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Novedge Pulse — Alexandre de Lima

Blog post: “Dreamer, You Know You Are A Dreamer...”

Sep 19, 13 — PLM Market Place blog
Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer...
Youremember our world premiere of the #IFWE Challenge lastyear and all the dreams submitted by more 500 people, right? Then, we have a goodnews: the #IFWEChallenge is back in 2013 and is waiting for YOU to share your world-changingdreams!!  As soon as you've dreamt ofsomething that will really change the way we live, share it with community on our blogs , Facebook , Twitter witha short sentence starting with… #IFWE! Pretty easy you see! This will entitle youfor a chance to win prize values up to $12000, including a trip to Paris!  All the details of the challenge,tips, access to our communities are available on our dedicated #IFWEChallenge page .  Visit it and start sharingyour dreams ! PS: if you still need someinspiration, click on the image below ;- [more...]
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