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Jun 11, 15
7 Years of PLM blogging
Two weeks ago I got this message from WordPress, reminding me that I started blogging about PLM on May 22nd in 2008. During some of my spare time during weekends, I began to read my old posts again and started to fix links that have been disappearing. Initially when I started blogging, I wanted to [ [more...]
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May 17, 15
PLM and Global Warming
I was sitting outside in the garden during Ascension Day, which is (still) a national holiday in the Netherlands (Thanks God). It was again nice and warm, and it made me think about the parallels between Global warming and PLM. Climate change has always been there if we look at the history of our planet. [ [more...]
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Apr 14, 15
A PLM identity crisis ?
Did I choose the wrong job? Busy times still and the past 15 years I have focused on PLM and every year I had the feeling there was progress in the understanding and acceptance for PLM. Although the definition of PLM is a moving target, there are probably thousands of PLM experts around the world. [ [more...]
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Mar 17, 15
From a linear world to fast and circular ?
Three weeks ago there was the Product Innovation conference in Dsseldorf. In my earlier post (here) I described what I experienced during this event. Now, after all the information is somehow digested, here a more high-level post, describing the visible change in business and how it relates to PLM. Trying to describe this change in [ [more...]
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Mar 1, 15
The weekend after Product Innovation 2015 in Dusseldorf
This is the fifth year that marketkey organized their vendor-independent conference in Europe around Product Innovation, where PLM is the major cornerstone. Around 100 companies attended this conference coming from various industries. As there were most of the time two till four parallel tracks (program here), it will still take time for me to digest [ [more...]
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Feb 8, 15
Platform, Backbone, Service Bus or BI for PLM?
This time I would like to receive some feedback from my readers as I believe the topic I am discussing here might be similar to a PLM / ERP discussion a discussion between religions. I have preached the past two years a more data-centric approach for PLM, instead of file management and related tot [ [more...]
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Jan 25, 15
Random PLM (future) thoughts
Currently, I am preparing my sessions for the upcoming Product Innovation conference in Dsseldorf. See: My first session will be about PLM upgrades and how to deal with them for the future. It is a challenging topic as some PLM vendors claim using their product, there will be no upgrade problems and cloud-based solutions [ [more...]
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Dec 29, 14
The PLM paradox for 2015
A PLM-twisted mind never rests. Not even during these Xmas seasonal holidays, when everything else comes to rest. The dark Christmas days, here in the Netherlands, are the days to share with your family and with others who need your support. For a short time, we focus on being kind, charity and what matters for [ [more...]
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Dec 14, 14
2014 - The year the construction industry did not discover PLM
A year ago I wrote a blog post questioning if the construction industry would learn from PLM practices in relation to BIM. In that post, I described several lessons learned from other industries. Topics like: Working on a single, shared repository of on-line data (the Digital Mock Up). Continuity of data based on a common [ [more...]
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Nov 16, 14
PLM Selection: Proof Of Concept observations
In the past two years, I have been heavily involved in PLM Proof of Concepts sitting at both sides of the table. Supporting companies in their PLM selection, supporting a vendor explaining their value to the customer and supporting implementers assisting them with industry knowledge, all in the context of a PLM selection process. The [ [more...]
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Oct 19, 14
The weekend after PDT2014 Europe
Shaping the PLM platform of the Future In this post my observations from the PDT 2014 Europe conference which was hosted in the Microsoft Conference center in Paris and organized by Eurostep and CIMdata. It was the first time I attended this event. I was positively surprised about the audience and content. Where other PLM [ [more...]
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