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Lightroom 5 for Win
Download Edition

Simplify Photography from Shoot to Finish

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Lightroom 5 for Win -- Download EditionLightroom 5 for Win Download Edition is essential for today's digital photography workflow. Now you can quickly import, process, manage, and showcase your images — from one shot to an entire shoot. With Lightroom 5 for Win Download Edition, you spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens. Lightroom 5 for Win Download Edition offers powerful enhanced features across the entire program to help you streamline your digital photography workflow. Sort and find the photos you want fast, target specific photo areas for more precise adjustments, showcase your talent using more flexible printing templates, and more.

New in This Version

Advanced Healing Brush
Don't let dust spots, splotches, or other distractions and flaws get in the way of a great shot. With the Advanced Healing Brush in Lightroom 5 for Win Download Edition, you can not only change the brush size but also move it in precise paths. Unwanted scene elements — even those with irregular shapes such as threads — just disappear.
Straighten tilted images with a single click. The new Upright tool analyzes images and detects skewed horizontal and vertical lines, even straightening shots where the horizon is hidden.
Smart Previews
Easily work with images without bringing your entire library with you. Just generate smaller stand-in files of your full-size images. Any adjustments or metadata additions you make to these files will automatically be applied to the originals.
Video slide shows
Share your work in elegant video slide shows. Combine still images, video clips, and music in creative HD videos that can be viewed on almost any computer or device.
Sync with Lightroom mobile
Edit and organize images anywhere, anytime on your iPad. Enhance everything from smartphone photos to raw images from DSLR cameras. Automatically sync all your mobile edits with Lightroom 5 for Win Download Edition on your desktop. Available with Creative Cloud.
Location-based organization
Find, group, and tag images by location, or plot a photo journey. Automatically display location data from GPS-enabled cameras and camera phones.
Improved photo book creation
Create beautiful photo books from your images. Lightroom 5 for Win Download Edition includes a variety of easy-to-use book templates, and now you can edit them to create a customized look. Upload your book for printing with just a few clicks.
Highlight and shadow recovery
Bring out all the detail that your camera captures in dark shadows and bright highlights. Now you have more power than ever before to create great images in challenging light.
Advanced black-and-white conversion
Gain powerful control over the tonal qualities that make or break black-and-white images. Precisely mix information from eight color channels when you convert to grayscale.
Fast cross-platform performance
Speed up day-to-day imaging tasks and process images faster with cross-platform 64-bit support for the latest Mac OS and Windows operating systems.
Tight Photoshop integration
Select one or multiple photos and automatically open them in Photoshop to perform detailed, pixel-level editing. See your results immediately back in Lightroom.
Selective adjustment brushes
Expand your creative control with flexible brushes that let you adjust targeted areas of your photo for just the look you want. Selectively adjust brightness, contrast, white balance, sharpness, noise reduction, moiré removal, and much more.
Superior noise reduction
Get amazing, natural-looking results from your high ISO images with state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. Apply noise reduction to the entire image, or target specific areas.
Nondestructive environment
Set your creativity free in a nondestructive editing environment that lets you experiment without limits. Your original images are never altered, and it's easy to reverse your steps or save multiple versions of any photo.
Develop presets
Instantly apply favorite looks to images. Store Develop settings as presets and apply them to your other photographs at any time with one click. Many presets are included, and thousands more are available from Lightroom photographers and experts.
And so much more
Also included: An enhanced Spot Removal tool; Local Adjustment Brush enhancements; Loupe overlay grids and guides; full support for PNG files; and more.

Key Features and Benefits

Streamlined Photoshop Integration
Enjoy tight integration with Adobe Photoshop software for streamlined use of Smart Objects, panorama stitching, high dynamic range (HDR) functionality, multiple layer workflow, and more. See your edits automatically updated in Lightroom.
64-bit Processing Support
Utilize the advanced memory handling capabilities on the latest Mac OS and Windows systems.
Improved Organizational Tools
Sort and filter large volumes of photos using powerful metadata filters to quickly find just the photo you want.
Efficient Importing
  • Easily process high-volume shoots
  • Automatically apply metadata shoots
  • Stadardize on DNG
  • Stremline import/export

Simple Categorizing
  • Automatically rename files
  • Use custom keywords
  • Easily group photos
  • Enjoy comprehensive metadata support

Powerful Photo Management
  • Quickly fine any photo
  • Choose the appropriate view
  • Rearrange a group of images
  • Take a closer look
  • Create virtual copies
  • Manage offline photos
Easy Editing Control
Nondestructive Editing
  • Enhance specific areas of a photo
  • Expand your workspace
  • Take advantage of native 64-bit architecture
  • Work smoothly with Adobe Photoshop
  • Easily compare before and after versions
  • Precisely convert color to black and white
  • Fine-tine hue, saturation, and luminance
  • Adjust tone with ease
  • Eliminate specks
  • Remove red eye
  • Edit large numbers of photos at once
  • Retrace your editing steps
Showcase Your Talent
Professional Presentation
  • Share more easily
  • Print more efficiently
  • Sharpen smartly
  • Create web galleries
  • Publish to your website in one click
  • Stamp your photos
  • Compose sophisticated slide shows
Nondestructive Photo Editing
Adjust and enhance color, exposure, and tonal curves nondestructively on more than 190 camera raw file formats, as well as JPEG, TIFF, and PSD files.
Volume Management
Freely manage and organize your images across multiple drives, and continue to work with the high-resolution previews — even when your originals are offline.
Multiple Monitor Support
Add a second monitor and enjoy more room to work. Support for multiple monitors enables you to configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently.
Extensible Architecture
Take advantage of the wide range of plug-ins to help you quickly and easily transfer images to your favorite sharing sites and photo labs.
Local Adjustment Brush
Enjoy more flexible, accurate enhancements by targeting a specific area of a photo for dodging, burning, and other local adjustments.
Batch Processing
Quickly import large volumes of photos from cameras or camera cards and automatically rename files, organize them into folders, and make nondestructive adjustments.
Output Sharpening
Improve the appearance of your photos with enhanced algorithms that can automatically sharpen photos when you export files or output print and web creations.

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