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The impact of Non-Intelligent Part Numbers
Jan 31, 2016
Some weeks ago I wrote a post about non-intelligent part numbers (here) and this was (as expected) one of the topics that fired up other people to react. Thanks to Oleg Shilovitsky (here), Ed Lopategui (here), David Taber (here) for your contribution to this debate. For me, the interesting conclusion was that nobody denies the [… [more...]
"Intelligent" Part numbers?
Jan 10, 2016
Happy New Year to all of you and I am wishing you all an understandable and digital future. This year I hope to entertain you again with a mix of future trends related to PLM combined with old PLM basics. This time, one of the topics that are popping up in almost every PLM implementation [… [more...]
FIVE Things we learned related to PLM in 2015
Dec 20, 2015
  It does not make sense to define the future of PLM PLM is not an engineering solution anymore Linearity of business is faster becoming a holdback The Product in PLM is no longer a mechanical Product Planet Lifecycle Management has made a next major step   It does not make sense to define the [… [more...]
The Innovator's dilemma and Generation change
Dec 6, 2015
The past weeks I have discussed at various events two topics that appeared to be different: The change from an analogue, document-driven enterprise towards a digital, data-driven enterprise with all its effects. E.g. see From a linear world to fast and circular? The change in generations upcoming. The behavior and the attitude of the analogue [… [more...]
PLM, ROI and Disappearing Jobs
Nov 15, 2015
Image and article related to the article The Onrushing Wave in the Economist Jan 18th, 2014 When PLM is discussed at management level, often the goal is to increase efficiency, which translates into doing the same with fewer people. And it is the translation that is creating worries inside the company. The PLM system is [… [more...]
The Netherlands and PLM. 2 events - 2 extremes - 1 future
Nov 1, 2015
As a genuine Dutchman, I was able to spend time last month in the Netherlands, and I attended two interesting events: BIMOpen2015, where I was invited to speak about what BIM could learn from PLM (see Dutch review here) and the second event: Where engineering meets supply chain organized by two startup companies located in [… [more...]
The weekend after PDT2015
Oct 18, 2015
In this post observations from the PDT 2015 conference which took place in the IVA Conference Center, part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Services in Stockholm. The conference was hosted by Eurostep supported by CIMdata, Airbus, Siemens Energy and Volvo AB. For me, the PDT conference is interesting because there is a focus [… [more...]
The importance of a PLM data model: EBOM - MBOM
Sep 27, 2015
In my series describing the best practices related to a (PLM) data model, I described the general principles, the need for products and parts, the relation between CAD documents and the EBOM, the topic of classification and now the sensitive relation between EBOM and MBOM. First some statements to set the scene: The EBOM represents [… [more...]
How do you measure collaboration?
Sep 13, 2015
This is a post I published on LinkedIn on July 28th related to a discussion around Excel and PLM usage and usability. Reposted for my blog subscribers. This post is written in the context of two posts that recently caught my attention. One post from Lionel Grealou comparing PLM and Excel collaboration and reaction [… [more...]
Aug 31, 2015
In my previous post describing the various facets of the EBOM, I mentioned several times classification as an important topic related to the PLM data model. Classification is crucial to support people to reuse information and, in addition, there are business processes that are only relevant for a particular class of information, so it is [… [more...]
The importance of a (PLM) data model
Aug 24, 2015
Someone notified me that not everyone subscribed to my blog necessary will read my posts on LinkedIn. Therefore I will repost the upcoming weeks some of my more business oriented posts from LinkedIn here too. This post was from July 3rd and an introduction to all the methodology post I am currently publishing. The importance [… [more...]
Some more EBOM methodology
Aug 12, 2015
  In my earlier posts, I described generic PLM data model and practices related to Products, BOMs en recently EBOM and (CAD) Documents. This time I want to elaborate a little bit more on the various EBOM characteristics.   The EBOM is the place where engineering teams collaborate and define the product. A released EBOM [… [more...]
EBOM and (CAD) Documents
Jul 21, 2015
In my series of blog posts related to the (PLM) data model, I talked about Product, BOMs and Parts. This time I want to focus on the EBOM and (CAD) Documents relation. This topic became relevant with the introduction of 3D CAD. Before companies were using 3D CAD systems, there was no discussion about EBOM [… [more...]
Products, BOMs, and Parts
Jul 8, 2015
As described in my latest LinkedIn post if you want to install PLM successful there are two important points to address from the implementation point of view: An explicit data model not based on system or tools capabilities, but on the type of business the company is performing. There is a difference in an engineering [… [more...]
7 Years of PLM blogging
Jun 11, 2015
Two weeks ago I got this message from WordPress, reminding me that I started blogging about PLM on May 22nd in 2008. During some of my spare time during weekends, I began to read my old posts again and started to fix links that have been disappearing. Initially when I started blogging, I wanted to [… [more...]
PLM and Global Warming
May 17, 2015
I was sitting outside in the garden during Ascension Day, which is (still) a national holiday in the Netherlands (Thanks God). It was again nice and warm, and it made me think about the parallels between Global warming and PLM. Climate change has always been there if we look at the history of our planet. [… [more...]
A PLM identity crisis ?
Apr 14, 2015
Did I choose the wrong job? Busy times still and the past 15 years I have focused on PLM and every year I had the feeling there was progress in the understanding and acceptance for PLM. Although the definition of PLM is a moving target, there are probably thousands of PLM experts around the world. [… [more...]
From a linear world to fast and circular ?
Mar 17, 2015
Three weeks ago there was the Product Innovation conference in Dsseldorf. In my earlier post (here) I described what I experienced during this event. Now, after all the information is somehow digested, here a more high-level post, describing the visible change in business and how it relates to PLM. Trying to describe this change in [… [more...]
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