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Creating a vertical toolbar extension for the Autodesk viewer
As mentioned in the last post, were now going to take a closer look at writing extensions for the Autodesk View & Data API. To start with, were going to create an extension which displays a vertical toolbar docked to the left of the Autodesk viewer. This toolbar will be centred on the viewer area and only contain three buttons: two will be toggles with events assigned to when theyre both clicked and unclicked while the third will simply launch an action [more...]
DEVELOP3D Magazine - The May Edition
The May edition of DEVELOP3D is now available for free download This month we get loud with Sonos design team; check out Toyotas wooden concept car; and put a bun in the oven with AEGs new product range, plus all the usual news and reviews. The May cover story: When it comes to the Sonos Play:5 looks can be deceiving. We met the design and engineering team behind its creation, who explained the complexities and challenges involved in creating such a [more...]
Structural Drafter - Deland - Florida
Jeffrey Alvarez in an executive recruiter with Skybridge Resources . He has a client that is the global leader in the design, development and delivery of advanced building envelopes products and solutions, enabling property developers, building owners, designers, contractors and insurers to create buildings that deliver world-class energy efficiency and design. They are currently interviewing candidates, with the skills and qualifications listed below, to [more...]
Drawing Basics - Line Weights on Elevations
In a previous post we talked about how important it was to have line weights to to help communicate information on your drawings. This also applies to your elevations. When I was taught to draw I was taught to use different line weights on elevations to help people to read the elevations. What this means is that there should be a hierarchy of line weights that help people understand what parts of the project are projecting forward and what parts are in the [more...]
DIVA4Cloud webinar, June 9
Webinar: DIVA4Cloud: Cloud-Enabled Daylighting Simulation for Rhino/Grasshopper Date: Thursday, June 9, 2016 Time: 12:30 p.m. ET Cost: US$15.00 Register today! DIVA-for-Rhino is a highly optimized daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for the Rhino/Grasshopper CAD environment. DIVA-for-Rhino allows users to carry out a series of environmental performance evaluations of individual buildings and urban landscapes including [more...]
Great design is everything… and not enough   
Imagine the disappointment. Your design is innovative and beautiful. Your product is as useful as it is intuitive. A perfect marriage of form and function. You did absolutely everything right. And yet, your customers keep leaving you. Why? To put it simply, your customers leave because they can. Easily. Todays markets are transparent, production is global, [… [more...]
Revit Viewer
Yes it still exists. I've been doing some work with Autodesk as a Revit Mentor helping users navigate their 30 day trial. One of the recurring themes is, " I only need Revit to view other peoples models. How do I do that? " In the old days a version of Revit that lacked a license turned into viewer mode. At times that proved a bit dangerous because a user could lose a license (network issues or internet access) while working on a model and find themsel [more...]
May the Fourth Be With You
This is the unofficial fun holiday May the 4th. This is the day you find out all the Star Wars movie fans and others make every Star Wars related pun or reference they can like the famous Star wars line May the Force Be With You as May the 4th Be With You. I wanted to share with you the work of the top Star Wars fan on my team Evan Atherton who created an award winning short video about [more...]
Bentley Systems' Dr. Paul Scarponcini Receives 2016 InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards Merit Award
Untitled Document Recognized for Contributions to Development and Publication of SQL/MM Spatial EXTON, Pa., U.S.A. - Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading global provider of software solutions for advancing infrastructure , today announced that Paul Scarponcini, PE, Ph.D., Bentley senior information architect, geospatial and civil software standards, has been presented with a 2016 InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standa [more...]
LulzBot launches its latest desktop FDM 3D printer, maintains open source ethic
The Taz 6 is set to continue LulzBot's standing as one of the leading open source desktop 3D printers on the market when it launches on 17 May. New and improved features for the $2,500 3D printer include self-leveling, self-cleaning, and a wider range of supported materials, with the open source hardware all reportedly made in Colorado, USA. With a 280 x 280 x 250mm build area and heated glass build platform, and what looks to be a more solid constru [more...]
nPower Quietly Releases Cyborg3D, SubD-NURBS 3D Modeling Software
Well, this snuck right past us. In mid-March, a Monday no less, IntegrityWare/nPower Software published a press release announcing the release of something new. You might be familiar with their... Read nPower Quietly Releases Cyborg3D, SubD-NURBS 3D Modeling Software at SolidSmack [more...]
SOLIDWORKS is Helping Build the World's Fastest Steam Locomotive: Part 1
The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust is using SOLIDWORKS to build the worlds fastest steam locomotive, the PRR T1 5550, which represents the pinnacle of steam locomotive design in the United States. Evidence suggests that the T1 locomotives … Continued Author information Bradford Noble Bradford Noble, DO is the chairman and founder of the T1 Trust. Professionally Dr. Noble is a physician, practicing pain ma [more...]
Simple detection of a 2D/3D DWG or an empty DWG.
