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Thea for Fusion
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Thea for Fusion
Floating License

Thea for Fusion -- Floating License

Thea inside Fusion

Thea for Fusion Floating License complements the modelling aspect of Fusion 360, and enables cloud projects to be exported from Fusion into Thea Render Studio. Using Thea for Fusion Floating License plug-in enables projects to be exported into the robust Studio staging tool for rendering enhancements. Thea Studio offers a multitude of features ranging from our production biased/unbiased/NVIDIA CUDA GPU renderer and a true physically based material system.

Thea for Fusion supports:

  • Full or partial scene export from Fusion into Thea Studio
  • Cumulative export of project components from Fusion into Studio
  • Interactive Render of Fusion projects within Thea Studio
  • Joint support
  • Basic material conversion from Fusion to Thea
  • Selectable axis export manipulation

This is a Floating License Version of

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Thea for Fusion — Floating License requires :
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