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Mar 23, 15
Using Vault to set Revisions
If changes are made to a CAD file, those changes should be captured in a revision. A revision indicates a milestone in the manufacturing process of a file and signifies a point in time in the history of the lifecycle of the file. Some of the common methods of noting a revision are by adding the revision number to the title block of the drawing or by adding a specific revision block to the drawing. With Vault Workgroup or Professional, there is one more met [more...]
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Mar 16, 15
Adding Revision Callout to Custom Content Center Library
The other day I was asked how to add a revision callout to a Custom Content Library (CCL) components. The user told me that they from time to time will change a component entry in the library and wanted to add a revision callout to keep track of changes. This blog will define the method of adding a Revision column to the CCL and how to map it to the Revision Number of the placed component. It is assumed that the CCL is already created and the user has perm [more...]
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Mar 14, 15
Improved Inventor Offset Command
Inventor 2015 has improved the Offset command and it now functions as we all have expected it should for many years. In the past when you execute the Offset comand and selected sketch geometry, you would drag it to the desired position but it did not offer a way to specify the offset distance will dragging. This function is now available in Inventor 2015. Left click on the geometry you wish to offset and as you drag, you will recieve the "Heads Up Display" [more...]
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Feb 27, 15
Simulation for the Modern Manufaturer webcast
This past Wednesday IMAGINiT conducted a webcast focusing on simulation tools. John Twerdok from Autodesk discussed trends that are occurring in simulation tools and engineering. Garret Rausch, an engineering manager with Menges Roller, discussed how simulation tools have benefitted his company. And Carl Smith discussed how to review your process to find the areas that would benefit most from this technology. You can view the webcast recording here on our [more...]
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Feb 27, 15
Adding Inventor Part Sketches to Drawings
From time to time you will have an Inventor part which either entirely consists of parametric sketches or will contain both 3D model features and sketches. The process of placing the sketch entities on the drawing will vary slightly between the two situations. If your part contains only sketch entities, when you place the part model on a drawing view the sketch entities show up immediately. If you place a part model consisting of both 3D model features and [more...]
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Feb 25, 15
Autodesk Vault and Revisions - Part 1
I spend a large part of my day talking to people about data management in general, and Autodesk Vault in particular. One frequently asked question is How do the revisions work in Vault? There is a lot wrapped up in that question. A lot of times what clients are actually asking me is, How can I protect my designs? or How can I ensure that the shop is using the correct file? This post is the first in a series that will attempt to answer those questions. Unde [more...]
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Feb 21, 15
Creating Reference Geometry During an Inventor Sketch
There are three basic methods of creating reference geometry from existing edges and points when creating a new sketch in Inventor. We will make an assumption here just to be clear, all the existing edges and points are on the same plane as the new sketch. The first method is to use the "Project Geometry" command and either select the desired edges or select somewhere on the sketch surface to project all edges and points at once. This method assumes that t [more...]
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Feb 16, 15
Replacing an Inventor Component with Similar but Different One
There are a number of ways to accomplish this task. As you become more proficent in the use of Inventor, you will be interested in developing more efficient practices and methods for modeling and creating drawings. This article will explore one of the assembly productivity tools, Save and Replace Component, as well as the drawing tool, Replace Model Reference, as one of these methods. The design is a small machine which has a base plate with two mounting h [more...]
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Feb 13, 15
Learn how to Produce More Innovative Products, Faster and Easier with Simulation at our Upcoming Webcast
Simulation for the Modern Manufacturer Wednesday, February 25 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time Join us at this online discussion and gain insight into the future direction of simulation and learn how the right simulation tools can get your products to market faster while increasing your ROI. Key Takeaways Autodesk expert provides a glimpse into the future of simulation technology Menges Roller shares their experience with implementing a simulation solution I [more...]
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Feb 12, 15
How to Use Inventor Sketch Block Dimensions in Other Feature Sketches
Inventor sketch blocks are great ways to keep common sketches in your Inventor part template. If you have common modeling features that require the same parametric sketch, Inventor sketch blocks can really speed the process of modeling. An example of this can be found in the modeling of a seal groove in a flange fitting. The fitting flange will change size and the seal groove will also but it is still the same basic sketch so it could be an Inventor sketch [more...]
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Feb 7, 15
How to Add Synchronous Belts to Inventor Design Accelerator
Designing synchronous belt drives using the Design Accelerator in Inventor makes the task a very simple process. Not only does the application design and model the drive components but it will do the required calculations to make sure your drive will transmit the required horsepower or torque. The only regret I hear from designers is that the database does not contain all the desired synchronous belts or there are large gaps between the database size listi [more...]
