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Mar 21, 14
Switching Layers Automatically in AutoCAD
Most AutoCAD designers use layers to manage their different drawing object types. Drawing annotation objects such as notes, dimensions, multi-leaders and hatching are placed on different layers than the actual part objects. So during the process of creating a finished drawing, you will be switching layers frequently. AutoCAD has many great layer control commands but you still have to execute them. I want to tell you a method of switching layers automatical [more...]
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Mar 15, 14
Get Picky in Inventor
When you are working in Inventor files, whether it is a part, assembly, drawing or presentation file, you have to select objects on the display screen. Inventor has selection filters available in all the file types to help you select the correct object the first time. You may not have realized there were different types of selection filters since Inventor defaults to the most used ones automatically when a file is opened. Selection filters are selected usi [more...]
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Mar 10, 14
Part Templates - 3D Pull Snap Settings and Initial View Extents
In this post we are going to look at some things that add more sanity to our daily life by making us only marginally more productive. Why? Because throughout your time using Inventor the little stuff adds up to minutes, hours, days. These tips probably fall into the minutes category over the course of a year, so its more for my sanity of daily operation. Starting new part files sometimes has the nuisance of not being zoomed out far enough to see the sizing [more...]
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Mar 6, 14
Hold Down the Ctrl Key When Selecting Polylines
We all know what the Shift key allows you to do after you have selected objects in AutoCAD. That's right, it allows you to deselect objects from your selection set before you continue with your command. If you have never tried this before, do it now. This blog is about the benefit of holding down the Ctrl key when selecting segments of a polyline. My example has a rectangle on the left and a multi-segment polyline on the right. Of course we all know a rect [more...]
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Feb 10, 14
Finger Yoga: Making Better Perspective Images
One of my favorite tips for creating better pieces of screen grab images or Studio renderings from Inventor has to be this little diddy. Most people know there is an ability to change the view orientation of the graphics interface from Orthographic to Perspective. In fact I use it so much for my training documents and design presentations that I keep it on my Navigation Bar at all times. To those of you that don't use this setting that often it will start [more...]
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Feb 7, 14
Autodesk Fusion Publisher 360 Beta - No Fusion 360 Needed!
Autodesk announced the kick off of a new beta for the next evolution of technical documentation of products created in the Fusion 360 product or your existing designs you transferred into Fusion 360. This technology has a very similar look and feel to it that the Inventor Publisher desktop application has but has even more capabilities for working with your design data. To participate in this beta you do not need a Fusion 360 account and there are even a b [more...]
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Jan 22, 14
Autodesk Force Effect Flow
Budding off my Autodesk Flow Design post on monday I thought I would follow it up with talking about the newest addition to the Force Effect family of Apps to the Apple Store. Now, unlike the other Force Effect Apps, this one is not yet available on the Google Play store, but that doesn't mean it won't be sometime in the future if history tells us anything. Powerful 2D flow simulation software on your iPad with Autodesk® ForceEffect™ Flow. Create freehand [more...]
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Jan 20, 14
Project Falcon Graduates to Autodesk Flow Design
Autodesk had a technology preview called Project Falcon, you can probably remember my blog post on it a while ago here. Autodesk has announced that this preview is now a full blown product called Autodesk Flow Design. Now this isn't a run of the mill change from preview to product. A lot of overhaul has gone into as far as interface and many other improvements such as... 64-bit solver process with greater access to memory Expanded graphics card and driver [more...]
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Jan 3, 14
Categorizing iPart Factories and iParts in Autodesk Vault
Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional 2014 have the ability to sort file types and place them into configured categories as they are checked into the Vault. Recently one of our Vault Experts, Pete Markovic, had someone ask him how to separate iPart Factories and iParts into separate categories. His solution was very easy using built in Vault file properties. First of all I want to make sure everyone knows what an iPart Factory and an iPart are. An Invento [more...]
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Jan 3, 14
Creating and Using Inventor Redlines - Part 3
The designer has received the redlined drawing and needs to make corrections. First the original Inventor Drawing is opened in Inventor. Next the Redlined DWFx file is opened. It will be added to the Drawing Browser as an overlay. You can cycle between the different browser views as shown. Right click on a redline markup in the browser to expose various commands on the context menu. Select Properties to show information about the markup including who creat [more...]
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Jan 3, 14
Creating and Using Inventor Redlines - Part 2
I pick up the DWFx redline process as the Design Checker opens it in Design Review 2013. Just a note here than Autodesk did not create Design Review 2014 so you do not have to go looking for it. I wanted to point out a cool way to move between sheets and views before I get to redlining the drawing. If you hover over a section line, section note, detail view or detail note you will get a message to Ctrl click to follow link. It is a cool way to move between [more...]
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Jan 3, 14
Creating and Using Inventor Redlines - Part 1
Every Engineering Checker or Drawing Manager faces the challenge of communicating design changes or corrections to their design team. Sure you can print a check drawing, grab a red pen, make corrections and then hope it gets back to the designer to make changes. The drawing could get lost in the shuffle, get coffee spills on it or worse get ignored all together in that landfill on the designer's desk. The Inventor software teamed up with Design Review allo [more...]
