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foto of the sunday: German Technical Museum
Berlin No, this airplane was not trying to give me a haircut. Rather, it is on display outside the German Technical Museum, one of the finest such museums in the world. The aircraft is mounted in the air, above an [more...]
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Expert Interview with Ian Nichols on CAD
Autodesk Revit is a powerful design suite specifically created to take advantage of Building Information Modeling (BIM), a new way of documenting projects with revolutionary implications in several industries. Ian Nichols, the author of the Revit Zone, is passionate about this new software and its abilities. The Revit Zone is where he shares that passion [ [more...]
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Phases and Phase Filters Follow Up
I received a comment from a reader asking how to show all the elements in a view after having done the demolition work. The Phase Filter Show All should provide this however in this case they were attempting to show everything from a later phase. In this scenario there are three phases: Phase 1 (existing), Phase 2 (new work) and Phase 3 (the view they want to see things from). That poses a problem because the earlier work (demolition and temporary) will [more...]
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Architosh publishes Mac professional workstation survey results
In this special feature report, Architosh publishes the results of its first workstation survey conducted in late 2014 and aimed at understanding the pro (professional) desktop needs of numerous customers Apple refers to as Mac pros. Not to be confused with the product Mac Pro, today Apple's Mac pros work across its iMac range in numerous industries, including and importantly to this publication, the Architecture industry [more...]
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Born for CAD? What are 3Dconnexion conjuring up?
3Dconnexion are being exceptionally big teases with the latest video posted to their YouTube channel. So what have they got cooking? We're all curious at Design & Motion that's for sure. Check out the video and let us know in the comments what you think their next product will be [more...]
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