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ProArchitect V11

ProArchitect V11

Professional Architectural design Software with Easy to use design modeling and drafting tool

ProArchitect V11 is an easy to use Building Information Modeling BIM software for powerful 3D design, visualization, and detailed working drawing production of residential construction and remodeling projects.
Designed specifically for the residential design professional, ProArchitect V11focuses on delivering cutting edge modeling and precision construction document generation with ease and accuracy. ProArchitect V11 also supports file formats of other design packages for project sharing of content including SketchUpand AutoCAD. Offered as a membership-based solution ideal for budget-conscious designers.

What's New in ProArchitect V3

Design Features
  • Dynamic Grips for Resizing - Select a window, door, or opening in a model and grips will now appear on either side to stretch the opening wider. No need to edit the opening, it will automatically rename itself (if you choose) to represent the new size.
  • Click and Move with Grips - You can move a window or door along the wall, or position it vertically in 3D by simply clicking the grip and dragging it to the new position.
  • Interior Sills - Windows now show an interior sill on the floor plan and in 3D.
  • Opening Marks - Door and window marks can be automatically inserted when a door or window is inserted. Choose from predefined options or specify your own custom marks.
  • Definable Door Swing Standards - Display standards are different all over the world. Use the definable setting so you choose how you define a Left Hand vs Right Hand door.
  • Solid Fill in 2D Plan - Add solid fill colors to members on a floor plan. Create colorful floor plans and instantly visualize the various member sizes.
  • Show as Line on Plan - Collapse members to a single line element in a plan view for clean floor plan visuals.
  • Insert Multiple Members - Insert multiple copies of a member at the same time to save you time.
  • Definable Member Insertions - Define the slope of a member and how it positioned relative to a surface before inserting it.
  • Declare Take Off Information Up Front - Define the phase and usage of a member on the fly.
  • Extend to Plane Tool - Select a member and a surface and the member will automatically extend to the surface and miter the end accordingly.
  • Adjust to Plane - Once a member is inserted you can modify the slope of the plane and offset from a surface.
Rendering System
  • Automatic Headlight - When you enter a room in 3D a headlight is now attached to the camera to illuminate the room if lights haven't been added to the space.
  • Improved Real Time Render views - The real time walk through in a model now appears crisper. The view is now automatically anti-aliased for minimal distortion and a higher resolution image.
Drafting Features
  • Drafting Tools on Layers - More Drafting settings now have layer assignment capabilities.
  • Ellipse Command - Insert an ellipse in worksheet space with two different insertion methods for simple insertion.
  • Elliptical Arc - Insert an ellipse in worksheet space and remove a portion, upon insertion, to create an arc.
  • Angular Dimensions (Model View) - Angled dimensions can now be inserted in model view as well as worksheet view.
  • Enhanced Zoom to Fit - Zoom to Fit now includes CAD entities when zooming to the limits of a view.
Presentation Tools
  • Smartview Engine Updates - When creating a worksheet, enhancements reduce the number of line segments produced, greatly reducing the time it takes to get to a polished finished product.
  • Saved Display Types - Work in 3D in a rendered outline perspective view, move to 2D Plan view and work in a hidden line, upon return to 3D it will remember the rendered outline view mode and retain that view type.
  • Solid Fills in 2D - A solid fill can be automatically added to floors, cabinets, paths, pads and fills. Create attractive presentation plans easily.
Usability Features
Usability Enhancements
  • 64 bit Version - Now if you have a 64 bit operating system there is a 64 bit version you can install to take advantage of the newer technology.
  • Enhanced Auto Save - Now when you do a manual save the AutoSave clock is reset so repeated saves will no longer interrupt your work.
  • 2D Components on Surfaces - Includes a separate 2D Footprint component for line style and hatch pattern assignments.
  • Selection Cycling - Place your cursor over an object and by holding down the Shift key you can scroll through all of the other objects that have that same common edge. Selecting ceiling and floor surface edges is much simpler.
  • Improved Object Snapping - Intelligent point selection improves accuracy when tracing PDFs. Keep walls square and roof lines level, even when you are working with scanned files.
  • Custom Footing Profiles - Apply a custom profile to a footing to exactly replicate the footing style you need for a project.
SketchUp Export
  • Consolidated Surfaces - During the export process, similar surfaces are consolidated, resulting in a cleaner and simpler SketchUp model
  • Unit Recognition - The SketchUp model will be correctly scaled in real world units, recognizing the current model drawing units.
  • Organized by Layer - Objects exported to SketchUp are layered according to element and component names, making the SketchUp model simpler to work with.

Produce with speed and confidence

  • 3D renderings and animations
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Electrical plans with wiring
  • Foundation and footing plans
  • Elevations and sections
  • Site and plot plans
  • Complex roof plans
  • Deck and landscape design
  • Kitchen and bath layout
  • Door and window schedules
  • Custom blocks and details
  • Multi-scale drawing sheets

This Product is Also Known As

  • Pro Architect

  • Envisioneer ProArchitect

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