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Dec 13, 13
Link Inventor to Your Company
Often one of the hardest tasks for CAD or Engineering Managers is to disseminate information to their Inventor users. Your company may have an engineering intranet page that contains standards and technical data. You may want to broadcast a website that contains Inventor tutorials to keep your designers on the cutting edge. The Inventor 2014 application contains a command called Team Web which allows you to attach any website or HTML file you desire to it [more...]
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Dec 7, 13
AutoCAD 2014 Application in Autodesk Product Design Suite 2014
AutoCAD 2014 is included in Autodesk Product Design Suite 2014 as a profile of AutoCAD Mechanical named >. To start an AutoCAD application from a Product Design Suite installation, expand the AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 - English start menu entry and select the AutoCAD 2014 - English entry. Since AutoCAD Mechanical is built on top of AutoCAD, this profile of the application can be used in the same way you would use an AutoCAD application. There may be situatio [more...]
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Dec 6, 13
Live from #AU2013: IMAGINiT Manufacturing Highlights
Guest Blog by Nolan Friesen, manufacturing applications expert with IMAGINiT Technologies: I’m writing this post from the show floor at Autodesk University 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is my first time attending Autodesk University and I’m also delivering a class. Needless to say, I’m excited about being here and networking with my colleagues and customers. In my class, Harnessing the Power of Top-Down Design in Autodesk® Inventor®, I covered some of th [more...]
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Dec 4, 13
Live from #AU2013: CFD Highlights
Guest Blog by Scott Hale, director, manufacturing solutions with IMAGINiT Technologies: Hey everyone – Scott Hale here – reporting live from Autodesk University 2013! The computational fluid dynamics team has been seeing some interesting trends at AU and throughout the CFD industry. In case you couldn’t make it to #AU2013, here are some highlights: There is a strong trend by many manufacturers to increase the testing and simulation being done, prior to any [more...]
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Nov 24, 13
Placing iFeatures from the Vault
The Vault has many features that make designing easier and among these is providing a common place to place shared library files. Common parts, iParts, iAssemblies are commonly stored and shared from the Vault. Inventor 2014 offers the ability to place iFeatures directly from the Vault into your part design so now it is a good idea to also store iFeatures in the Vault. It is up to you if they are entered them into a library folder or as a folder under the [more...]
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Nov 9, 13
Showing Filled Text in an Inventor Drawing
Recently I was asked how to show filled text in an Inventor drawing without using a rendered view. This is important to some users because they need a drawing for label creation and other operations that require filled text. Below is an example of what we will accomplish. The first step is to create your model with your desired text. I suggest that you create an embossed feature from the text but this is not necessary. Create your drawing and place your de [more...]
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Oct 23, 13
IMAGINiT Virtual Free Event: Your Problem. Solved. - October 31st
At our upcoming virtual event, we look beyond the programs to the processes that help make a successful organization run smoothly. Best of all, you don't need to leave your office to attend, but blocking out your time is still a good idea. This event focuses on the tools and processes that help you achieve a higher level of productivity while realizing a higher return on investment for a variety of solutions, and, most importantly, you can hear from your p [more...]
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Oct 20, 13
Application Option - Cross Part Geometry Projection
There are two setting in the Inventor Application Options that control the associativity of cross part projected geometry when you are modeling a part in the context of an assembly. This is commonly called "Top Down Design". These two options are located on the Assembly Tab and generally do the same thing but with different selection sets. In my example, I want to use the same geometry and features from the bottom plate in the gold top plate. This is a ver [more...]
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Oct 16, 13
Stop Browsing and Start Modeling Part 2: Assembly Environment
Continuing my discussion on in canvas modeling tools from last week, I want to turn your attention to the Assembly Environment and the updates to finding and working with constraints in Inventor 2014. With the latest update to Inventor we have several new tools such as Show Relationships and Show Sick Relationships as well as a revamped Free Move command. How do you update a Free Move tool? It seems so simple a tool to use, what can you change about it? We [more...]
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Oct 11, 13
Stop Browsing and Start Modeling Part 1: Part Environment
No, I'm not chastising you for reading my blog article and browsing around the internet, I am referring more to the Browser in Autodesk Inventor. Over the last couple releases more and more of the tools you use most commonly have been popping up in the graphical interface and allowing you to spend less time in the Ribbon and the Model Browser Bar. Perhaps the biggest habit I had to break was going to the Browser Bar for all my Feature Editing and Sketch Ed [more...]
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Sep 25, 13
Vault Attachment Revisions are Maintained
First of all, what are Vault Attachements. Any Vault file can have another Vault file attached to it as long as it does not create a cyclic condition. In my example, the Boxing Materials for Shipment.docx is an attachement to the Inventor assembly Right Angle Engine Assembly.iam. One of the advantages to attachments is that they will always be available for Get / Checkout operations whenever the file they are attached to is edited. Attachments are very eas [more...]
