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Apr 7, 14
PLM and/or SLM (continued)
In my previous post, I wrote about the different ways you could look at Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), which, I believe, should be part of the full PLM vision. The fact that this does not happen is probably because companies buy applications to solve issues instead of implementing a consistent company wide vision (When and Where to [… [more...]
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Mar 23, 14
PLM and/or SLM?
Some weeks ago there was a vivid discussion around the need for SLM (service lifecycle management) besides PLM started in a PLM LinkedIn group. Of course, the discussion was already simmering in the background in other LinkedIn groups and fora (forums) triggered by PTC´s announcement to focus on SLM and their “observation” that they were probably the [… [more...]
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Mar 2, 14
The weekend after Product Innovation 2014 Berlin
The product innovation conference in February has become one of my favorite events, mainly for networking. Perhaps PLM vendors try to give you the impression that we are in a fast moving world. In reality, most companies are moving in a much slower pace than these vendors dream of. In general for an outsider, last [… [more...]
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Feb 16, 14
Did you notice PLM is changing?
I will be attending the annual Product Innovation conference again in Berlin next week. Looking forward to this event, as it is one of the places where you have the chance to network and listen to presentations from people that are PLM minded. A kind of relaxation, as strangely enough, most of the companies I [… [more...]
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Jan 27, 14
PLM, Soccer and game changing
Everyone wants to be a game changer and in reality almost no one is a game changer. Game changing is a popular term and personally I believe that in old Europe and probably also in the old US, we should have the courage and understanding changing the game in our industries. Why ? Read the [… [more...]
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Dec 27, 13
2014 The year the construction industry will discover PLM ?
This year I had several discussions with persons working for construction companies. They shared their BIM dreams and tried to explain them the PLM benefits and basics as they are much alike. The challenge in these discussions was that each of us comes from a complete different background. The word PLM does not resonate well outside [… [more...]
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Dec 10, 13
Customer focus and PLM future
PLM is required to become customer focused is one of the marketing statements, in the same way as PLM and Innovation are connected. Before moving into PLM topics, I want to share some personal experiences related to customer focus. These experiences happened to me almost within a one-day timeframe. Two weeks ago I landed late [… [more...]
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Oct 27, 13
PLM selection–additional thoughts
The last month I haven’t been able to publish much of my experiences as I have been in the middle of several PLM selection processes for various industries. Now in a quiet moment looking back, I understand it is difficult for a company to choose a PLM solution for the future. I hope this post [… [more...]
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Sep 25, 13
PLM for all industries?
I believe that PLM with its roots in automotive, aerospace and discrete manufacturing is accepted, as a vital technology / business strategy to make a company more competitive and guarantee its future. Writing this sentence feels like marketing, trying to generalize a lot of information in one sentence. Some questions you might raise: Is PLM [… [more...]
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Sep 1, 13
Mixing past and future generations with a PLM sauce
When you are in a peaceful holiday accommodation close to the sea, it is about swimming, reading sleeping and food. I read two books this time Profit Beyond Measure from H. Thomas Johnson (2000) and Fast Future from David Burnstein (2013). In a earlier post, PLM Statistics, I already referred to Johnson´s book. Now I had [… [more...]
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Aug 11, 13
PLM BLOG Holiday
This time a short blog post to assure you all the virtualdutchman is still alive, but too busy to sit down and focus a post on one topic. There are enough topics to share: Data or Process first ? This Tech4PD session deserves some special attention as it is indeed a Chicken or Egg discussion [… [more...]
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