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Feb 4, 15
IMAGINiT Tech Tip | Autodesk Inventor Boss Command
In this Tech Tip, we are continuing our deep dive into the Plastic Part commands of Autodesk Inventor. This time around we are going to take charge of our plastic parts with the Boss command. At the end of this post you should be able to tackle tough plastic part a Boss. This tool is just about the best thing for plastic connection methods for Autodesk Inventor designs. What is fantastic about it as a tool in general is that includes so many [more...]
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Jan 27, 15
IMAGINiT Tech Tip | Autodesk Inventor Rule Fillet Command
In this Tech Tip, I wanted to continue discussion on the Autodesk Inventor Plastic Part Design tools. These tools as you recall are mysteriously powerful and need more exposure. The focus on this post is the Rule Fillet command which I use quite a bit actually even though I make more metal parts than I do plastics. Remember this though, the first rule about Rule Fillet is you do not talk about Rule Fillet. Well unless you are awesome, then yes talk about R [more...]
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Jan 16, 15
IMAGINiT Tech Tip | Autodesk Inventor Grill Command
In this tech tip, I propose a treasure hunt of sorts. There are some very mysterious and powerful commands in Inventor and their mystery is only exceeded by their power. Okay, well maybe that is overdoing it. These commands have been in Inventor for some time now, but more recently they were hidden away from general view in favor of a more streamlined interface. Viewed as niche and pigeon holed into obscurity somewhat, the Plastic Part commands now belong [more...]
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Jan 12, 15
Limiting Joint Movement - One Approach to Creating More Powerful Autodesk Inventor Models
Autodesk Inventor CAD models are a useful design tool because they clearly communicate how parts and assemblies will operate in real-life. Joints are a common component in many models, but often designers dont understand how to limit joint movement. Without that expertise, rotating joints may appear to rotate 360 degrees, sliding joints can look like they slide past the end of a slot, and cylindrical joints appear to have no beginning or end stopping point [more...]
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Dec 22, 14
Autodesk AutoCAD Based and Inventor Application Reset Methods
There may come a time when you would like to reset AutoCAD 2015 based and/or Inventor 2015 applications back to their original installation configuration. AutoCAD 2015 based applications include AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical and AutoCAD Electrical. The "Reset" button for these is easy to find. Browse under the application icon on the Start menu and you will see "Reset Setting to Default" Executing this reset will give you a chance to backup your custom setti [more...]
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Dec 10, 14
Managing AutoCAD Electrical drawings in Vault
If you are looking for a better way to manage your AutoCAD Electrical projects, please check out this white paper written by our own Alex Karan, EE [more...]
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Dec 2, 14
3DRV: A Road Trip Like No Other
This past year one of our clients (Jayco) was asked to assist with an Autodesk endeavor to educate communities and schools on what design methods are available today and how accessible it all really is. Jayco was nice enough to loan him a prototype of a new RV they will be producing and allow Autodesk to wrap it up with dynamic signage. If you have a desire to learn more about 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and other current design realities, then I would encou [more...]
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Dec 2, 14
Educational Shift: Free Software for Students, Faculty, and Now Institutions!!!
Autoesk annouced at AU2014 this year and it has been known by many for some time now, that Autodesk has offered free software to those that are going to shape our future and develop into the next generation of designers, engineers, and architects. What has been different in the past from what you may have known, is that the software was not free to the actual schools. Well now that has changed. Schools now have access to Autodesk's Suite of programs for FR [more...]
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Dec 1, 14
Need a bigger box? Using other code libraries in iLogic
What happens when simple conditional logic or using the provided code snippets don't measure up to the task at hand? Fear not! There is a solution. A solution that's not well documented or advertised [more...]
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Nov 26, 14
Sheet Metal Intersection Development in Inventor
The intersection of two sheet metal bodies will often challenge the best Inventor user. Your company may build complex material handling duct work or storage bins that often will have another sheet metal body intersecting at odd angles on curved surfaces. A simple example of this is shown below. You have to develop the sheet metal flat pattern for both the branch duct and the run duct. Inventor makes this task very easy. If you have worked with Inventor su [more...]
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Oct 23, 14
from: Mark Flayler
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Oct 10, 14
Free Webcast! Guest Speakers! Awesome Insight! IMAGINiT Presents Go Full Circle with Cloud Based PLM 360
Three exclamation points? Really? Yes, because this webcast has all that you come to expect from us with industry insight at the forefront in our guest speakers and case studies from actual clients. Where: Online - isn't everything nowadays? When: Wednesday Oct. 22nd 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern Time Register: Click Here Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can impact your business goals and initiatives and help deliver more profitable products in today's global com [more...]
