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Digital Edition with Jay Polding
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Revit Architecture 2011 Training
Digital Edition with Jay Polding

Learn how to use Revit 2011 at your own pace!

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Product Description

In Revit Architecture 2011 Training Digital Edition with Jay Polding, instructor Jay Polding walks you through the intricacies of this masterful CAD program. Revit has long been a popular choice for creating CAD drawings and 3D renderings of buildings and rooms, and the 2011 version of this software adds many new and exciting features.
Using our highly popular method of computer based learning, Jay Polding starts with the basics of the user interface and installation, but quickly moves into creating a project that you will use to apply what Jay is instructing you on. You will learn to create walls, columns, windows, doors, how to apply 3D views, elevations, how to create skylights, and how to render, print, and export your CAD files. Jay makes it easy and fun to learn, making your retention of the material much higher!
By the completion of this software training tutorial, you will be fully capable of creating and sharing your projects using Revit 2011. Extensive working files are included to allow you to work alongside the author and immediately apply what you are learning.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Revit
  • Introduction
  • Options Bar
  • Zooming Tools
  • User Interface
Things You Must Do First
  • Installation
  • Templates
  • Project Origin
  • Project Location
  • True And Project North
  • Reference Planes
  • Drawing Area
  • Levels
  • Phases
Importing CAD Files
  • Preparing CAD Files
  • Linking CAD Files
  • Ribbon
  • Draw Shapes
  • Options Bar
  • Types
  • Detail Level
  • Snaps
  • Properties Palette
  • Create Similar
  • Offset
  • Trim
  • Split
  • Align
  • Ribbon
  • Making And Loading New Types
  • Options Bar
  • Properties Palette
  • Thick Lines And Thin Lines
  • Detail Level
Windows Doors And Openings
  • Ribbon
  • Making And Loading New Types
  • Properties Palette
  • Tagging
  • Dimensions For Review And Moving
  • Move And Copy
  • Default 3D View
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Camera
  • Duplicating Views
  • Close Hidden Windows
  • Tile Windows
  • Views Onto Sheets
  • Activate View On Sheet
  • View Scale
  • Crop Region
  • Viewport Titles
  • Sketch Mode
  • Edit Sketch Or Boundary
  • Making And Editing Types
  • Sketch Mode
  • Edit Sketch Or Boundary
  • Options Bar
  • Making And Editing Types
  • Properties Palette
  • Attach Walls
  • Skylights
  • Ceiling Plan
  • Sketch Mode And Automatic
  • View Range
  • Making And Editing Types
  • Properties Palette
  • Lights
  • Array
  • Attach Walls
Casework And Equipment
  • Load Family
  • Placing Families
  • Making And Editing Types
  • Rotate
Building Stairs
  • Ribbon
  • Sketch Mode
  • Properties Palette
  • Making And Editing Types
  • Online Content
  • Toposurface
  • Trees And Bushes
  • Room Object
  • Room Object Properties
  • Room Tags
  • Preparing The Scene
  • Rendering And Adjusting
  • Materials
  • Visibility Graphics
  • Hiding And Revealing Elements
  • The Sunglasses
  • Visual Styles
  • Linework Tool
  • Sections And Callouts
  • Text
  • Dimensioning
  • Hatching Filled Regions
  • Detail Components
  • Detail Lines
  • Drafting Views
Printing And Exporting
  • Printing
  • Export To CAD
About The Author
Jay Polding

About the Author

Jay Polding has fifteen years of design and drafting industry experience earned both in Ontario and internationally. He is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), as well as an Autodesk Certified Implementation Expert (ICE). In addition to these accreditations, Jay has managed a wide variety of technology implementation projects. He is also the Founder and Moderator of the Ontario Revit Users Group (ORUG). Jay is the author of the popular industry blog 'Revit in Plain English' with over 8,000 monthly visitors. As a published author and highly respected speaker and trainer, Jay contributes to industry magazines, speaks at events and has taught hundreds of students with much positive feedback.

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