, you'll learn how to use and apply all the tools you need to begin analyzing your own designs right away.

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Model Preperation
  • Creating a Simple Flow Study - Fluid in a pipe
  • Meshing and Thin Wall Optimization
  • Particle Trajectory
  • Fans and Rotating Reference Frames
  • Relative Humidity
  • Porous Media
  • External Flow Around a Sphere
  • Supersonic Flow
  • FEA Load Transfer
  • Parametric Optimization
  • Transient Heat Transfer
  • Conjugate Heat Exhange
Duration: 3 hours 43 minutes
Lessons: 87


SolidProfessor content is accessible without needing to have SolidWorks installed. BUT, if you have SolidWorks you can view the SolidProfessor content inside the SW task pane, making it easy to search for SolidProfessor videos and quickly get refreshed on design functionality.




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