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Sep 21, 14
AutoCAD Selection Highlighting or Effect
I have had a few AutoCAD 2015 users ask me about the different selection highlighting that is used for selected objects. Objects that have been selected have a bluish glow to them instead of the previous dashed line effect. Below is an illustration of the new selection highlighting and the traditional (past) highlighting. Please note I have turned of Grips for these screen captures. Some users may not ever see the new selection highlighting because they ar [more...]
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Sep 19, 14
Inventomizations: Customizing the Inventor InfoTip
Ever wonder if you could modify the Inventor InfoTip? You know that thing that appears when you hover your cursor over a file in trepid anticipation before opening your design in an Inventor window or in Windows Explorer? Need to check on some iProperties before opening a file or if a Manager approved a design without triggering iProperties or opening the file and checking? Well you are in luck, thats what we are going to look at in this post. First off we [more...]
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Sep 18, 14
Obligatory Autodesk University Post: Time to Freshen Your Skills
It's that time of year again, the kids are going back to school, the lawn needs mowing a lot more with the cooler temperatures, and your CAD skills need some fine tuning. What was that last one? That's right, I'm calling you out to improve your CAD skills to a level above awesome to....awesome-er-est-er, whatever's better than awesome. No better place to do that than Autodesk University. Now there are couple ways to get better ninja CAD skills. You can wai [more...]
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Sep 13, 14
From: Mark Flayler
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Aug 25, 14
Everything you ever wanted to know about AutoCAD Electrical Environments but did know enough to ask
Another Monday is upon us and I am back with another white paper to share with all of you. This one comes from Thayne Wickam out of our Bedford, New Hampshire office. Thayne has years of experience in training, troubleshooting and configuring AutoCAD Electrical. He has written a very in-depth white paper on Understanding The WD.ENV File for AutoCAD Electrical. This file controls many of AutoCAD Electrical's settings, so getting it right it very important [more...]
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Aug 18, 14
Limiting joint Movement White Paper
Happy Monday everyone! I have been perusing the some of the fantastic white papers that are available in the IMAGINiT customer portal and I wanted to share this one with you. The white paper covers one of the newer features of Inventor; the joint tool. It is written by Chris Griffith from our Des Moines office and is a great way to learn more about this powerful feature. You have to be signed up for the customer portal to access it. If you have not signed [more...]
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Aug 17, 14
AutoCAD "Filter" Command, a Good Alternative to "Qselect"
The Filter command was introduced in AutoCAD R12 and was a valuable tool to build custom object select sets for your drawings. Then in AutoCAD 2000 the Qselect command came along and the Filter command faded from use. I use both but I believe the Filter command still takes the prize for being the best custom selection set builder of the two. Starting the Filter command will present the following dialog box. One feature that I believe makes this tool better [more...]
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Jul 31, 14
AutoCAD 2015 - Model and Layout Tab Display
AutoCAD 2015 introduced a few user interface changes we all will need to get acquainted with, even seasoned AutoCAD users will be scratching their heads on a few of them. One of these interface changes, the inability to change the status bar icons to word abbreviations, is being missed by a lot of people. If anyone has a work around for this, let me know and I will post it on a blog. The user interface change I wish to address today is the display, or lack [more...]
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Jul 2, 14
Vault File and Item Lifecycle Change Email Notification is Here!
Many companies, that use Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, use file based lifecycle management because it is a very configurable and robust. But there has always been something missing that you could only get with Vault Professional and full Change Order release management, email notification on lifecycle change. All together now with a big hurrah, that limitation is a thing of the past with the new Imaginit Vault Client Utilities 2015. It is also ava [more...]
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May 29, 14
Inventor Browser Names for Content Center Fasteners
Designers that use Inventor are all to familiar with the Content Center Fastener names that display in the browser. I cannot blame Autodesk for creating these designations because their products must represent the world engineering specifications. The great thing is you can change it to display most anything you desire. In my example, I want to display the vendor's part number and the screw designation. After creating my custom library I edit the entries u [more...]
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May 22, 14
Plane Names in Inventor 2015
Many Inventor designers use a lot of extra workplanes, as well as the default origin planes, in their models. Workplanes are a powerful design tool so why not. I have always wished for a way to label or color them in the graphics display to make sure I am working with the correct workplane. Inventor 2015 makes part of that wish come true. The name given to the origin planes or user workplanes will appear on the workplane in the graphic window when you hove [more...]
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May 19, 14
Drawing Title Block Forms | Dump the Prompted Entries!
One of my favorite uses of iLogic has to be the automation of filling out a Title Block in Inventor. I commonly see a customer run into a tired method of using Prompted Entries in their TBs. While this is very reminiscent of AutoCAD, inside Inventor it is actually a poor way to fill things out. If you need the same Prompted Entry across mulitple sheets, then you essentially run into the problem of having to retype it over and over again. If you were to use [more...]
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