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Sep 13, 13
Autodesk App Exchange: Feature Migrator for Inventor
The Feature Migrator tool will allow Inventor users to more easily create part features from assembly features. User can migrate assembly features either by selecting them in the Feature Migrator browser: by right-clicking on one or several of them, then use the “Send to Parts” commands. Features can also be directly migrated from the regular Inventor Model browser: using the context menu item added by the add-in. Once the operation of migrating features i [more...]
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Sep 11, 13
Autodesk App Exchange (Subscription): Feature Recognition
The Feature Recognition application converts neutral 3D CAD models, such as STEP, SAT, or IGES solids, into full-featured Autodesk Inventor models. Feature mapping could be executed automatically or interactively as needed to maintain design intent. Currently there is one Automatic Feature Recognition command and 8 feature recognition commands you can use: Automatic Feature Recognition attempts to recognize specific feature types and populate the browser t [more...]
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Sep 9, 13
Autodesk Remote: Control your Inventor through your iPad!
Autodesk Remote is a stand-alone application for Microsoft Window 7 and 8 and is compatible with all Autodesk products but certainly works better with some than others based soley on interface interaction with the software. It lets you drive Autodesk software installed on your primary computer from a remote computer or iPad for fast access to native design data over standard networks. To use it, simply install Autodesk Remote on the PC you want to share. I [more...]
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Sep 4, 13
Inventor Full Size Plot on Small Format Printer
Occasionally you will have an Inventor drawing that you really need a full size plot of for a layout process. The problem is your company does not have a large enough format printer to handle the full size plot requirements of your model. Autodesk Inventor 2014 offers a quick solution to this problem. In my example I have a disc cam that fits on a ANSI C-Size sheet at a scale of 1:1. My printer is a ANSI A-Size laserjet. I have removed the drawing border a [more...]
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Aug 27, 13
Inventor User Group Addendum: Electro-Mechanical Interopability
This post is essentially a recap of our User Group on Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical Interoperability. With the ongoing questioning I seem to get on this subject after the inclusion of AutoCAD Electrical in the Product Design Suite Premium and Ultimate for 2013 and 2014, it seemed like a good time to revisit the integration that has been between these products for some time now. So long in fact that I reminisce back to my first Autodesk University Class o [more...]
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Aug 24, 13
Adding a Boolean "OR" Operator to a Vault Find
The Vault Find command is a very powerful tool but sometimes it just does not give the results we expected. In this example I need to find all models and drawings where the "Designer" property is either C King or B White. I enter the following search parameters and perform the seach and I am wonderng why no files were found. You soon realize that the Vault defaulted to a Boolean AND operator between the two statements and or course the files in the Vault w [more...]
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Aug 14, 13
A Break Down of the Features inside IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Server
This tool has been around for several years now. With each year it gains new features. These features are intended to make an IT managers life easier and extend the overall functionality and reach of Vault within an organization. Listed below are each of the features included in the new 2014 release. Oh and to Mr. Bennett… I see now how this isn’t the best title. However having posted the client features I have to finish with a “break down” of the server [more...]
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Apr 16, 14
IMAGINiT Technologies and Rand Facilities Management Offer Complete Building Lifecycle Management Services
Rand Worldwide (RWWI), a global leader in providing technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements, today announces services for customers looking to integrate Building Information Model (BIM) data and their Facilities Management (FM) systems for a comprehensive approach to building lifecycle management (BLM). “Together the Rand Facilities Management and IMAGINiT Technologies teams help clients deri [more...]
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Apr 16, 14
IMAGINiT Virtual Free Event: Your Problem. Solved. - April 24th
Come join us for our next virtual event and learn about the technologies that are important to you and your company as well as emerging trends in collaboration. We have 5 manufacturing sessions led by some of the best and brightest here at IMAGINiT. Oh and its FREE! Manufacturing Sessions and FREE Registration Poor communication and lack of collaboration on design projects are common problems for companies in the architectural, civil and manufacturing spac [more...]
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Apr 10, 14
We Brought our Expert in for this...
While i am feverishly working on my Problem Solved presentation and all this new exciting 2015 material, I felt I would throw my readers this little bit of levitity until I can get my meaty posts up for upcoming posts. I think as engineers we have all been in this meeting [more...]
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Mar 3, 14
Linear Diameters - Quicker Drawings and Model Modification
The other day I was asked how to place diameter symbols on dimensions that show a revolved modeling feature so that the user didn't have to modify it with each dimension. Well we can do this a couple different ways, we can simply add a diameter override to each dimension (boring and you will give yourself repetitive click syndrome). We could aslo just add a dimension style that has a prefix of the diamter symbol for the entire style and you just use that o [more...]
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Sep 6, 13
Autodesk Apps for Inventor: No Coupon Required
Free Inventor Apps? You mean like a Bloomin’ Onion at Outback? Count me in! Wait you mean Inventor apps as in applications that change how Inventor works for me and makes me more productive. Ok, I’m still in, but I also still want some fried food. Over the next couple weeks I will be doing some reviews of some apps found in the Autodesk App Exchange store for Inventor. I will be reviewing free, paid, and subscription apps over the coming weeks. Later in th [more...]
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