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Jul 17, 15
SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM - Notification Questions
We have received many questions related to the notification process in SOLIDWORKS ENTERPRISE PDM. For example, where do the messages get originated? Is there a record of the messages? Here is some general information to help you understand the EPDM [more...]
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Jul 14, 15
Enterprise PDM 2015 Shortcut Creates Incomplete Folder Paths - SPR 877773
For any Enterprise PDM users that utilize a custom shortcut to access folders inside of Enterprise PDM, you will be experiencing some improper behavior when upgrading to Enterprise PDM 2015. After accessing Enterprise PDM 2015 through the custom shortcut, the [more...]
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Jul 8, 15
SOLIDWORKS & EPDM Full Downloads
If you've used SOLIDWORKS for more than a year you've likely needed to download an update. Those of us who've been around even longer know that this takes a bit of time and its worth getting right. For the newer [more...]
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Jun 30, 15
ENOVIA V6 Portfolio - Variant Management
The ENOVIA portfolio is organized into six themes directly impacting how a customer can achieve higher operating margins. Within these six themes, we have 183 specific processes or modules catering to those themes. The focus of this blog is Variant [more...]
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May 21, 15
Automatically adding files to Enterprise PDM
Sometimes SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM users will want to store files in their vault using a "non-save" event. For example, if I use an analysis program, the results files may automatically get created using automation in the program. EPDM will block [more...]
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May 19, 15
EPDM Attempts to Automatically Login on Windows Login - Search/Indexing Issue
It has been observed that after upgrading the SOLIDWORKS software in an environment that has its Toolbox in EPDM can cause the EPDM login window to display immediately after logging into Windows even if Automatic Login is enabled. This issue [more...]
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Apr 16, 15
SOLIDWORKS EPDM Preview Tab Performance
If you've ever browsed into an EPDM folder you've likely seen the Preview Tab, just left of the Data Card tab. It's helpful to be able to Preview/See the content of the files BEFORE you open them! In this article [more...]
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Mar 30, 15
SOLIDWORKS World is an annual international user conference for all things SOLIDWORKS. Each year 5000+ users come together to share information and ideas related to the engineering process. At the following link you can find the presentations from this years [more...]
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Mar 30, 15
Enterprise PDM Upgrade to Version 2015
SOLIDWORKS has released 2015 version of their CAD and Enterprise PDM software systems and it is currently at service pack 2.1. With the release of new versions, we experience increased volume of EPDM support issues due to faulty upgrades. Please [more...]
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Mar 16, 15
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Private State
In SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015, SolidWorks has introduced a concept called "Private State". A file in a "Private State" is simply a file that has never been checked in. In previous versions of EPDM, these files were totally hidden from [more...]
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Mar 2, 15
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Guides: Check 'em out!
It has recently come to my attention that not every Enterprise PDM administrator reads the administration guides that come packaged with the EPDM install media. For those who have neglected to look through the guides, you are missing out on [more...]
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Feb 27, 15
SOLIDWORKS EPDM Administration - Fishing Guides
It's been said if you give a person a fish you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. In this article we'll show you a couple of good fishing holes for [more...]
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Feb 17, 15
Do not upgrade SOLIDWORKS WORKGROUP to 2015
SOLIDWORKS Workgroup 2015 has a critical issue (SPR 848286) where the workgroup service stops randomly. This issue has been fixed in service pack 2 which is scheduled for release next week (approximate). Do not upgrade your SOLIDWORKS/workgroup environments to 2015 [more...]
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Jan 9, 15
SOLIDWORKS EPDM - System Tray Icon "Blueberry" Visibility
In this article you'll see how to make the SOLIDWORKS EPDM System Tray Icon (the Blueberry) remain visible whether you are connected or not. It will also show you how to login and logout as needed to access the vault [more...]
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Nov 26, 14
Don't Forget to Update Your Task Scripts When Upgrading EPDM
In recent releases of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, there have been some nice improvements in the Task add-in functionality. Most EPDM administrators remember to update the add-in itself, but not the scripts that are used in the tasks for the add-in [more...]
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