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Better Way to Verify 5-Axis Machining- PowerMill add-on
Mar 30, 2016
Had we ordered the stock 25mm longer, we would have been in a position where the tool holder we decided on wouldnt have got over the top of the part. Chris Northall, Delcam Delcams PowerMill is a favorite when it comes to 5 axis CAM software, and after taking a look at Delcams Advanced add-on [… [more...]
3 Programs You Need as CAD User
Mar 24, 2016
A CAD users workstation is what a good racecar is for a formula one driver. The problem occurs when you are deep into a project, and suddenly your computer slows down, or worse, the dreadful crash. Just like on the racetrack where too much speed into a corner can turn things upside down. Most of [… [more...]
Better CAD for CAM from Autodesk University
Dec 16, 2015
Last week I got to do two presentation at Autodesk University. It was a blast! Link Here is one of the tips from the "Better CAD for CAM" Presentation. If you want to watch both presentations (about 1 hour a piece) check out these links from Autodesk University: Better CAD for CAM Are you ready to [… [more...]
Advanced Manufacturing is On Top at Autodesk University Next Week
Nov 24, 2015
We are one week away from one of the biggest design and manufacturing events of the year. Autodesk are inviting all its customers to come and network, deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills. This event has a long list of manufacturing roundtables discussion, labs, and presentations. Here is everything for any manufacturing junkie: [… [more...]
Autodesk releasing HSMWorks 2016 for SOLIDWORKS
Nov 10, 2015
Time to strengthen up your CNC toolkit. SOLIDWORKS 2016 is here for the design. To make it better, here is HSMWorks 2016 for manufacturing. The standard for CAM companies is one major release a year. But, the Autodesk CAM development team sends updates out all the time; One of my favorite things. Making technology available [… [more...]
CAD Tip: What you need to know about IGES and STEP files
Nov 5, 2015
Two CAD Tips this week! One might be the best tip I ever share; Round tripping your CAD files for better import! Also sharing some background information on IGES and STEP files I think you will totally love. Let me know what you think. Love your feedback [more...]
Is CAD in the cloud helpful or painful?
Oct 26, 2015
Is new software technology helpful or painful? What does Windows 10 do that Windows XP didnt? Any notable differences with your email? Back in the day you might have had a custom Biiing for new messages; today I only check email twice daily. Email overload that has changed, the tool in itself, not [… [more...]
CAD Tip: Model with All Features!
Oct 22, 2015
Great tip from @robcohee from twitter: Model the same part using different techniques. Extrude, Revolve, Sweep and Loft. Let me know what you think. Love your feedback [more...]
Get going with CAM in Fusion 360 with Quick bite size Tutorials
Oct 19, 2015
If you are looking for the quick "How-To" on getting going with CAM within Fusion 360 this should be your answer. It still amazes me what you get in the Fusion 360 package, and being a manufacturing junkie, CAM is a favorite. Just to be clear, you get Turning, indexing, and full 3 Axis milling; [… [more...]
Autodesk's HSM: Easy to use, Powerful & Free!
Sep 23, 2015
There is a CAM product that is easy to use. Making the move from programming your CNC machine by hand, or struggling with a CAM program that is difficult to use should not be a hard decision. Autodesk's HSM runs inside SolidWorks and Inventor; giving you the best CAD/CAM, and you will like that the [… [more...]
CAD Tip: Do you have a CAD Modeling Style? Should you?
Aug 19, 2015
Do you always model up you 3D models the same way? Should you use different styles? I use Revolve, High Roller Stacking and my favorite manufacturing style all the time. What do you use? Link to Vide [more...]
Learn HSMWorks Faster with Bite-size Tutorials
Aug 12, 2015
Learning new software can be confusing and frustrating, but I think you will find HSMWorks the easiest CAM you will ever use. Installing the software and get up and running takes minutes, and you will find yourself ready to program your first part in no time. If you don't have HSMWorks, download your free CAM [… [more...]
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