See Answer to the tip 10884: (ACAD) this is only a preview of a tip - for all CAD tips, block libraries and discussion visit www.cadforum.c [more...]
Polygonica expands platform support to Linux and Mac
Polygonica is well suited to cloud based mesh processing tasks for 3D printing and CAE Future versions of cloud based mesh tool for 3D pruning and CAE, Polygonica, will soon include support for Linux and Macintosh operating systems. Owner, MachineWorks Ltd, announced that while Polygonica is currently available for Microsoft Windows and a range of Visual Studio Compilers, from Polygonica version 1.3 the full range of functionalities will be available [more...]
Transit Options Abound
I live in the city of Alameda which is located in between Oakland and San Francisco. I was invited to an Alameda Transit and Transit Demand Management planning meeting. I shared what I learned: Read the blog article. I am [more...]
Autodesk Forge: Re-inventing AutoCAD platform?
Many years ago, I've been writing applications for AutoCAD. Back in that days, AutoCAD was a starting point for engineers to do everything. The day usually started from running acad.exe command, your applications, modules, environments, etc. Everything was loaded into AutoCAD. It was providing an environment, user interface, data storage.... The post Autodesk Forge: Re-inventing AutoCAD platform? appeared first on Beyond PLM (Product Lifecycle Managem [more...]
Materialise Featured in Manus x Machina: The Spring 2016 Exhibition at the Metropolitan
Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology | Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is opening the doors to its 2016 spring exhibition on the 5th of May. Entitled Manus x Machina and curated [more...]
VFX Legend Phil Tippett & HappyGiant Launch Kickstarter For AR Game
BERKELEY, CA VFX veteran Phil Tippett & HappyGiant ( have launched a Kickstarter campaign for HoloGrid: Monster Battle, a new hybrid board game, CCG, and digital augmented reality game. HoloGrid: Monster Battle s gameplay is similar to Collectible Card Games, but uses physical playing cards to trigger Augmented Reality creatures and a gameboard. Players will be able to play head-to-head, either locally or remotely, and offline, non- [more...]
Music Video: All Hail The Yeti - 'Before The Flames'
LOS ANGELES Director Brian Cox of Flarelight Films ( recently completed work on two music videos for the metal band, All Hail the Yeti. The videos follow a story arc that connects the bands new album, Screams From A Black Wilderness, with their self-titled debut from 2012.  After The Great Fire  is considered the Part 2, of the video series. Its a track from the 2012 album, but was released only a few weeks ago. The video visual [more...]
Snapshot of Add-in Board Market
The total number of add-in boards sold in 2015 was 50 million compared to 44 million in 2014. Of these, about 5.9 million are enthusiast-level AIBs (add-in boards/discreet graphics cards) shipped in 2015 compared to 2.9 million in 2014. That rise in enthusiast AIB shipments, while the PC and overall AIB market was declining, was due to the great new games that were rolled out in 2015 [more...]
Birth of a Nation
CULVER CITY, CA Writer, director, producer and star Nate Parkers slave drama  The Birth of a Nation  received lots of attention at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight [more...]
The Finest Hours
VANCOUVER A heroic action-thriller, The Finest Hours is the true story of one of the great small boat rescues in Coast Guard history [more...]
Weekly App Smack 18.16: REX, EasilyDo Mail, Giphy Keys, Cameringo+ and More…
Time for another round of apps that cover the spectrum of your beloved mobile device, be it iPhone, Android or Windows! The Weekly App Smack is the best of new... Read Weekly App Smack 18.16: REX, EasilyDo Mail, Giphy Keys, Cameringo+ and More… at SolidSmack [more...]
Vero Appoints New UK Sales Manager
Vero Appoints New UK Sales Manager Vero Software have appointed David Rogers as UK Sales Manager, further strengthening  sales revenues, customer support and services. He joins Vero after gaining over 20 years experience in sales leadership roles, both within the UK and international markets. Veros EMEA Regional Director Simon Lee [more...]
Vero's MACH Live Demo Machining, Sales Leads, And Latest Releases
Veros MACH Live Demo Machining, Sales Leads, And Latest Releases Live machining demonstrations and almost 200 strong sales leads were the highlights for Vero Software at the recent UK MACH exhibition. The show was also the first opportunity for manufacturers to see the new and enhanced features in the latest [more...]
GRAPHISOFT's Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Live Connection
The Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Live Connection enables architects to use all three applications in bi-directions, working to bridge algorithmic design with a leading edge BIM application in ArchiCAD 20. This new connection was beta tested by over 1000 architects around the world. The Live Connection plugins enable Rhino to produce native GDL ArchiCAD elements, while Grasshopper can drive model elements in ArchiCAD algorithmically [more...]
GRAPHISOFT announces new ArchiCAD 20-Fresh Look at BIM
ARCHICAD 20 reinforces the letter "I" in BIM with a number of important functional improvements while adding a brand new, flat-design graphical user interface, making it the most graphically modern BIM application on the market [more...]
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